How Much Is A Fishing License In Montana? Find Out Here!

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Montana is a state filled with natural beauty that attracts tourists and residents alike. Rivers, lakes, and streams offer plenty of opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to cast their lines and catch some trout or salmon.

Before anglers can head out onto the water, however, they need to obtain a fishing license. Montana requires all individuals over the age of 14 to have a valid fishing license before engaging in any type of fishing activity (with a few exceptions).

The cost of a fishing license varies depending on several factors such as residency status, length of validity, and type of fishing. It’s important to know how much a fishing license costs so you can plan accordingly and avoid any potential fines or penalties for fishing without a license.

“Fishing is an enjoyable pastime that brings people closer to nature and offers a sense of peace and tranquility. But it’s crucial to follow the rules and regulations set forth by local authorities to preserve fish populations and ensure everyone’s safety while fishing.”

If you’re wondering how much a fishing license costs in Montana, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll break down the different types of fishing licenses available and provide information on pricing and where to purchase them.

Montana Fishing License Prices

Resident Fishing License Prices

If you are a resident of Montana, there are different types of fishing licenses available. The standard adult license costs $18 and is valid for the entire calendar year. If you are between the ages of 12-17, you can get a junior fishing license for $10. Those who are over 62 years old have the option to buy a senior fishing license for $10 which is also valid for the entire calendar year.

In addition to these basic options, Montana residents can also purchase combination licenses that allow them to hunt as well as fish. These combo licenses range in price from $34 to $126 depending on factors such as age and residency status.

“Fishing provides an opportunity to see life through a new lens.” -Sydney Lauryn

Non-Resident Fishing License Prices

If you’re planning a fishing trip to Montana but are not a resident of the state, you’ll need to purchase a non-resident fishing license. The prices for these licenses are higher than the rates for residents. A standard non-resident adult fishing license will cost around $56 for two consecutive days of fishing or $86 for ten consecutive days of fishing. For those who plan to visit more frequently, an annual nonresident license may be a better choice at approximately $120.

For juniors and seniors visiting from out-of-state, special non-resident pricing is available for both one-day and season passes. One-day juniors pay just $5 while seniors can enjoy a full season pass for only $50.

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive yet attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” -John Buchan

If you are looking to fish on Montana’s many rivers and lakes, make sure that you purchase the right license for your needs. While the prices might seem high, they are actually quite reasonable when compared to other states. Whether you’re a resident or non-resident, it is always important to follow all rules and regulations while enjoying the great outdoors in Montana.

Where to Buy a Fishing License in Montana?

If you’re wondering how much is a fishing license in Montana, the answer depends on your residency status and preferred duration of the permit. Nonetheless, the most crucial thing is to have a valid license before dropping a line into a river or lake. Here are three ways to purchase one:


You can buy a Montana fishing license online through the state’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) website. This option is convenient for residents and non-residents who want to pay with a credit card and print their licenses immediately.

The cost varies depending on several factors such as age and residency status. For instance, a resident adult license costs $18 and allows fishing in all waters across Montana except some Indian reservations. Meanwhile, a nonresident two-day license costs $25 while an annual permit costs $55.

Note that FWP offers discounts to military veterans, senior citizens, people with disabilities, youths, and other groups. Be sure to check eligibility requirements before making a purchase.

In Person

If you prefer buying a fishing license in person, you can visit any of FWP’s regional offices, license providers, sporting goods stores, or other authorized vendors in Montana. There are plenty of shops across the state that sell permits year-round, including Walmart, Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and more.

This option might be ideal if you don’t have access to the internet or need assistance from an agent. Also, note that some vendors may charge convenience fees or accept only cash or checks. So be prepared accordingly.

By Phone

Purchasing a fishing license by phone is another way to get your hands on a permit quickly. To do so, you can call FWP’s toll-free number at 406-444-2950 and provide the required information to an operator.

This option is convenient if you’re unable to buy online or in-person and want a license the same day. However, note that there may be additional fees for using this service. Therefore, read the terms and conditions before making a purchase over the phone.

“If someone wants their hunting and fishing licenses and doesn’t have access to our website or over-the-counter vendors, they can always just call. It’s fast and easy.” -Ron Aasheim, FWP spokesperson

Buying a Montana fishing license is not complicated, but it requires some planning ahead of time. Whether you choose to buy online, in person, or by phone, make sure to have all the necessary documents ready and follow the state’s laws and regulations while enjoying your outdoor adventures.

Montana Fishing License Age Requirements

In Montana, you need a fishing license to fish in the state’s waterways. The cost of a fishing license may vary depending on several factors such as residency and age.

Young Angler License

If you have a child who is under 12 years old, they can get a young angler license for free. This type of license allows them to fish only if accompanied by an adult who has a valid Montana fishing license.

The young angler license is an excellent opportunity for parents to introduce their children to fishing without having to purchase a full-fledged fishing license.

The license also comes with other important benefits such as not being required to purchase any conservation licenses that are typically required when hunting or fishing in Montana.

Age Restrictions for Regular Fishing License

If you are over 12 years old, you will need a regular fishing license to legally fish in Montana. When purchasing a fishing license as an adult or teenager, specific age requirements must be met.

To qualify for an adult fishing license, individuals must be at least 18 years old. However, teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 can buy a Junior Combination License, which means they will be allowed to fish and hunt small game animals during open seasons in Montana.

The costs of getting a fishing license vary depending on these factors, so you should always check the prices at your local licensing dealer before making any purchases.

“Anglers can help further our efforts to maintain healthy fish populations by abiding by catch limits and reporting observations of illegal activity.” – Eric Sikkema

Fishing regulations are put in place by the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) agency to prevent the depletion or overfishing of certain species in Montana’s waterways. By following these regulations, anglers can help preserve the populations of these fish for future generations.

Getting a fishing license to legally fish in Montana is essential if you plan on fishing any of the state’s beautiful rivers and lakes. It is important to ensure that you have the correct license for your age bracket and intended use of the license before setting out on your next angling adventure.

Montana Fishing Regulations You Need to Know

Fishing Season Dates

If you’re planning a fishing trip in Montana, it’s important to know the fishing season dates to avoid any legal trouble. The general fishing season runs from the third Saturday of May through November 30th. However, there are some variations depending on the specific location and fish species you plan to target.

Lake and river restrictions vary as well with specific opening and closing dates varying throughout the year with certain areas also having special regulations due to environmental concerns or local public demand. Montana is very strict regarding its angling guidelines, so make sure to check state-run sites for any regular or abnormal changes before heading out.

Catch Limits and Size Restrictions

In order to keep the ecosystem balanced, Montana imposes catch limits and size restrictions on various fish species. Generally, the possession limit allows an individual to possess around three fishes of each species per day, while trout limits may differ. Her first understanding every type of locational restrictions that needs to be thoroughly researched according to their density as minor changes could lead to serious consequences such as illegal fishing charges.

The size limitations will vary too, but typically they prescribe restricted minimum sizes for larger-bodied fish like trout. Regarding striped bass, whitefish, and spiny-rayed sunfish; the complete list must be looked up online.”

“Properly managed Game reserves help ensure sustainable utilization of wildlife resources.”

All anglers should familiarize themselves with Montana’s lake and river specific regulations prior to ever casting their lines. Don’t take chances when laws have been put into place to protect populations’. Always remember that Conservation officers are everywhere, waiting for individuals who don’t follow these rules. Not adhering strictly to fishing rules identified with each respective fish will lead to huge fines, the confiscation of your fishing equipment and an end to a vacation you thought would include massive catches- sheer frustration.

Now let’s talk about one frequently asked question concerning this topic – How much is a fishing license in Montana?

The recreational price for residents $5 while non-residents pay around $37 annually. These prices do not account for any additional authorization permits that might be added. This includes special types like Harvest Authorizations or Combination hunts which can bundle with other tickets such as bird hunting licenses too.

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.” – Doug Larson

The rules and regulations regarding fishing seasons, catch limits, and size restrictions are crucial to ensure sustainability across different species. As different fish found in varying bodies of water come under specific guidelines from Independent State Authorities based simply on conservation experts. A deeper understanding of these regulations helps anglers stay out of trouble (fines plus loss of morale). Familiarize yourself with state-run sites for any necessary updates before planning on your next excursion.

Why You Should Get a Fishing License in Montana

Conservation Efforts

If you are passionate about preserving the environment and its wildlife, then purchasing a fishing license in Montana is an excellent way to contribute towards conservation efforts. The funds collected from fishing licenses are used by various agencies for research, restoration of fisheries, habitat improvement, and enforcement of regulations.

“The sale of hunting and fishing licenses generates critical funding for state wildlife conservation efforts across America.” – Johnny Morris

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) agency receives significant funding from fishing and hunting license purchases directly to enhance the state’s natural resources. As a result, anglers can fish in streams and rivers that have clean water and healthy fish populations, which is crucial not just for recreational purposes but also for ecological balance.

Access to Exclusive Fishing Spots

Purchasing a fishing license in Montana also gives you access to exclusive fishing spots where you can catch coveted species like trout, bass, walleye, pike, and more. In addition, Montana has several blue-ribbon fisheries which are designated as high-quality fishing destinations. These include the Madison River, Missouri River, Yellowstone River, and Bighorn River.

Anglers require permits to access certain areas within these watersheds, but they can enjoy some of the best fly-fishing opportunities available in North America. So, if you want to explore some picturesque landscapes while reeling in prized catches, be sure to get your Montana fishing license today!

Supporting Montana’s Economy

Montana attracts thousands of fishermen every year who support local businesses such as gear shops, guides, lodging, restaurants, gas stations, and more. Not only this tourism creates employment opportunities, but it also boosts the state’s economy and helps to preserve local small-town energy.

The Montana tourism department suggests that anglers like yourself provide an essential boost to Montana’s revenue. Those who enjoy activities such as fly fishing are willing to pay more for camping, accommodations, experiences, or equipment solely to better the recreation experience they have on their trip.

“Angling is often considered a form of sustainable tourism, and it has several economic benefits by providing jobs to the locals in rural areas.” – David Suzuki

Enjoyment of the Outdoors

Fishing in Montana is one activity that can help you escape from your monotonous life and rejuvenate your mind in nature’s lap. The calm and serene settings around the streams or rivers are perfect for meditating while waiting for fish to strike.

Catching big trout amidst picture-perfect scenery can be exciting, adventurous, and therapeutic at the same time. Moreover, bonding with friends and family over fishing trips creates lasting memories, making it an excellent way to reconnect.

If you still haven’t become convinced that a fishing license is worth it, remember that buying a fishing license in Montana supports conservation efforts, provides access to exclusive fisheries, enhances the economy of Montana, and gives you quality time in nature. So head out to your nearest licensing agent and purchase yours today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a resident fishing license in Montana?

The cost of a resident fishing license in Montana is $18 for the season. There are also options for shorter-term licenses, such as a two-day license for $10 or a 10-day license for $30. These licenses are only available for Montana residents.

How much does a non-resident fishing license cost in Montana?

A non-resident fishing license in Montana costs $55 for the season. Shorter-term licenses are also available, such as a two-day license for $25 or a 10-day license for $56. Non-residents may also purchase a family fishing license for $140, which covers two adults and up to four children under 18.

Are there any discounts available for fishing licenses in Montana?

There are a few discounts available for fishing licenses in Montana. Senior citizens (age 62 and older) can purchase a resident fishing license for $10. Disabled veterans may be eligible for a free fishing license. Additionally, children under the age of 12 can fish without a license when accompanied by a licensed adult.

What is the duration of a fishing license in Montana?

A fishing license in Montana is valid from March 1 of the current year through February 28 of the following year. Shorter-term licenses, such as the two-day or 10-day license, are valid for consecutive days.

Can I purchase a Montana fishing license online?

Yes, you can purchase a Montana fishing license online through the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website. You will need to create an account and provide your personal information. Once you have purchased your license, you can print it out or save it to your mobile device for easy access while fishing.

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