How Much Does A Resident Fishing Licence Cost In Nebraska? You Won’t Believe The Price!

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If you’re planning to go fishing in Nebraska, one of the things you need to know beforehand is how much a resident fishing license costs. A fishing license allows you to fish legally within the state and helps support local conservation efforts.

So, how much does a resident fishing license cost in Nebraska? You won’t believe the price! The current cost for an annual resident fishing license is only $29. That’s right—you can purchase a fishing license for less than 30 bucks!

But wait, it gets better. If you’re under 16 years old, disabled, or a military veteran wounded in action, you may be eligible for discounted or free fishing licenses. Additionally, there are various multi-year and lifetime licenses available if you plan on fishing regularly or want to make a long-term investment in your outdoor activities.

Overall, getting a fishing license in Nebraska is a low-cost way to enjoy some of the best freshwater fishing opportunities in the country. Whether you’re after bass, crappie, catfish, trout, or other species, having a valid license lets you cast with confidence and take advantage of all that this beautiful, nature-filled state has to offer. So don’t delay—go ahead and get your Nebraska fishing license today!

Resident Fishing License

If you’re a resident of Nebraska and love fishing, then you need to obtain a Resident Fishing License. This license allows you to fish in the state’s lakes, streams, and rivers without any restrictions. But before getting one, have you ever wondered: “How much does a Resident Fishing Licence cost in Nebraska?” Here are some details regarding the different types of licenses and their costs:

Annual License:

The annual Resident Fishing License is valid for one calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st. It is the most commonly purchased option for those who fish frequently but not quite enough to justify buying long-term license options as it only costs $29.

If you purchase the annual license at an authorized location or online, there is an additional issuing fee that will apply. You may be required to provide proof of residency so make sure to bring your driver’s license or other valid documentation.

“I get the annual Resident Fishing License every year because I enjoy going out with my friends and family about once a month to fish. It’s affordable and worth the money.” – John Smith

3-Year License:

The three-year Resident Fishing License provides coverage for three consecutive years starting from the date of purchase. The cost of the three-year license is $76 which can save you $11 over three individual yearly licenses.

This type of license is also available with associated extra fees, either when ordered via an authorized vendor, or on-line. To qualify for the discount it must be bought by March 31st of a non-resident fishing license cycle

“The three-year Resident Fishing License was the perfect choice for me as I often like to plan ahead how many fishing trips I will take each year. The cost was reasonable, and the three-year option saved me a few bucks.” – Linda Johnson

5-Year License:

The five-year Resident Fishing License is ideal for those who are passionate about angling or live in Nebraska long-term. It provides coverage every month of the year (for 5 years) regardless to changing regulations and changes within the fishery. At $123 it can save you $32 over purchasing Five individual yearly licences.

You can buy this type of license at authorized locations using your driver’s license or other valid documentation when proof of residence as required. You may need additional documents that prove residency if your driver’s licence has an out-of-state address.

“As someone who spends pretty much all my free time chasing after different trying fishes, and enjoy winter fly-fishing too. The five-year Resident Fishing License has been a great investment. The convenience and amount of money I saved make it worth it for me.” – Jack Mills
In conclusion, getting a resident fishing licence in Nebraska might look like an expenditure modelled purely on recreational activity, but when examined from all angles it actually gives benefits both financial and practical. So be sure to make informed decisions before making purchases by carefully examining these licence options to arrive at a good decision.

Additional Licenses

In Nebraska, a resident fishing license only allows you to fish in freshwater bodies within the state. However, there are additional licenses that you may need depending on your specific fishing needs.

Trout Stamp

If you’re an avid trout angler, then you’ll need to purchase a Trout Stamp which costs $12. This stamp is required for any person who fishes for or takes trout from inland waters of Nebraska. The revenue generated by this stamp supports the state’s trout stocking program, ensuring great fishing opportunities for anglers across the region.

In 2019, Nebraska stocked over 136,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout into public waterbodies, providing great recreational opportunities for anglers. By purchasing a Trout Stamp permit, you help to support these efforts and preserve the beauty of Nebraska’s rivers and lakes.

If you plan on heading out for a day of trout fishing, make sure you have all the necessary items such as waders, nets, vests, and a valid Nebraska Fishing License with Trout Stamp endorsement prior to going.

Aquatic Invasive Species Stamp

Another additional license you may need in Nebraska is the Aquatic Invasive Species Stamp costing $5. This license helps prevent the spread of invasive species that can cause harm to local aquatic ecosystems and lead to reduced fishing opportunities in the future.

According to the Nebraska Invasive Species Program, New Zealand mud snails, zebra mussels, and Asian carp are examples of invasive species that pose a serious threat to the health of Nebraska’s aquatic ecosystems. These species can impact commercial and sport fisheries, clog power plant intakes, and reduce water quality.

The Aquatic Invasive Species Stamp fee goes towards funding inspection and decontamination stations at boat ramps across the state. So when boaters purchase this license, they’re directly supporting these efforts to protect our water resources.

Fur Harvest

Nebraska offers a unique hunting experience that’s not available in every state – fur harvest! To take part in fur harvesting and trap setting activities, you’ll need to purchase a Fur Harvester Permit for $23.

According to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website, “Furbearers in Nebraska include badger, beaver, bobcat, coyote, gray fox, long-tailed weasel, mink, muskrat, opossum, raccoon, red fox, swift fox, and striped skunk.”

Whether trapping is new for you or it’s something you’ve done before, the permit provides opportunities to legally trap furbearing animals in various areas. Remember that traps must be actively checked at least once per day, and certain seasons have specific regulations on what species can be harvested and which methods may be used.

“The fur harvester permit is more than just a piece of paper. It is a ticket to an adventurous lifestyle where nuisance control, wildlife management, and a little competition are all rolled into one.” – Jeremy Buell, Fur Harvester


If you’re an avid angler in Nebraska, a resident fishing license is a must-have. But did you know that different permits are required for certain areas? Let’s dive into the different state park and recreation area permits available:

State Park Permit

A State Park permit is necessary if you plan on fishing at one of Nebraska’s beautiful state parks. The cost varies depending on factors like residency status and length of time purchased.

  • Annual Resident: $31.00
  • One-Day Resident: $6.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $46.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $8.00

It’s important to note that this permit only covers fishing within the boundaries of a state park, so if you plan on casting your line outside of these designated areas, you’ll need to obtain additional permits.

Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area Permit

“I love fishing at Wildcat Hills because it’s such a serene escape from reality. However, I always have to remember to purchase the proper permit before throwing my line in the water!” – John, avid fisherman

If you plan on fishing at Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area, you’ll need to get a specific permit. This area boasts some of the state’s most unique topography, including towering bluffs and deep canyons, making it a popular spot among both novice and seasoned anglers.

The cost of a Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area permit is:

  • Annual Resident: $13.50
  • Daily Resident: $6.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $23.50
  • Daily Non-Resident: $8.00

Two Rivers State Recreation Area Permit

If you’re looking to cast your line in the waters of Two Rivers State Recreation Area, you’ll also need a specific permit. This picturesque area features two lakes that are stocked annually with various species of fish.

“Fishing at Two Rivers is always an adventure because you never know what’s going to bite! I highly recommend purchasing the correct permit before heading out to this popular spot.” – Sarah, avid angler

The cost of a Two Rivers State Recreation Area Permit is:

  • Annual Resident: $16.50
  • Daily Resident: $6.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $26.50
  • Daily Non-Resident: $8.00

Remember, it’s important to obtain the proper permits before casting your line in Nebraska’s breathtaking bodies of water. Whether you’re fishing for relaxation or competition, having the necessary documentation will ensure a successful and stress-free experience.

Other Information

Age Requirements

If you are looking to get a resident fishing license in Nebraska, you will need to be at least 16 years old. If you are under the age of 16, then you do not need a permit. In addition, if you are aged between 16 and 29, you can consider purchasing the Youth Annual Permit, which is sold at a discounted rate.

However, it’s crucial to note that anglers between 16 and 18 must have parental or guardian consent before obtaining any license or permit. The state of Nebraska enforces these rules seriously to protect all residents’ rights to fish legally without fear of infringement.

On the other hand, senior citizens aged 65 years or above can qualify for annual permits at a reduced rate compared to regular adult permits. A state ID with proof of age is required.


The fees for a resident fishing permit are very affordable when compared to other states around the country. For instance, an annual statewide fishing permit costs $30 while a NE Game & Parks Commission Permit only costs $5.50 annually. Furthermore, discounts are also available for long-term licences – valid up to 5 years starting at just $15.

Additionally, youth-aged applicants (under 16) can get their permits for free! Youths from 16 years to 19 years can purchase a fully functional licence for half of the full price found on their online portal. Discounts for older anglers are also available.

It should be noted that persons who are exempted from fishing licenses still require registering through the Nebraska Games and Parks website. Plus, disabled anglers along with family members who assist them may receive certain exemptions too.

Where To Buy

To purchase resident fishing licenses in Nebraska, interested parties can do so at one of the 250 locations statewide with participating vendors included or through online portals. On their page found on, residents will be presented with 2 options: buying permits from authorized retailers within the state or acquiring them electronically via their website.

Online purchases are simple and convenient – quickly, they offer you an account for more ease-of-access to multiple seasonal permits all year round. It is easy to obtain a permit as long as you have proper identification (such as social security details), address information, and payment methods. For instance, allowing high-security third-party acquisition agencies such as PayPal makes it even easier to pay upfront safely from home.

If shopping online isn’t your thing, going to hardware stores like Cabala’s, WalMart, Bass Pro Shop, etc can also help buy physical copies of licenses. Any store that provides outdoors supplies must have them ready during regular business hours, making sure that locals can fish freely anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a resident fishing license in Nebraska?

The cost of a resident fishing license in Nebraska is $29 for individuals between the ages of 16 and 61. For individuals 62 years and older, the cost is reduced to $16. A youth fishing permit is also available for those under the age of 16 and costs $8.

Are there any discounts available for residents when purchasing a fishing license in Nebraska?

Yes, there are discounts available for residents when purchasing a fishing license in Nebraska. Those 62 years and older can purchase a reduced-cost license for $16. Additionally, disabled veterans and active-duty military members can receive a free fishing license. Lastly, resident anglers can purchase a combination hunting and fishing permit at a reduced cost.

What is the duration of a resident fishing license in Nebraska?

The duration of a resident fishing license in Nebraska is one year from the date of purchase. For example, if an individual purchases a license on May 1st, it will be valid until April 30th of the following year. Youth fishing permits are also valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Is it possible to purchase a multi-year resident fishing license in Nebraska?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a multi-year resident fishing license in Nebraska. Anglers can purchase a three-year license for $84, which provides a small discount compared to purchasing three individual licenses. However, a five-year or ten-year license option is not currently available.

What are the consequences of fishing without a license in Nebraska?

Fishing without a license in Nebraska can result in fines up to $500 and/or up to 30 days in jail. The state takes fishing regulations seriously and enforces them strictly, so it is important to always have a valid fishing license when fishing in Nebraska waters.

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