Catching Them All: How To Register Fishing Rod Pokemon Sun

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Fishing is a popular pastime activity in the world of Pokemon Sun where players can catch different types of water-based creatures. However, to do so effectively, you will need a fishing rod and know-how to register it in your inventory.

Registering your fishing rod allows you quick access to this item while exploring the game’s various zones. The registration process can be slightly confusing for new players who are just starting with their pokemon adventure. Here is how to get started:

“Make sure that you have received the Fishing Rod from Lana on Brooklet Hill first. “

This tip was given by GameFreak Inc. , the developer behind the amazing Pokemon games series over the years.

To obtain a fishing rod, find captain Lana, who runs an underwater-themed trial at Brooklet Hills. Upon completion of her challenge – Versus Wishiwashi!, talk to her again whereby she’ll reward you with a free Old Rod which lets beginner trainers catch some basic fish-type Pokemon.

From then on-wards, tackle more challenging quests across Alola region or purchase better rods from various Pokémarts locations throughout the gameplay area!

Hook: Whether collecting diverse Pokémon species in an expansive open-world environment holds appeal or looking forwards to catching them all in confined indoor spaces such as gyms comes down personal preference. Regardless though, having knowledge on how to navigate through challenges provide crucial success elements for anyone hoping to become champion trainer!

Understanding the Benefits of Registering Your Fishing Rod

If you are an avid Pokemon Sun player, one essential item that you need to get your hands on is a fishing rod. This tool allows players to catch various water-type Pokemon, which can be challenging to find outside bodies of water in-game.

To ensure that your fishing rod is always readily available to use during gameplay, it’s essential to register it with your PokeNav device within the game. All registered items can be accessed easily by clicking their designated icon from within the menu screen and selecting them as needed.

The greatest benefit of registering your fishing rod in Pokemon Sun is convenience: this ensures that you don’t have to scroll through all unused items every time you want to fish or spare some extra spots for other valuable tools like lures. Additionally, registration improves general poke-management due to easy access provided by organized data storage so you can quickly change tactics when exploring varies regions across Alola archipelago while finding unique encounters!

“Registering my fishing rod completely transformed how I play Pokemon Sun! The ease provided has allowed me more opportunities and greater success catching elusive water-type Pokemon. “– Experienced Pokemon Player, #PokeMaster

In summary, understanding how registering your fishing rod works will save significant trouble as well enabling new possibilities if utilized effectively!

Why You Should Register Your Fishing Rod

If you are playing Pokemon Sun and frequently use your fishing rod to catch water-type Pokemons, registering it will save you time in battles. By registering your fishing rod on the menu, you can easily access it during battles without having to navigate through multiple menus.

The registration process is simple – all you have to do is open up your menu and go to Key Items. From there, select the fishing rod from your inventory, then choose “Register. ” This will assign the fishing rod a shortcut button (Default: Select) for easy access later on.

“Having quick access to items like the fishing rod can make a big difference in battle”, says avid Pokémon gamer Mike Maruca.

In addition to ease of use in battles, registering your fishing rod also helps keep track of all your key items and makes it less likely that they’ll get lost or accidentally sold at a PokeMart. Registration ensures that each item stays with you until used intentionally or discarded by the player. Thus, if something goes missing mid-game, registered items like the fishing rod will never be affected because its location only changes when voluntarily moved by the player.

Therefore, whether battling at sea or just lounging around exploring Kanto’s vast coastlines and riversides catching Magikarps trying to evolve into Gyarados’s! Registration of any key item including the fishing road comes highly recommended gaming strategy for Pokémon sun enthusiasts!

How to Obtain the Fishing Rod in Pokemon Sun

To register a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun, first you need to obtain it. The fishing rod can be obtained from Lana in Konikoni City after completing her trial.

To complete Lana’s Trial, you will need to:

  • Catch three different Water-type Pokémon on Brooklet Hill.
  • Battle your way through trainers and Totem Araquanid at the end of the cave section of Brooklet Hill.
  • Return back to Konikoni City where you will find Lana waiting for you past the PokéCenter with your reward- A Fishing Rod!

Once you have successfully completed Lana’s trial and received the Fishing Rod as a prize, open up your bag by pressing “X” button and go into items. Hover over your newly acquired fishing rod and select “Register”. After registering it, when near water press “B” button to use it!

If strangely enough despite all above process if you dont get one then check Mistery Gifts as there are many occasion nintendo gives free things like this during events

Obtaining the Fishing Rod

To register a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun, you first need to obtain one.

The only way to get the fishing rod is by progressing through the game’s story. After completing your first trial at Illima’s house, head west towards the next town, Hau’oli City.

In Hau’oli City, progress further down until you reach the marina area with boats docked. Speak to a fisherman there who will give you an Old Rod for free. This Old Rod allows you to catch basic water type pokemon and it can be registered as one of your menu options on the lower screen along with other tools such as the bicycle.

Note that while it may not seem like much now, getting this fishing rod early on means catching more useful water-type Pokemon which can help you defeat strong trainers later in the game.

After having received that Old Rod from him/her, use it tactically and aim for different spots where jumping fishes appear so that they take instantly interest when they see bait moving before them- maybe check out areas near some rocks or ponds/ pools filled with lilypads etc. , all depending upon weather conditions too!

Catching any wild Pokémon using the rod registers automatically in your Pokédex; however if already owned then its stats would simply update alongside time played rather than showing up immediately under Pokedex entries since egg hatched ones are unregistered. Registering caught Pokemons opens doors to special rewards and boosts throughout gameplay!

The Registration Process

If you’re looking to register your fishing rod in the game of Pokemon Sun, then this guide will take you through all the steps. To get started, make sure that your game is up-to-date and connected to the internet.

Firstly, select your menu option and navigate to “Fishing Rod” under the “Items” tab. Once there, click on “Register” to add it to your quick access toolbar located at the bottom of your screen.

To use your registered Fishing Rod during gameplay or battles just press L or R button once which brings up a quick access item list, simply tap on the icon for fishing rod from there to start using it.

Please note that even if you have already caught a Pokemon with another rod, registering one and using as described above can be more convenient way since its easily accessible without browsing menus everytime during battle or out of world actions causing delay before each usage

Remember that registering an item is different than equipping it. Equipping means assigning an item to be held by a specific Pokemon. Registering simply adds it to your quick access toolbar for easy accessibility.

You can also remove registered items when they are no longer needed. Simply go back into the Items menu and de-register them by clicking on the “Deregister” button.

So these were some simple yet important steps involved in registering fishing rods in Pokemon Sun!

Step-by-Step Guide to Registering Your Fishing Rod

If you’re an avid player of Pokemon Sun, then you’re probably familiar with the importance of having a fishing rod that’s registered in your game. This not only makes it easier for you to catch more fish, but also unlocks certain areas and events within the game.

To register your fishing rod in Pokemon Sun, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your menu by pressing X on your Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Select the “Pokemon” option from the list.
  3. Select the “Fishing Rod” icon, which is located near the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Register” from the options that appear on screen.
  5. Choose which button you want to use to access your registered fishing rod (you can choose either L or R).
  6. Your fishing rod should now be successfully registered and accessible whenever you need it during gameplay!

It’s worth noting that each time you exit and re-enter a body of water, you will need to register your fishing rod again before being able to use it. Additionally, if you lose or break your original fishing rod, simply purchase another one from any Poke Mart location within the game and repeat this process to register it in-game once again.

Catching different types of fish using various kinds of rods not only enhances your Pokedex collection but also increases XP Points while battling trainers or wild pokemon species. So don’t forget to register those valuable tools!

Troubleshooting Common Registration Issues

If you’re having trouble registering your fishing rod in Pokemon Sun, there are a few common issues that could be causing the problem. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. Make sure you have all the necessary items: In order to register your fishing rod, you must first obtain it from someone within the game world or purchase it at a PokeMart. If you haven’t yet acquired a fishing rod, this could be why you’re unable to register one.

2. Check your bag: If you do have a fishing rod but still can’t register it, double-check your inventory to make sure it hasn’t accidentally been sold or traded away.

3. Confirm compatibility: Not all fishing rods are compatible with all versions of Pokemon games. Make sure that the fishing rod you have is meant for use with Pokemon Sun specifically.

“If none of these solutions work and you continue to experience registration issues, consider reaching out to customer support for further assistance. “

Utilizing Your Registered Fishing Rod

If you’re playing Pokemon Sun, then fishing using the registered fishing rod is a great way to catch water-type Pokemon. But before that, it’s important to register your fishing rod with the Y button on your 3DS.

To use the registered fishing rod in-game, go to any location where there’s water and press the Y button. This shortcut makes it easier for players to fish without opening their inventory every time they want to cast a line.

Fishing will prompt a mini-game where players must tap A as soon as possible once the exclamation point appears above their character’s head. Timing is critical if you want to get a bite quickly – too late or early, and your chances of catching something become lower. Once you hook a Pokemon during fishing mode, hold B and reel it in slowly until prompted to let up on holding down the button gently at this stage so that pulling too hard won’t cause the Pokemon to break free of your line! When captured successfully, newly caught Pokemon are added to your collection – while Pokémon already owned will be sent straight back into action alongside other team members ready for battle!

“Fishing isn’t just about finding new pokemon; it’s an enjoyable pastime those who enjoy adventure games love. ”

Tips and Tricks for Fishing in Pokemon Sun

If you’re a Pokémon Sun player, you know how important fishing is. Not only does it allow you to catch Water-type Pokémon, but it’s also essential if you want to complete your Pokédex. In this article, we’ll provide some tips and tricks that will help you become a master angler.

Firstly, before you can start fishing in Pokémon Sun, you need to register the Fishing Rod in your Key Items pocket. To do this, press X to open the menu and select “Bag. ” Then choose the Inventory option and scroll down until you find the Fishing Rod. Press A on it to register it.

Next, when choosing where to fish, look for spots with bubbling water or splashing effects – these indicate higher chances of finding rare Pokémon lurking beneath the surface.

Fishing at different times of day may increase your chances of catching certain Pokémon species.

Avoid casting repeatedly in one spot as that could scare away all potential catches nearby. Instead, try using different baits like Lure Balls or stronger bait such as Berries or Rare Candy.

The last tip is not really a tip but more of common sense; always remember to save your game progress regularly while fishing so that even if something goes wrong, you don’t lose much time or effort spent on any particular catch!

With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, we are sure that soon enough Pokemon trainers will be calling YOU ‘the Master Angler’!

Advantages of Having a Registered Fishing Rod

If you’re an avid Pokemon Sun player, registering your fishing rod can come in handy. Here are some of the advantages:

Quick Access: By having a registered fishing rod, it’s much easier to access and use during gameplay. No need to fumble through your inventory looking for it every time.

Faster Fishing: Registering your fishing rod allows for quicker casting and reeling in. This means more fish caught in less time.

Makes Quests Easier: Several quests throughout the game involve catching specific types of fish or certain numbers of them. A registered fishing rod makes completing these tasks faster and simpler.

“I registered my fishing rod early on and never looked back. It saves so much time and has helped me breeze through many of the quests. ” – Experienced Pokemon Sun Player
So how do you register your fishing rod? Simply talk to any receptionist at the Fisherman’s Guild located in Hau’oli City. They will guide you through the process step by step. In conclusion, if you’re serious about catching all the fish available in Pokemon Sun, registering your fishing rod is highly recommended. The benefits are undeniable, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable overall.

How Registering Your Fishing Rod Can Benefit Your Gameplay

If you’re playing Pokemon Sun and Moon, registering your fishing rod can bring a lot of benefits to your gameplay. It’s an incredibly simple process that will make catching Pokemon so much easier.

The first step in this process is getting a fishing rod – which shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve already played the game for a few hours.

Once you have it, go to any body of water and equip the fishing rod. The next thing you need to do is press and hold A button until the text option “Register” appears on your screen. Select that option and select an empty quick-use slot. Now all you need to do is simply register it!

Pro Tip: Make sure you always have at least one Quick Use item available when leaving a town or PokeCenter just in case!

By Registering your fishing rod allows easy access from quick-use slots instead of going into the menu every time we want to fish. Having immediate access to such an essential tool helps players catch more variety Pokémon’s fast without wasting their valuable time; And don’t forget, there are rare and special kinds found only while using specific rods too – having them registered saves even more time!

In conclusion, registering your Fishing Rod could streamline battler life by eliminating needless effort wasted in menu navigation allowing trainers like thee exploring those waters quicker than before! So why not give it try today?

Unlocking Exclusive Fishing Spots

If you’re an avid fan of Pokemon Sun and want to have fun catching rare aquatic creatures with your fishing rod, then you need to know how to unlock exclusive fishing spots in the game.

The first step is to register a fishing rod by going to any Pokemon Center located throughout Alola. Talk to the staff behind the desk and choose ‘Register Item. ‘ From there, select your fishing rod from your bag and hit the A button on your Nintendo 3DS console.

Once your fishing rod has been registered, it’s time to head out into the vast ocean that surrounds Alola. To unlock new areas where you can fish for rare Pokemon, progress through the main storyline until you reach different islands such as Akala Island or Ula’ula Island.

“With each island discovery comes more options for casting lines. “

You’ll notice that as you explore more of these islands, certain parts will become available only via Surfing or Lapras Paddle Riding. These are great places to try out if you want better chances of discovering rarer species of water-type Pokemon.

So now that you know how to register your fishing rod, what are you waiting for? Dive deep into this amazing world full of exciting discoveries!

Other Fishing-Related Features in Pokemon Sun

In addition to registering your fishing rod, there are several other fishing-related features available in Pokemon Sun. One of these features is the ability to fish for specific types of Pokemon depending on the location you are in.

For example, if you are fishing in a lake or river, you may be able to catch water-type Pokemon such as Magikarp or Goldeen. Likewise, if you are fishing in the ocean or near a beach, you may have a higher chance of catching water-type Pokemon such as Tentacool or Wingull.

Another feature related to fishing is that certain bait and lures can increase your chances of encountering rare or valuable Pokemon. This means that it’s worth experimenting with different kinds of bait and seeing which ones work best for each location and type of Pokemon you’re hoping to catch.

“Always remember that fishing requires patience and persistence. “

Finally, once you’ve caught a variety of different types of fish over time, it’s possible to display them all together in an aquarium-like structure called the “Festival Plaza. ” This can serve as both a reminder of your past catches and motivation to continue exploring new locations and trying new strategies!

Exploring Other Fishing Options

If you’re unable to register your fishing rod in Pokemon Sun, don’t fret. There are still other options available in the game for catching fish.

The first option is using a lure ball. This special type of Poke Ball increases the catch rate of Pokemon that are hooked while fishing with a rod. You can find these balls on wild Luvdiscs or purchase them from certain shops throughout the game.

Another useful tool when fishing is the Good Rod. Given to you by a fisherman outside Hau’oli City’s Dimensional Research lab, this upgraded version of the Old Rod allows you to hook stronger and rarer Pokemon than before.

If looking for even more advanced equipment, consider trying out your luck at Mantine Surfing – a new feature introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon which allows you to surf around various locations and catch water-type Pokemon along the way.

“Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look at all of your options; there may be hidden gems waiting to be discovered, ” advises seasoned fisherman Cliff Dibbins. “

In summary, if registering your fishing rod proves unsuccessful, remember that there are other methods worth exploring within the vast world of Pokemon Sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of registering a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun?

To register a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun, first, you need to obtain one from a fishing spot or purchase it from a store. Then, open your Bag menu and select the fishing rod you want to register. Press the Y button to register it to your D-pad. After that, you can easily access it by pressing the corresponding direction on your D-pad.

Where can I find a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun?

You can find a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun at various locations, including the Hau’oli City beachfront, the Malie City marina, and the Route 8 fishing spot. You can also purchase one from the fishing supplies store in the Seafolk Village. Keep in mind that some fishing rods may only be available after reaching certain milestones in the game.

Do I need a specific type of fishing rod to catch certain Pokemon in Pokemon Sun?

Yes, you may need a specific type of fishing rod to catch certain Pokemon in Pokemon Sun. For example, a Good Rod may be required to catch certain Pokemon that cannot be caught with an Old Rod. Similarly, a Super Rod may be required to catch some rare and powerful Pokemon. Make sure to check the fishing spots for the required rod before attempting to catch a specific Pokemon.

Can I register multiple fishing rods in Pokemon Sun?

Yes, you can register multiple fishing rods in Pokemon Sun. Simply follow the same process of selecting the rod from your Bag and registering it to your D-pad. You can switch between the registered fishing rods by pressing the corresponding direction on your D-pad. This allows you to use different fishing rods depending on the area and the type of Pokemon you want to catch.

What are the benefits of registering a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun?

Registering a fishing rod in Pokemon Sun makes it easily accessible and allows you to switch between different rods quickly. This saves time and makes it easier to catch a specific type of Pokemon. Additionally, using a registered fishing rod increases your chances of catching rare and powerful Pokemon. So, make sure to register your fishing rods to make your fishing experience in Pokemon Sun more efficient and fruitful.

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