How Much Does Net Fishing Cost In Hay Day?

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As you continue your Hay Day adventures, you may be wondering how much it costs to go net fishing in the game. The good news is that net fishing in Hay Day is completely free!

That’s right – unlike some other activities in the game, such as purchasing items from the store or upgrading buildings, there is no cost associated with throwing out a net and seeing what you catch. However, keep in mind that you do need to have nets available to use; these can be purchased using coins or diamonds.

“Net fishing is one of my favorite activities in Hay Day because I don’t have to worry about spending any money on it!” – HayDayPlayer123

If you’re looking for a fun and low-cost activity to enjoy while playing Hay Day, look no further than net fishing. Not only is it free, but it can also lead to catching valuable fish that you can sell for coins. Happy fishing!


Hay Day is a popular farming game that encourages players to build and manage their own farms. One important aspect of the game is fishing, which can be used to catch different types of fish for profit or rewards. Net fishing in particular is an effective way to catch multiple fish at once, but many players are curious about how much it costs.

In Hay Day, net fishing requires a special type of bait called “fisherman’s friend, ” which can be purchased from the store using coins. The price varies depending on how many you buy at once: 1 for 250 coins, 10 for 2, 000 coins, or 100 for 20, 000 coins.

Additionally, each time you use a net to fish in Hay Day, it will cost you one unit of fuel for your boat. Fuel can also be purchased from the store using either coins or diamonds. One unit of fuel currently costs 3 diamonds or 150 coins.

If you want to calculate the total cost of net fishing in Hay Day, you’ll need to consider both the cost of bait and fuel together. For example, if you wanted to use a single net with no extra boats or upgrades needed (which could lead to higher fuel costs), it would require just one unit of fuel and one piece of bait.

Keep in mind that these prices may change over time as new updates and features are released for Hay Day. It’s always a good idea to check in-game information before making any purchasing decisions.

All things considered though, net fishing in Hay Day remains an enjoyable and accessible activity within the game that can help players earn more money and advance faster throughout their virtual farming journey!

Explanation of Net Fishing in Hay Day

In Hay Day, net fishing is a way to obtain fish from the water. It requires players to use nets that can be bought at the tackle shop or received as gifts from friends.

The cost of net fishing varies depending on the type of net used. The basic wooden net costs 20 coins and catches one fish while more advanced nets like the silver and gold ones can cost up to 560 coins but catch three fishes per casting.

To start fishing, players need to place their boat in any open body of water and cast their net by tapping on the buoy attached to it. A prompt will appear asking if they would like to use a specific number/type of nets which they have previously purchased or earned within their game experience.

Pro tip: If you don’t want waste your resources when using better quality nets such as Silver Nets which are costly, wait for Jake (character) offering his lucky reward before going smelting factory for production 👌🏻

If successful, different types of fish can be obtained such as trout, lobster tails, yellow perch, catfish, etc. , which can then be sold in the roadside stall or given fulfil truck cargo deliveries.

Net fishing is a lucrative source of income in Hay Day; hence managing this activity wisely could go a long way towards earning profits early on!

Cost of Equipment

In Hay Day, net fishing is a popular way to catch fish. However, it requires specific equipment that can be quite costly. The cost varies depending on the type of gear you want to use.

The basic net costs 270 coins and catches one fish at a time. It’s great if you’re just starting out or catching small quantities of fish. The trapping nets are pricier but more efficient in their operating capacity as they allow for up to four catches before needing repair. These traps range from 1, 200-3, 100 coins each with new ones being available every few levels after Level 29.

If you have some extra diamonds lying around, check out the decorative nets like Flower Net or Quilted Net which increase your chances of catching rare sea creatures by threefold while also adding beauty to your farm! Though these will cost significant amounts with prices ranging between 15-30 diamonds per item.

Ultimately, how much you spend on net fishing equipment depends entirely on what kind of fisherperson you want to be!

To help cover expenses incurred when setting up this line of business such as buying boats and handling supplies needed for carrying them back ashore usually may require an initial investment ranging from $500-$5000 depending on local regulations among other factors affecting startup costs altogether making going into commercial-scale farming worthwhile.

Overall, net fishing can become quite expensive particularly when opting to buy higher quality items aimed at ensuring efficiency & productivity however settling with entry-level options still avails workable solutions keeping costs minimal offering decent returns overtime especially when complementing it alongside other related activities forming profitable ventures worth investing in.

Pricing of fishing nets

Fishing is one of the essential tasks in Hay Day, and to catch fish efficiently, players need fishing nets. The pricing of these fishing nets can vary depending on several factors.

The first factor that affects the cost of net fishing in Hay Day is the type of fishing net purchased. There are three types available, basic, silver, and gold. The basic net costs 100 coins per piece; the silver net costs 400 coins per piece while the gold net costs a whopping price of 1 diamond for each piece.

Another significant factor affecting the pricing of a fishing net is its durability. Basic and silver nets have limited usage before they disappear from your inventory. However, Gold nets never expire making them worth their high cost if you’re an avid fisherman.

It’s important to note that players who reach level six will automatically receive five additional free standard-level (basic) nets as part of the tutorial process when completing Tom’s task.

In conclusion, how much does Net Fishing Cost In Hay Day? It depends on various factors, including whether it’s a basic or premium-use version as well as its durability once purchased. Nonetheless, with sufficient resources accumulated through regular gameplay like selling crops at roadside shops or trading goods with other players in-game – anyone can afford even those expensive golden nets after some time playing!

Comparison of different fishing nets in terms of cost

Fishing is a popular activity enjoyed by many players on Hay Day. One crucial aspect of fishing is the type of net used and its associated costs. Four main types of fishing nets are available in the game, each with different specifications regarding how much it can catch and how long it lasts.

The basic Fishing Net or the Regular Fishing Net has no specific requirements to purchase and doesn’t come with any additional benefits such as increased catching speed or higher chances of rare catches. The price varies but ranges from 5 coins (for one use) to 50 coins (10 uses).

The Duck Trap gives more duck feathers per time spent compared to other traps, but ducks have a relatively low rarity level which means they may not provide significant income depending on your game goals. It requires ten planks for crafting and 5000 coins for purchasing.

The Lobster Trap will give you big profit but comes at a bigger investment since it requires Lobster Traps Blueprint ($25, 000) and irons bars ($1, 200) to craft them- Alternatively, they can be purchased outright from Tom’s area for $60 cash or 180 diamonds.

“Players should keep an eye out for special events that offer discounts on these items. “

Lastly, Crab Pot needs crab pot blueprints ($800), tin sheets x2 ($480), iron ore x4($800), total spendings are around $2080 after crafting this tool yourself while buying would require seventy-two Diamonds. They’re only useful if players need seaweed & fewer crabs obtainable due to high demand among active traders who aim towards unlocking every reward offered within various packages provided based upon their selling patterns – so make sure you are aware before buying!

In conclusion, investing in higher-level nets can produce better profits. However, players should be mindful of their goals and available budget before purchasing any type of fishing net.

Cost of Bait

In Hay Day, net fishing is a profitable activity that can be quite enjoyable. However, to catch fish efficiently and grow your business in this area, you need bait. The cost of bait in the game varies depending on the type of it.

The cheapest option for bait is using wheat which costs 20 coins per piece. This type of bait works well but has some limitations when it comes to catching bigger fish or rare ones like lobster.

If you want to increase your chances of catching better fish types, you’ll have to invest more in high-quality baits such as corn (costs 45 coins), soybean (costs 55 coins) and tomato (80 coins). For example, soybean is an excellent choice because not only does it allow you to catch valuable fish like salmon and tuna, but also its price at the market is relatively high – so it’s a good investment overall.

Your strategy should depend on how much time and resources do you plan to spend on net fishing. If your goal is a quick profit without putting too much effort into gameplay mechanics, stick with wheat as your primary bait selection. But if long-term planning and continuous improvements are what drives you forward- then investing in higher-priced baits will definitely pay off!

Baits aren’t the only essential element required for successful net fishing; upgrading your equipment matters too! Having a larger boat accompanied by advanced nets will get you access to deeper spots where higher-valued fishes dwell – hence granting profits that are worth counting towards leveling up within the game!

In conclusion -the average cost per day for using quality baits while regularly improving one’s gear setup is around 1000-1500 gold coins/day. It’s crucial & smarter for players with optimistic plans regarding their progression and to work on building a honeycomb of profitable fishing spots filled with diversified fish breeds.

Types of Bait available for Net Fishing

In Hay Day, net fishing is a popular way to earn coins and experience points. However, in order to catch fish efficiently with a net, you need the right kind of bait. Here are some types of bait that can be used for net fishing:

Worms: One of the most common baits used by fishermen worldwide. Worms can be easily found in soil and under rocks. You can use them either alive or dead as bait.

Breads(?) and Chipped Dips(?):These may not be actual bait but they’re still materials players can use when crafting feeds, lures or nets using their Machines like the Lure Workbench or Feed Mill. To access those though, you would have to spend quite a considerable amount of effort leveling up your machines and unlocking recipes that player had prepared before hand. Therefore these items can pose high cost than actual baits since it involves resources such as produce, fish, and other products which may leave player’s financial situation shaky if proceeded without caution.

Corn/Seeds/Flour/Baking Powder/Sugar/Honey/Fruit Vegetables:You can grow corn on your fields and convert them into animal feed. This could generate hay bales readily renewable from time to time. You’ll also find seeds in seed packets given as visitor rewards/plane gifts/events;flour, sugar, baking powder, honey from making baked goods at bakery (need wheat, milk, eggs, sugars); fruits n vegetables grown through crops production 2and harvesting, all essential ingredients to craft more properluring options helpful inticing valuable fishes into your nets. Additionally, Crops yields income/gold once harvested regardless so they generate multi-purpose inventory/coffer boosts compared to just buying fishing baits.

Commercial Baits:You can purchase commercial baits from Linda’s orders as well, some buyers request for specific types such as the Rainbow Trout to serve customer appetite or complete their task, offering higher rewards than common fish. Cost depend mainly on players decision all depending if they invest time in planting crops then harvesting while managing animal feeding machines, making them a cheaper alternative. But fishing is a relaxed and reliable method of gaining coins, so it’s up to you what works best for your gaming experience!

So How Much Does Net Fishing Cost In Hay Day? The cost varies on how much effort and resources the player wants to dedicate to sustain the profits;homogenously made-up setups for purely net-fishing may incur less income-generating/faster results comparison to other alternatives. However, it offers regular supplementary funds at an almost free cost. All expenses lie solely upon preparation, time, and focused dedication, factoring market selling prices in accordance with demand might prove frugal yielding more high value yield boosts compared having too much surplus products causing inflation within game’s economy.

Pricing of different types of bait

In Hay Day, net fishing is one of the most popular activities among players. The cost of fishing using nets varies depending on several factors such as the type of bait used and the quality of the equipment. Below are some common types of baits and their pricing:

Worms: This is a very affordable option as it can be obtained by collecting them in mud puddles around the farm or purchasing them from Tom’s shack for 5 coins each.

Frog: Frog is also an inexpensive bait that can bring good results when fishing in deeper waters. It can be purchased from Tom’s shack for 50 coins each.

Crayfish: Not commonly found but still useful if available. Crayfish can be caught while fishing with other baits especially worms and frog, although they are rare to catch directly. They cost about 500 coins each at Tom’s Shack.

Note that prices may vary based on your level, reputation in-game and it is recommended to check Tom’s Shack frequently for updated costs since prices there fluctuate daily based on demand.

The cost of using these basic baits aside from crayfish can always range between 10-40 per use (i. e. , per cast).

Overall, how much does net fishing cost in Hay Day? Well, again this depends on what kind of angling you want to do along with the bait criteria listed above.

Cost of Upgrades

In Hay Day, net fishing is one of the available activities you can do on your farm. Netting fish requires specific upgrades to increase production, and each upgrade comes with a cost. The upgrades begin with building a net maker at level 27 for $10, 000 or five diamonds.

The next step in upgrading the net maker is purchasing additional nets. Each subsequent purchase costs more than the last, starting from three nets for $1000 up to ten nets for $30, 000 or twenty-five diamonds. Additionally, players must unlock higher-level nets by catching enough specified types of fish before they are even made available for purchase.

To fully maximize their fishing operation, players may opt to buy decorations that offer bonuses when placed near water sources like ponds or lakes (i. e. , Anchored Sailboat Decoration). Decorations range in price from as little as 12 vouchers up to 350 vouchers per piece.

All upgrades have positive outcomes though some may require real money transactions via iTunes if desired. Players will receive bonuses such as extra experience points after catch success rates improvement with boosts gained through decoration purchases.

“Overall, the cost of upgrades fluctuates based on player strategy; every penny spent enhances production capabilities therefore it’s essential to weigh out short-term expenses versus long-term benefits. “

There are also sales throughout gameplay where certain items will be offered at discounted prices making upgrading easier over time depending on how lucky users get while playing!

Explanation of upgrades available for fishing nets

The Hay Day game offers a range of upgrades for your fishing net to improve your chances of catching better quality fish. The cost and availability of these upgrades depend on the level you have reached in the game.

The first upgrade will be accessible at level 13, which costs 10 diamonds. This upgrade doubles the number of fish that can be caught each time you cast the net. Diamonds are one way of acquiring this upgrade or by using coins without needing any diamond purchases gives higher flexibility.

Another upgrade is unlocked once you reach level 21, which makes when catching fishes every other point becomes double giving an opportunity to increase already captured points. For instance, if Salmon normally gives two points when thrown into trapping nets (or basket) with upgraded nets they would give four! Yet one should note it increases only during events like Fishing or Themed Events but not regular players’ visits.

The third and final upgrade requires access to specific materials such as bolts, screws nuts needed for repairing tear holes etcetera contributing to longterm durability hence decreasing the chance repair work being necessary also raising efficiency within gameplay while reducing costs, Allowing more functionality at lower expenses!

In conclusion, having an upgraded fishing net has many benefits. These include catching rarer fish along with creating opportunities for gaining more points per catch! With careful money management and advancing through levels allows players access towards having high-level traps improving their farm’s efficiency keeping them ahead in progressing hay day gameplay making fishing much more profitable justifying increasing unlocking tiers’ reasons.

Pricing of different upgrades:

Net fishing is a popular activity in Hay Day, and many players often wonder about the cost associated with it. The price of net fishing varies based on various factors such as the upgrade level, resource availability, etc.

The first net upgrade costs 650 coins, while the second one costs 1, 350 coins. The third upgrade is priced at 2, 400 coins, followed by the fourth one that costs 4, 000 coins. Finally, the fifth and last net upgrade will require you to spend around 6, 500 coins.

If you want to purchase additional nets beyond your initial two nets for alternate devices or more personalized gaming experience, then each new net will cost an extra $9. 99.

“It’s worth noting that these prices reflect only purchasing options within the app; however, there may still be other fees associated with playing this game. “

In summary, upgrading your nets in Hay Day comes with varying values depending on which stage of development they are in. Ultimately it’s up to each player whether or not these prices justify their personal investment into the advancement of their gameplay style and strategy over time—whether through multiple purchases or free play alone!

Cost of Land Expansion

If you’re an avid player of the farming game, Hay Day, then you might have thought about expanding your land to grow more crops and raise more animals. However, land expansion comes with a cost.

To expand your farm’s land in Hay Day, players need to collect puzzle pieces by completing tasks on their current plots or through specific events that are held occasionally. These puzzles can be redeemed for deeds which allow for land expansions but at quite a high cost. The price goes up as each additional plot is purchased – starting from 10 Puzzle Pieces for the 2nd plot & increasing to 75 pieces for the ninth.

The cost of purchasing all nine new plots unlocks after reaching level 34 and totals up to 4500 puzzle pieces! That would mean around $500 (USD) if purchased via in-app purchases!

While some common tasks may reward players with puzzle pieces or deeds, spending real money from time to time becomes almost inevitable given how much it takes ultimately to own every single piece of available property. ”

In conclusion, while expanding one’s land is highly desirable especially when playing such farming games as hay day; this incurs a significant monetary expenditure either way whether via IAPs( In-App Purchases)or diligence during gameplay. However remember with diligent play there will always come rewards worth the wait. .

Explanation of land expansion for fishing purposes

The demand for seafood has been increasing globally as people become more health-conscious and aware of the advantages offered by a diet rich in fish protein. This has led to an increase in commercial and recreational fishing activities, calling for land expansions used solely for this purpose.

Apart from being beneficial for commercial fishermen, expanding lands also provides various economic benefits such as promoting tourism, creating job opportunities, and sustaining local businesses that depend on the industry.

In order to expand the lands, developers need permits from governmental agencies that govern environmental compliance standards. Local residents’ approval is necessary so that there aren’t any long-term negative impacts on biodiversity or natural resources in water bodies near designated areas.

“The costs involved in obtaining licenses, labor cost or purchasing additional equipment required could sometimes be significant. “

Hence companies must carefully calculate initial feasibility studies before they begin investing heavily into these new projects. The expansion plan should not only secure financial returns but support sustainable fishing practices which preserve both habitats critical to marine life and surrounding ecosystems. ”

Overall it would appear that net fishing cost can vary depending on many factors. As with every industry success lies in careful planning and sustainability management over time- something we hope those securing permits do well!

Pricing of land expansions

Hay Day is a popular farming simulation game where players manage their own farm and trade goods with other farmers. As the player progresses in the game, they can expand their farm by purchasing additional land plots. However, these expansions come at a cost.

The price for each land expansion increases as the player becomes more experienced in the game. The first three expansions cost coins ranging from 5000 to 20, 000, while later expansions require diamonds or real money purchases through in-app transactions.

Expanding one’s hay field allows players to plant and harvest additional crops which produce higher profits when sold or traded with other players. It also provides space for new buildings such as mills, factories, and fishing boats.

But how much does net fishing cost in Hay Day? Net fishing can be done once an angler has reached level 27 and owns a fishing boat that costs 75 gems (in-game currency). Each attempt at catching fish using nets costs five units of bait; if successful, players receive various types of fish they can sell or use to fulfil orders.

In summary, expanding one’s farmland is essential in improving gameplay and profitability in Hay Day. While it may seem costly initially, it pays off in revenue earned from selling crops and goods produced on expanded lands. Similarly, investing time and resources into activities like net fishing can provide substantial returns if done correctly.

Cost of Diamonds

Diamonds are synonymous with luxury and elegance. They have been a prized gemstone for centuries, coveted for their beauty, rarity, and durability. But with such high demand comes a high cost.

The price of diamonds varies depending on several factors including the carat (weight), cut, clarity, and color. The larger the diamond, the more it will cost per carat due to its rarity. A well-cut diamond is more valuable as it reflects light better than an inferior one which appears duller.

Clarity refers to how many inclusions or blemishes exist within the stone. The higher the clarity grade, the fewer inclusions and therefore the more expensive it will be. Color also plays a role in determining price; diamonds that are colorless are considered the most valuable because they allow for greater refraction of light.

According to recent data from Jewelers of America, the average retail cost of a 1-carat diamond ranges between $3, 080 to $26, 950 depending on each quality aspect mentioned above.

There can be other significant costs associated with purchasing diamonds as well. If you’re looking to customize a piece of jewelry using diamonds or repair any existing modifications then these costs could add up quickly at every step. Ultimately though when all’s said and done–owning beautiful pieces crafted from expertly sourced diamonds may just outweigh those initial costs!

Explanation of diamonds as a form of in-game currency

Diamonds are an important component in many games, including Hay Day. As a player progresses through the game and completes tasks and quests, they earn coins which can be used to purchase items in the store that will improve their gameplay experience. However, sometimes players need more than just coins; this is where diamonds come into play.

Diamonds are a premium currency that can only be obtained by purchasing them with real money or by completing certain difficult achievements within the game. While some players may see this as “pay-to-win”, it’s not always necessary to spend any money on diamonds; often times these achievement rewards can accumulate over time if one plays long enough to reap the benefits.

The use of diamonds as a form of in-game currency allows for greater customization and creativity when it comes to enhancing one’s gameplay experience. With diamonds, players have access to special features such as speeding up construction or making animals instantly produce goods without waiting periods. These additions help make gameplay much easier and less tedious overall.

However, it’s important for players not to rely too heavily on diamonds, especially if they don’t want to spend actual money on them. Part of the thrill of playing any game is overcoming challenges (such as waiting for crops to grow), so using resources wisely is key!

Pricing of diamonds and their use in net fishing

Hay Day is a popular mobile game where players create and manage their own virtual farm. A common feature in the game is net fishing, which allows players to catch fish using nets in a mini-game. However, as with most games, there are certain purchases that can be made to enhance gameplay, one of them being the purchase of diamonds.

Diamonds can be used for various purposes such as speeding up production times or purchasing special items. In relation to net fishing, diamonds can be used to increase the odds of catching rare fish by adding extra bait into the nets.

The cost of diamonds varies depending on the quantity purchased. For example, 10 diamonds can be bought for $0. 99 while 500 diamonds can be purchased for $49. 99.

“While some may argue that spending money on virtual items like diamonds is unnecessary, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and how much enjoyment a player gets out of playing the game. “

To maximize efficiency when using diamonds for net fishing, it’s important for players to strategize and decide if they want to make smaller purchases more frequently or save up for larger quantities at once.

In conclusion, while diamonds do come at a cost in Hay Day, their use in net fishing can significantly improve outcomes for dedicated players who enjoy maximizing their gameplay experience through strategic decision-making.

Earning Coins through Net Fishing

Net fishing is one of the best ways to earn coins in Hay Day. It requires a net, which can be bought from Tom’s boat for 400 coins or found randomly while fishing with lures at the Fishing Lake.

The actual cost of using a net for fishing varies depending on various factors such as the level of your farm and equipment upgrades. However, it typically ranges between 4-10 coins per use.

To maximize your earnings, you should aim to catch valuable fish species such as Lobster and Trout. These can sell for high prices in the market and help you make significant profits.

“I’ve been using nets for my fishing trips and have made substantial profits by catching expensive fish like lobsters. “

You can also enhance your chances of catching rare fish species by upgrading your rod, increasing its power and accuracy stats that enable you to cast further out into deeper waters where rarer fish are found.

In conclusion, net fishing is an effective way to earn coins in Hay Day especially when done strategically. With proper planning and preparation, it can be both profitable and enjoyable!

Explanation of how net fishing can be used as a source of income in-game

Net Fishing is one of the primary sources of income for players in Hay Day. It allows players to catch different varieties of fish, which they can then sell on their farms or at roadside shops.

To start with Net Fishing, players need to buy Nets from Tom’s Farm for 400 coins. Once purchased, these nets remain indefinitely and do not have any additional maintenance costs beyond regular game updates.

The cost-benefit analysis between mining activities such as collecting ores/bars versus catching fishes through net-fishing concludes that Net fishing generates maximum cash-per-hour since it does not require investments upfront similar to ore processing plants like Furnace where you have to purchase smelting machines or waiting time required before harvesting crops planted on farm plots. The netting process is relatively quick and unobtrusive compared to farming and animal caring, giving high yield returns if done consistently and correctly regularly.

“As per surveys conducted by Hay Day development team, some users reported earning up-to 10k coins daily purely via completing net-fishing tasks. “
Overall, Net Fishing remains one of the most accessible ways of generating revenue within this agricultural simulation game while providing significant bonuses towards higher-level gameplay opportunities such as upgrading buildings or purchasing new species animals available exclusively through diamond acquisition methods only (premium currency).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Net Fishing in Hay Day?

Net Fishing is a feature in Hay Day that allows players to catch different types of fish. Players can unlock various fishing areas and fish species as they progress through the game. The catch can be sold for coins or used to complete fishing-related orders.

How do you acquire the Net Fishing feature?

To acquire the Net Fishing feature, players need to reach level 27 and have a fishing boat. They can then purchase a fishing net from the in-game store or receive it as a reward for completing fishing-related achievements.

What are the benefits of Net Fishing in Hay Day?

Net Fishing in Hay Day can provide players with a steady source of income, as fish can be sold for coins. It can also help players complete fishing-related orders, which can reward them with experience points, coins, and other resources. Additionally, Net Fishing can be a fun and relaxing activity for players to enjoy.

How much does it cost to buy a fishing net in Hay Day?

The cost of a fishing net in Hay Day varies depending on the type of net and the player’s level. The basic fishing net costs 500 coins, while the advanced net costs 10, 000 coins. Players can also purchase special nets with diamonds, which range from 14 to 100 diamonds.

How much profit can you make from Net Fishing in Hay Day?

The profit from Net Fishing in Hay Day depends on the type of fish caught and the market demand. Some fish are more valuable than others, and their prices can fluctuate based on market conditions. On average, players can earn anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand coins per fishing trip.

Are there any tips or tricks to maximize profits from Net Fishing in Hay Day?

One tip to maximize profits from Net Fishing in Hay Day is to focus on catching rare and valuable fish. Players should also pay attention to market demand and sell their catch when prices are high. Upgrading fishing gear and using bait can also increase the chances of catching valuable fish. Finally, players should complete fishing-related achievements to unlock new fishing areas and fish species.

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