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OUR " NO FISH NO PAY " Policy & Guarantee

Our captains work strictly on a no fish, no pay policy. We believe that catching fish is a must for a successful trip and work hard to do so. If a game fish (this does not apply to our special tarpon only trips) isn't caught on your trip, the captain will refund your money in its entirety !

Goliath Grouper Guarantee Policy

We are the only guide service around that Guarantees a Goliath Grouper on a half, full, or 3/4 day trip that is specified as a Goliath Grouper Trip. To setup the trip simply contact our Captain and let him know which day you would like to fish. The Captain will then review the tide charts for that particular day and either confirm that date or suggest another. If you do no catch a Grouper on your trip, there is absolutely no cost for your trip !


4 Hours $450.00

5 Hours $550.00

6 Hours $650.00

8 Hours $850.00


Flats Fishing Rates are for up to 3 anglers.

Note there is an additional charge of $50 for 4th angler. This does not apply to kids.

* No extra charge for Kids Under 18 yrs.


TARPON RATES - "No Tarpon No Pay" policy only applies to the 10 hour tarpon charter only.

From the late part of April through the middle of July I am running Tarpon Charters in the surrounding waters of Boca Grande Pass. I fish the beaches, bays, harbor and at times Boca Grand Pass. However, I do not jig fish Boca Grande Pass. We use crabs, threadfin herrings, pinfish, cut mullet, and a variety of other baits and lures. I have developed a large Tarpon cliental over the years and have pretty much converted my business to Tarpon Only during this time. My Tarpon dates are in high demand so please get your dates in early.


6 Hours $700.00


Full Day 10 Hours $1200.00

*** Full Day 10 Hour Tarpon Charter Only ***

NO TARPON NO PAY- If you do not hook a Tarpon on a 10 hour trip then the trip is free !

On Full Day Tarpon Charters, the boat leaves in the dark at 6:00 am and we fish until noon. We will take a 1 hour break at one of our waterfront restaurants for lunch and then we will continue to Tarpon fishing until dark. This is the preferred trip for the real Tarpon enthusiasts and for corporate and group trips. Multiple boats can be arranged but please give me notice as soon as possible so thatĀ I canĀ arrange a group of highly qualified guides.

GOLIATH GROUPER- Please see policy above

4 Hours $600.00



Guaranteed Snook - Year Round Fishing

Up To 2 People

Will Fish Live Bait , Artificials or Fly


4 Hours $500.00


Night snook fishing in Southwest Florida is one of the areas best kept secrets. As your Captain, I will take you on an exciting fishing trip around Pine Island and Charlotte Harbor's bays and rivers to catch snook that are nearly untouched by anyone else. This type of fishing can be very rewarding due to the snooks instincts of congregating near shadow lines and artificially lit water to feed on smaller fish and flys that are attracted by light. Over the last 6 years, I have developed a very satisfied cliental who come back time and time again specifically ask for night snook fishing trips.





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No Fish No Pay