Discover All The Fishing Rods in Terraria and Reel In Your Catch!

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If you love fishing, then Terraria has a lot to offer. It is one of the most popular games that includes different types of fishing rods with unique abilities and characteristics. The game has received critical acclaim for its gameplay mechanics, engaging visuals, crafting elements, and character progression features.

Terraria allows you to fish in various biomes such as Jungle, Ocean, Sky, Surface or Underground. Each biome contains different fish species and requires specific fishing equipment. This guide will introduce all the available fishing rods you can find in Terraria!

“Fishing is not an escape from life; it’s often a deeper immersion into it. ” – Harry Middleton

Are you curious about the best ways to reel in your catch? Do you want to learn about each rod’s specifications before investing time harvesting resources for them? Look no further than this comprehensive list! You’ll be sure to find everything necessary for your next expedition or competition!

Basic Fishing Rods

Fishing in Terraria can be an enjoyable pastime, but you need to have the right tools for it. Basic fishing rods are essential gear that every angler needs. They come in various shapes and sizes with different specs to suit different types of fish.

The most basic fishing rod is the Wood Fishing Pole crafted from 8 pieces of wood at a workbench or Crafting Table. It has low use time and fishing power, making it ideal only for catching common fishes found near shores.

The Reinforced Fishing Pole is another mid-tier option created by combining 8 pieces of iron/lead bars, which provides decent power when attempting to catch bigger fish.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line equipment, try obtaining Hotline Fishing Hook by successfully completing quests during Angler NPC’s daily quest cycle. This unique item allows you to pull any kind of crate without breaking your line while increasing your chances of finding rare items while fishing!

Another great high-level choice would be the Golden Fishing Rod designed from 30 ore combined into ingots at a furnace and constructed using the gem hook as bait. With its incredible abilities such as higher Lure length, easy retrieval and greater Fishing Power; this rod will give you big catches like Princess Fish or Batfish rapidly compared to other options mentioned so far.

In conclusion, there are many fishing poles available in Terraria. Depending on how serious anglers want to get about their hobby and what type of fish they hope to snag, choosing the correct one will make all the difference!

Copper Fishing Rod

The Copper Fishing Rod is the simplest and most basic fishing rod in Terraria. It can be crafted with 8 pieces of Copper Ore at a Crafting Bench or by purchasing it from the Angler NPC for 8 silver coins.

Compared to other fishing rods, this one has a very low fishing power of only 15, making it difficult to catch rare fish or items. However, it is still useful for early game players who want to start fishing and collect some essential materials like bait and crates.

To use the Copper Fishing Rod, equip it in your inventory and stand near water. Press the ‘Use’ button to cast the line and wait for a fish to bite. When you see bubbles appearing on the surface, press ‘Use’ again to reel in your catch.

Pro tip: To increase your chances of catching something good with a Copper Fishing Rod, try using various types of bait such as worms, grubs or fireflies which can be found around different biomes. You can also craft bait using gel and fallen stars.

In conclusion, while there are several other powerful fishing rods available in Terraria like Golden Fishing Rod, Hotline Fishing Hook, etc. , don’t underestimate the value of starting small with a Copper Fishing Rod!

Iron Fishing Rod

The Iron Fishing Rod is a fishing pole which can be crafted using 8 iron bars and a wood. It’s one of the first fishing poles available to players, and it allows them to catch fish early on in their Terraria journey.

In addition to its basic function as a tool for catching fish, the Iron Fishing Rod can also be used as part of crafting other types of fishing gear:

  • Fishing Gear – made by combining an Angler Earring with a Sextant and the Iron Fishing Rod.
  • Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole – one of the four best fishing rods in the game along with Golden Fishing Rod, Hotline Fishing Hook, and Mechanic’s Rod. This requires you to turn your ordinary Wooden Crate or Firefly into bait that attracts rare catches via exploration mode inside Terraria.
If you’re looking to go deeper down into the ocean biome then consider making this rod; most players acquire it at some point during their playthrough due to how affordable it is compared with later alternatives. As mentioned earlier though it may not have great specs but can still come in handy even if just starting out!

Crafting an Iron Fishing Rod is easy enough for anyone who has access to iron ore, so even new players shouldn’t have too much trouble acquiring one. Once they do, however, they’ll need patience and maybe a little luck in order to catch all the different kinds of fish found throughout Terraria!

Gold Fishing Rod

The Gold Fishing Rod is a powerful fishing tool in Terraria that can be obtained by completing 30 Angler quests. This rare item has a much higher bait power than most other fishing rods at 50%, making it easier to catch fish while out on the water.

In addition to its high catching ability, the Gold Fishing Rod also grants the player unlimited use without durability loss, meaning you won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing it anytime soon!

If you’re struggling with fishing in Terraria, then getting your hands on a Gold Fishing Rod could make all the difference. Combine this rod with some quality bait and head out onto the water for a successful fishing trip.

“The journey may not always be easy but keep pushing through because every good thing comes with patience. ” – Unknown

Other fishing rods available in Terraria include:

  • Wooden Fishing Pole (5% bait power)
  • Boreal Wood Fishing Pole (10% bait power)
  • Rich Mahogany Fishing Pole (15% bait power)
  • Ebonwood Fishing Pole (20% bait power)
  • Fiberglass Fishing Pole (25% bait power)
  • Fisher of Souls (35% bait power)
  • Sitting Duck’s Fishing Rod (45% bait power)

No matter which rod you used in Terraria, remember that patience is key when waiting for fish to bite! Happy fishing!

Reinforced Fishing Rod

The Reinforced Fishing Rod is a type of fishing rod in Terraria that is available from the Angler NPC once the player has completed at least 15 quests. It can also be obtained as a drop from Armored Cavefish, Hardmode Underground enemies and crates.

This powerful fishing rod boasts a special trait: it allows the player to fish up items more quickly than with other rods, making it an ideal choice for those who want to get a lot of loot in a short amount of time. Its use time is only 18 which means you don’t have to wait long between casts so you can catch even more fish!

In addition, when combined with bait that increases fishing power such as Master Bait or Enchanted Nightcrawlers, this rod becomes even more potent. With high-quality bait and some skillful casting techniques, players wielding a Reinforced Fishing Rod are sure to snag some impressive catches.

“The speed and agility of this sport matter little without the willpower to stay the course. “

If you’re looking for alternative types of fishing rods in Terraria besides the Reinforced Fishing Rod keep reading! There’s quite a few different options out there:

  • Fishing Pole – Basic starting pole
  • Bunnyfish – Crafted with Bunny parts
  • Piranha – Can be found uncommonly while fishing
  • Fiberglass – Purchasable for 7500 cash coin
  • Sitting Duck’s – Fishes autonomously but rare prize catch chance
Whether you’re using one of these other types or sticking with the dependable Reinforced Fishing Rod; happy angling!

Upgraded Fishing Rods

In Terraria, fishing is an essential activity that provides players with valuable items and resources such as quest fish, potions, crates, and even mounts. However, using the basic wooden fishing pole can be frustrating due to its slow catch time and limited range.

To overcome these limitations, players can upgrade their fishing rods by obtaining various rare materials and crafting them at a workbench or anvil. There are six different types of upgraded fishing rods in Terraria:

  • Fiberglass Fishing Pole – crafted from 8 pieces of cobweb and 20 wood. Has a higher chance of catching better fish.
  • Fisher of Souls – purchased from the Merchant NPC for 20 silver coins. Can be used to catch souls of slain enemies in the underworld.
  • Reinforced Fishing Pole – crafted from 6 iron bars and 15 wood. Has a longer range than the fiberglass one.
  • Fleshcatcher – made by combining rotten chunks (obtained from slimes) with a regular wooden fishing pole. Ideal for early-game fishing in corruption biomes.
  • Mechanical Fishing Rod – obtained from crates caught during Hardmode boss fights. Offers increased catch speed and a chance to catch biome-specific crates.
If you’re lucky enough, you might come across the Golden Fishing Rod which has infinite bait usage and doesn’t require any additional equipment to use it!

In conclusion, upgrading your fishing rod will greatly enhance your gameplay experience in Terraria since it allows you to catch more valuable items faster than before! So head on out there and start casting!

Fisher of Souls

In the game Terraria, fishing is a popular activity that provides players with various useful items and resources. To catch fish, you need to equip yourself with fishing rods. Here are all the fishing rods available in Terraria:

1. Wooden Fishing Rod – The most basic and easily crafted fishing rod, made from 8 Wood.

2. Reinforced Fishing Rod – A slightly improved version of the wooden fishing rod, providing better chances of catching fish. It can be crafted using 8 Wood and 2 Iron Bars.

3. Fisher of Souls – This unique sword-shaped fishing rod grants the player an ability to catch souls instead of fish when used on enemies during Blood Moon events or while underground/cavern layer. It requires 25 Hellstone Bar and one Obsidian Skull to craft.

“With this mighty swordfish by my side, I am unstoppable!” -The Angler NPC upon obtaining a Fisher of Souls.

4. Fleshcatcher – Another special type of fishing rod that catches only surface Fish found in Crimson Biomes (in Hardmode). Like Fisher OF Souls it requires Hellstone bars(20) but also requires Crimtane Bars(15).

Whether you’re looking for specific items or just trying to fill your aquariums with rare creatures, choosing the right fishing rod is essential. So, grab your favorite rod and head out to the water!


The Fleshcatcher is a fishing rod that can be crafted with the materials found in underground crimson biomes. It requires 10 Vertebrae, which are dropped by creatures like Crimson Axes and Big Eaters, as well as 7 Crimtane Bars.

This powerful fishing rod has a bait power of 35%, making it one of the best options for catching fish in Terraria. Additionally, it has a special ability that makes it particularly useful when fishing in crimson biomes.

When used to fish in a crimson biome, there is a chance that the Fleshcatcher will catch two items instead of one. This makes it an incredibly efficient tool for players looking to collect rare resources from these areas.

In addition to its unique abilities, the Fleshcatcher also benefits from all of the normal upgrades available to other fishing rods. Players can increase its effectiveness by using better bait or accessories that grant additional bonuses while fishing.

Overall, the Fleshcatcher is definitely worth considering if you’re a serious angler in Terraria. Whether you’re trying to get specific items from crimson biomes or just looking for a reliable way to stock up on fish for cooking and crafting purposes, this powerful rod should not be overlooked!

Unique Fishing Rods

In Terraria, fishing is an essential activity as it provides a fantastic source of powerful items. There are several unique and exciting fishing rods that can be obtained in the game. Each rod has different abilities that can help players achieve their goals. Here are some of the most prominent fishing rods in Terraria:

The Fiberglass Fishing Pole is the first available rod for any player who wishes to start fishing and requires no bait or time to catch fish.

The Wood Fishing Pole, another beginner-level item, gives 3% more chances to get a catch than the fiberglass pole does.

The Golden Fishing Rod has a considerable advantage over other types since it makes catching six times quicker relatively anywhere with just one-second Wait Time!

Last but not least, sitting at rank three in terms of efficiency is High Test Fishing Line; making this special line ultimately well-equipped for challenging quests like angling up rare shark in-game.

If you want to obtain these specialized fishing rods quickly, it’s worth noting that they’re distributed according to biome having just gone through some significant changes! For example: Underground has bats & piranhas giving identical odds of dropping them when slain.
No matter what kind of adventure awaits you under the water within Terraria there will always be a chance to find something interesting whilst out on your boat seeking trophies – happy fishing!

Hotline Fishing Hook

The Hotline Fishing Hook is one of the most sought-after items in Terraria. It is a powerful tool for players who love fishing and want to catch rare fish. This fishing hook is different from others because it has a high chance of catching crates, which are essential in obtaining rare resources.

To get the Hotline Fishing Hook, you need to first acquire the hotline fishing rod by completing specific quests or buying it from an NPC. Once you have the fishing rod, head over to Hell biome and start fishing there. The chances of getting this item are slim – about 1 in 70 – but if luck is on your side, you can reel it in!

In addition to the Hotline Fishing Hook, there are several other types of fishing rods available in Terraria. These include basic wooden and copper fishing poles that beginners use when starting out, as well as more advanced ones like reinforced fiberglass pole, sitting duck’s fishing pole, Fleshcatcher, Golden Rod etc.

If you want to take advantage of all the great opportunities that come with Terraria’s vast body of water system then collecting multiple types of Fishing Rods will prove worthwhile!

Fishing is an integral part of gameplay experience rendered while playing Terraform that offers both relaxation and rewards through its unique mechanics.

Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole

In Terraria, there are a total of 39 different fishing rods that the player can use to catch fish. Each of these has its own unique features and abilities.

The Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole is one such rod that players can obtain in-game. It is considered a moderate-quality fishing pole and requires bait to be used effectively. The best thing about this fishing pole is that it gives players access to several exclusive items like:

  • Ducky fishing gear (can only be obtained with this pole)
  • Frog Leg (increases jump height when equipped)
  • Lava proof fishing hook (turns lava into obsidian when fished in)

This makes the Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole an essential item to acquire for avid collectors who want all the exclusive Terraria loot.

“Fishing may not seem like much, but it can turn out to be among your most valuable resources within all facets of progression on your journey through Terraria. ” -Terraria Wiki

Other notable fishing rods in Terraria include:

  • Fiberglass Fishing Rod – perfect for early game as it allows you to catch bass and trout
  • Honeyfin – provides 80% health restoration
  • Bone Fishing Rod – grants unlimited amount of bait daily at night time during hardmode periods
  • Golden Fishing Rod – increases chances of catching rare items by 20%
Overall, given how crucial collecting the right gear is important in sustaining good progress throughout your gameplay experience in Terraria, choosing from any number of these unique fishing poles could make what seems initially a leisurely pastime turn into one of your greatest assets.

Golden Fishing Rod

The Golden Fishing Rod is the final upgrade of all fishing rods in Terraria.

This rod requires a bait, line and a fishing power of at least 45. It can catch any fish found within bodies of water, including ones with low amounts such as quest fish that normally require specific equipment or mere luck to obtain.

To craft it you’ll need:

  • x1 Hotline Fishing Hook – Caught from Hellstone crates fished up from lava underworld pools using High Test Fishing Line while having 80% fishing power and above during Hardmode
  • x30 Luminite Bars – Smelted with Luminite after defeating Moon Lord
“The Golden Fishing Rod has everyone else beat by far. “

The Angler’s reward for completing more than half his quests (100th) will be this item, along with an achievement called “A Gift From The Sea”. Make sure you study how to catch each type of fish efficiently before seeking out the enormous task required to get one.

Hardmode Fishing Rods

In Terraria, fishing is an essential feature that players can indulge in for multiple purposes. It helps them catch fish and other loot items useful for progression, crafting, cooking, etcetera. Players need different types of rods depending on their experience level or the area they want to explore.

Hardmode Fishing Rods are significantly better than regular ones as they provide additional stats such as increased fishing power or reduced bait consumption. Here’s a list of all Hardmode Fishing Rods:

  • The Hotline Fishing Hook
  • Fiberglass Fishing Pole
  • Fisher of Souls
  • The Golden Fishing Rod
“The Golden Fishing Rod is considered the best by many fishermen. ” – The Guide

The Hotline Fishing Hook is obtained from Hardmode crates or enemies in the Underworld biome while Fiberglass Fishing Pole requires some ores and Silk. Fisher of Souls drops from Demons during Blood Moons, and with it equipped, players have a chance to catch extra souls along with fish. As quoted earlier, The Golden Fishing Rod provides the highest fishing power among all but at a cost; players need to complete extensive angler quests to obtain it.

To summarize, farming specific enemies/biomes or exceeding angler quests will reward aspiring fishers with hard-to-get rods that prove beneficial when chasing rare catches like Duke Fishron or special events like Angler Tournaments.

Crystal Serpent

The Crystal Serpent is one of the fishing rods available in Terraria. It can be obtained by fishing in a Hallowed lake using a Golden Fishing Rod or better. This rod has a fishing power of 50, making it suitable for catching moderate to rare fish.

The Crystal Serpent is most loved because it shoots out damaging crystal projectiles that hit enemies when equipped as a weapon. This feature makes it perfect not only for fishing but also for combat situations.

Fishing with this exceptional tool can yield some valuable treasures such as Crystal Shard crates, which are used to craft items like Holy Arrows and Hallowed armor sets. You may even have the chance to catch rare Duke Fishron if you are lucky enough!

What’s more, combining the effects of certain accessories with this impressive rod will increase its efficiency significantly. Using Angler Earring provides extra bait-reeling speed; while Angler Tackle Bag increases your tackle-box size allowing you to carry more tools during fishing.

If you enjoy exploring underwater biomes in Terraria like Ocean and Underground lakes, having Crystal Serpent among your collection of high-tier fishing rods will indeed make it an entertaining experience altogether.
In conclusion, The Crystal Serpent stands out from other Terraria’s all Fishing Rods due to its stunning appearance coupled up with unique attributes both in combat and collecting precious resources through fishing. Ensure to get yourself one today!

Tsunami In A Bottle

When it comes to Terraria, fishing is an essential element that allows players to obtain a variety of items, including unique rods. Fishing rods come in various types and rarities, each with its own set of abilities and effects.

The basic fishing rod, the Wooden Fishing Pole, can be obtained easily at the start of the game by crafting it from wood. It has no special features or bonuses but is perfect for beginners looking to fish in small bodies of water.

As you progress through the game, you will find more powerful fishing rods like the Fiberglass Fishing Rod, which increases chances of catching higher quality fish and reduces bait consumption rate by 20%. The mechanics-driven Gilded Fishing Rod boasts increased fishing skill, allowing players to catch rare species faster than other rods.

If you’re lucky enough to find a Tsunami In A Bottle during your adventures while exploring underground caverns (yet another feature integral to getting all kinds of weapons and tools), then rejoice! The Tsunami In A Bottle gives players extra mobility on top of enhancing their swimming ability when used underwater. Combined with any kind of rod – especially ones listed above – this item enhances any player’s inventory treasure trove.

In conclusion, there are many different kinds of fishing rods available in Terraria. They not only give you access to new resources but also help increase your overall efficiency as well as provide additional perks such as mobility enhancements!

Chaos Rod

The Chaos Rod is one of the most unique fishing rods in Terraria. Obtained by completing quests for the Angler NPC, this rod features an incredibly high catch rate and can be used to fish up some of the rarest items in the game.

This powerful rod allows you to fish in any type of liquid, making it extremely versatile when it comes to catching different types of fish and loot. It also has a chance to summon a damaging lightning bolt when fishing, which can prove useful when facing off against tough enemies on land or sea.

In addition to its impressive functionality as a fishing tool, the Chaos Rod also boasts an eye-catching appearance with its bright purple coloring and swirling design. This makes it not only a highly functional choice for avid fishermen but also a stylish accessory for your character’s equipment setup.

“The Chaos Rod may seem like just another piece of gear at first glance, but it quickly becomes apparent that there’s much more depth to this seemingly simple item than meets the eye. “

If you’re looking for one of the best fishing rods available in Terraria, look no further than the Chaos Rod. With its versatility, effectiveness, and great aesthetics, it truly is the ultimate option for mastering the art of fishing in this popular sandbox game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting fishing rod in Terraria?

The starting fishing rod in Terraria is the Wooden Fishing Pole. It has a fishing power of 5 and can be obtained by crafting it using 8 wood at a workbench or found in wooden crates.

What are the different types of fishing rods available in Terraria?

There are several types of fishing rods available in Terraria, including the Wooden Fishing Pole, Reinforced Fishing Pole, Fisher of Souls, Fleshcatcher, Hotline Fishing Rod, Golden Fishing Rod, and more. Each fishing rod has a different fishing power and can be obtained through crafting or fishing quests.

What are the materials required to craft the Golden Fishing Rod?

The Golden Fishing Rod is the best fishing rod in Terraria and requires a few materials to craft. You will need 30 bars of gold, 10 souls of light, and 1 Mechanical Fisher to craft the Golden Fishing Rod. Once crafted, it has a fishing power of 50 and can catch most fish in the game.

What is the best fishing rod in Terraria for fishing in lava?

The Hotline Fishing Rod is the best fishing rod for fishing in lava in Terraria. It can be obtained by fishing in lava with a lavaproof fishing hook and has a fishing power of 45. The Hotline Fishing Rod can catch a variety of fish in lava, including Obsidifish, Flarefin Koi, and Lavafly.

What is the fishing power of the Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole?

The Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole is a rare fishing pole that can be obtained by completing fishing quests for the Angler NPC. It has a fishing power of 27 and can catch a variety of fish in different biomes. It is not the best fishing rod in Terraria but is a good option for early game fishing.

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