How To Braided Fishing Line? Learn The Ultimate Technique Here!

If you’re an avid angler (or just getting started), learning how to braided fishing line can be a game-changer. Braided line offers impressive sensitivity and strength, helping you reel in bigger, tougher fish than ever before. But if you’ve never worked with it before, the process can seem intimidating. Not to worry – we’re here … Read more

How To Change Fly Fishing Line? Learn These Simple Techniques Now!

Fly fishing line is an essential part of every angler’s setup. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fly fisher, changing your line can make all the difference in your casting ability and overall success on the water. Having fresh, high-quality fly line ensures that you are able to cast accurately, with minimal drag … Read more

Keep Birds Off Plants With This Simple Fishing Line Trick!

Do pesky pigeons, mischievous magpies or rowdy robins keep landing on your plants and ruining all the hard work you have put into growing them? Fear not! There is a simple trick to keeping birds off your plants that doesn’t require any expensive equipment. All you need is some fishing line. The idea behind this … Read more

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