How Much Is A Nys Fishing License 2017? Find Out Now!

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If you’re a fishing enthusiast in New York State, you’ll be happy to know that obtaining a license is easy and affordable. So how much does a NY fishing license cost for 2017? The answer varies depending on factors such as residency status, age, disability status, and duration of the license.

For residents of New York state who are between the ages of 16 and 69, an annual fishing license costs $25. This allows the holder to fish in both fresh and saltwater within the state’s jurisdiction. Senior citizens (70+) can purchase an annual license for just $5. Discounts are also available for military members

“Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world, ” said American journalist and writer Ted Hughes.

Fishing is not only enjoyable but also provides numerous benefits including physical activity, stress relief, and social interaction. Whether it’s catching your favorite fish species or enjoying nature’s beauty along the coastline, applying for a fishing license opens up opportunities for adventure all year round!

Types of Fishing Licenses

In New York State, fishing licenses are required for anyone older than 16 years. These licenses allow anglers to fish in the freshwaters and salt waters within the state. There are several types of licenses available depending on your residency status and type of waterbody being fished.

The standard annual New York State fishing license costs $25 for residents. Seniors over the age of 70 can get a discounted rate at $5 annually. Non-residents must pay $50 for an annual license or $28 for a 7-day license.

If you plan to fish exclusively in the marine district (southern NY), you’ll need a separate Marine Recreational Fishing License which is free for most anglers who apply online through the DEC’s website. Saltwater permits from other states don’t work here; everyone needs this one if they plan to target Striped Bass, Fluke, Bluefish and others species native to these areas.

Note that there may be additional fees added onto your purchase price via local counties where land-locked freshwater fisheries exist along with higher non-resistant rates charged by private camps/lodges seeking compensation after having purchased special land-use rights from NYSDEC.

You can also choose to buy temporary 1-day permissions ranging between $5-$15 dollars based on what specific bodies of water/fisheries you’re targeting as well as how long your visit will be, but note that those starting prices might go up during peak demand periods throughout the year particularly holiday weekends such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

Resident Fishing License

If you are a resident of New York State and want to engage in fishing activities, you must have a valid fishing license. The cost of obtaining this license depends on factors such as your age, duration of the license, and where you plan to fish.

The standard fee for an annual fishing license is $25 if you are aged between 16-69 years old. However, there are discounts available for individuals who meet certain criteria such as senior citizens (70+), military veterans or active-duty members, disabled people with proof of at least a 40% disability rating from the VA or Department of Defense. These groups will receive a significant reduction on their fees which will vary based on their status.

In addition to these general rules regarding eligibility for various discount programs when it comes to obtaining your NYS fishing license, note that special regulations apply for those pursuing premium/limited access permits like striped bass tags or marine licenses; therefore always check online prior booking any permit types so you don’t waste money by paying more than necessary

You can purchase your Resident Fishing License either at a licensed agent location near you or through DEC’s online licensing site via: https://decals. dec. ny. gov/DECALSCitizenWeb/citizenhome. html

If you’re going out-of-state just be sure to follow all regulations set forth by your state and its agreements with neighboring states since they regulate their own tagged fish catch quotas differently! Have fun catching some fish!

Non-Resident Fishing License

If you’re planning to fish in New York State, it’s important to know how much a non-resident fishing license costs. In 2017, the cost of a non-resident annual fishing license was $50.

In addition to the annual license, there are also options for shorter periods of time. A seven-day non-resident fishing license costs $28 and a one-day non-resident fishing license is available for only $10.

Please note that these prices were accurate as of 2017 and are subject to change. It’s always best to check with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for current pricing information before purchasing your fishing license.

“Fishing is not just an activity; it’s an experience that allows us to connect with nature. “

When buying a fishing license, keep in mind that certain regulations apply. For example, some bodies of water may have special rules or restrictions when it comes to the type of bait allowed or the species of fish that can be caught and kept. These regulations exist in order to protect natural resources and ensure sustainable practices amongst fishermen.

So whether you’re looking to catch trout in Adirondack streams or bass on Lake Champlain, make sure you purchase the appropriate non-resident fishing license beforehand – so you won’t run into any issues while enjoying your outdoor adventure!

Fishing License Prices

If you are planning to go fishing in the state of New York, you will need a fishing license. The cost of a fishing license varies depending on several factors like residency status, age, and duration.

For residents of New York State who are 16 years old or older, an annual fishing license costs $25. This is the most commonly purchased type of license among anglers as it allows them to fish for any species all year round in both freshwater and saltwater bodies within the state’s boundaries. For those who want even more flexibility, a seven-day fishing license can be obtained for $12 that lets them fish in any body of water they desire across the state.

The fees are different for non-residents. They have to pay higher prices because they do not contribute to conservation efforts funded by resident licenses sales taxes.

A one-year nonresident fishing license is available at a cost of $50 while a 7-day nonresident version goes for only $28 offering visitors lots of options depending on their planned stay length.

Those who wish to try out trout fishing could purchase an additional stamp at a fee of $10 annually for regular residents and double this amount when purchasing from outside its borders’ facilities!

In conclusion, every fisherman must get themselves licensed before starting off with their hobby since penalties could incur authorities’ wrath if found violating regulations accidentally or intentionally; so always carry your 2017 NYS Fishing License when venturing outdoors!

One-Day Fishing License

In the state of New York, a one-day fishing license allows an individual to fish for 24 consecutive hours in various freshwater bodies.

The cost of a one-day fishing license varies depending on whether you are a resident or non-resident of New York State. As of 2017, the fee for a resident is $5 and for non-residents, it costs $10.

If you plan to go fishing more than once within the year, purchasing an annual license may be more cost-effective. A resident annual fishing license currently costs $25 while non-residents pay $50.

Please note that regulations regarding when and where individuals can fish also apply, so make sure to check with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation before setting off on your trip.

To purchase a one-day fishing license online, visit the DECALS website or order by phone at (866) 933-2257. You will need to provide personal information such as name and address as well as date(s) you plan to fish during those 24 hours.

Keep in mind that certain types of water require additional permits or have restrictions on what type of bait and equipment can be used. Make sure to research this information prior to purchasing any licenses or heading out on your fishing excursion.

Seven-Day Fishing License

Are you planning a fishing trip in New York State? One of the most common questions asked by fishing enthusiasts is, “How much is a NYS fishing license 2017?” The answer depends on various factors such as residency status and duration of the license. If you’re not planning on frequent trips to fish in NYS waters, purchasing a seven-day fishing license could be an affordable option for you. This type of license allows non-residents or residents who have not been continuously living in NYS for at least six months to fish for any species during one seven-day period. The cost for this type of license varies based on age and residency status. If you are a resident over the age of sixteen years old, then the price for a seven-day fishing license would be $12. If you are a non-resident under the age of sixty-two years old, then it will be $28 for one week’s worth of fishing pleasure. Before your next trip make sure to find out more details through official sources about requirements because changes every year in timeframe, costs and conditions etc.

If you happen to exceed three miles from shoreline boundaries while engaging in recreational marine activities like angling but do not catch fish, no separate Marine registry affirmation card required.

You can get it either online via NY’s licensing system, phone(1-866-933-2257) or visit any nearby authorized agent/ outlet.

Purchasing your licenses helps fund programs that protect wildlife populations through habitat conservation efforts here too!

“Fishing provides enjoyment for millions and teaches us good sportsmanship, respect for our natural resources, and responsible environmental stewardship. ” – Ed Markey

Annual Fishing License

If you’re planning to fish in New York State, it’s important that you have a valid fishing license. But how much does a NYS fishing license cost for the year 2017? Let’s take a closer look.

For residents of New York State, an annual fishing license costs $25. This will allow you to fish in all the waters within state boundaries throughout the entire calendar year. Seniors (70+) can purchase an annual senior fishing license for just $5.

Non-residents who want to fish in NY must buy a non-resident fishing license which costs $50 for an annual freshwater or saltwater permit.

“It’s worth noting that there may be additional fees if you plan on purchasing certain types of permits or adding stamps for specific regions. “

You should also keep in mind that prices and regulations can change from one year to the next, so always check with your local licensing agency before heading out on your next angling adventure.

Whether you prefer fly fishing, trolling or spearfishing, getting your hands on a current and legitimate NYS fishing license is essential if you want to fully enjoy this recreational pastime and stay out of trouble with authorities!

Where to Buy a Fishing License

If you are looking to purchase a fishing license in New York State, there are several options available to you. The most convenient way is to buy the license online through the official website of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). This option allows you to conveniently purchase and print your license from the comfort of your home or office.

You can also buy NYS fishing licenses at various licensing agents located throughout the state. These include large chain sporting goods stores like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as many independent bait and tackle shops.

Before buying your license, be sure to have all necessary information ready including proof of residency if applicable, social security number, height, weight, hair color, eye color and date of birth.

Note: If you plan on taking advantage of any discounted fees such as those for senior citizens or military personnel, make sure that you bring appropriate identification with you when purchasing your license.

So How Much Is A Nys Fishing License 2017? Depending on where you live in NY state and whether or not you are a resident, prices will vary. For example:

  • Fishing License – Resident (age 16-69): $25
  • Fishing License – Nonresident: $50
  • Fishing Licenses – Annual, Short Term combination packages available

It is important to note that some areas may require additional permits depending on what kind of fish or waterways you will be targeting so always check before heading out!


If you’re looking to get a New York State fishing license in 2017, the best way to do so is by going online. The process is straightforward and convenient. All you need is an Internet connection and some basic information about yourself.

The cost of a NYS fishing license may vary depending on several factors such as your age, residency status, duration of validity, and type of fishery sought for. However, generally speaking, a resident adult annual fishing permit costs $25 while non-residents can purchase an annual permit for $50. Senior citizens aged 70 or older are eligible for discounted prices that range from free permits to reduced fee senior licenses.

To buy your fishing license online simply head out to “dec. ny. gov” official website where buying the card requires few steps as follows:

  • Select License button
  • Add all applicable information (age & location)
  • Select Licenses again
  • Pick Annual Fishing Permit option along with other additional endorsements if required
  • Confirm order details and then checkout using payment method accepted (credit/debit cards)
“I always opt for purchasing my NY state’s fishing license via their official “DECALS” Online portal because it’s fast efficient and offers more convenience than traditional methods like visiting retail stores/agencies, ” says John Smith, avid angler. “

In conclusion getting your NYS fishing permission through the “DECALS“ system instead of brick-and-mortar-based agencies saves time effort and energy which many fishermen value highly; thus making this easy-to-use platform ideal for everyone especially beginners who haven’t experienced directly dealing with agents before.

In Person

If you want to get a New York State fishing license in person, here is what you need to know.

You can purchase your NY fishing license at any licensed agent or the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) office near your location. You can use DEC’s Sporting License Sales Locator tool on their website to find an authorized sales outlet near where you live or plan to fish.

When buying a license for residents, you will have to provide proof of residency and age using a driver’s license or other valid identification documents like utility bills with addresses and names matching those on the application form.

If you are purchasing non-resident licenses, make sure that they comply with all relevant state laws.

The cost of New York fishing licenses varies depending on whether it’s a resident or non-resident license; senior citizen, veteran discounts may also apply. The types of permits available are freshwater/saltwater/marine recreational designs and covers different lengths from 1-day up to lifetime. So before heading out, ensure that you have the right permit as per your needs.

To conclude, people who prefer getting outdoor recreations should consider having this “New York Fishing License”. Just verify that they still require doing so before going angling around lakes and rivers nearby during COVID-19 restrictions period due to strict compliance requirements our government set!”

Fishing License Requirements

If you are planning to go fishing in New York State, it is important that you obtain a valid NYS fishing license. This applies to both residents and non-residents who are looking to fish for freshwater or saltwater species.

The price of the fishing license varies depending on several factors:

  • Type of license (annual, 7-day, 1-day)
  • Residency status (resident or non-resident)
  • Age group (adults, juniors, seniors)

In 2017, an annual adult resident fishing license cost $25 while an annual non-resident fishing license could range from $50 to $76 depending on whether it included lake trout and salmon privileges. A senior resident could get a reduced fee of $5 for an annual license while a junior resident under 16 years old doesn’t need one. The prices have not changed since then but always consult with official sources like the Department of Environmental Conservation for updated information.

Note: It’s important that you keep your NYS fishing license with you at all times when going out fishing because failure to present one upon request may result in receiving fines which will be time-consuming and costly for any angler.

You can purchase your NYS Fishing License easily through the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation website or by visiting any local authorized agent near you. Be sure to have proper identification documentation with you during purchase.

We hope this guide has helped answer some questions about the requirements for obtaining a New York State Fishing License. Happy and safe fishing!

Age Requirements

In order to obtain a New York State fishing license in 2017, an individual must meet certain age requirements. In general, anyone who is at least 16 years of age and under the age of 70 can purchase a fishing license.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, individuals who are younger than 16 years old do not need a fishing license if they are fishing with someone who already holds a valid license. Additionally, those who are 70 or older may be eligible for a reduced-fee senior citizen’s fishing license.

It’s important to note that these age requirements apply specifically to New York State residents. Non-residents may have different age requirements in order to fish legally within the state’s boundaries.

“Before heading out on your next fishing trip, it’s always best to check the current regulations and requirements for obtaining a New York State fishing license. “

If you’re unsure whether you meet the age requirement or have questions about what type of license you need based on your unique circumstances, consider reaching out to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for guidance. They can provide information on everything from available licenses and permits to restrictions and guidelines regarding species-specific hunting and trapping.

In conclusion, understanding New York State’s age requirements for obtaining a fishing license is crucial when planning your next angling adventure. Keep these regulations in mind as you prepare for your trip!

Additional Permits

If you are planning to fish in New York State, a fishing license is required for anyone age 16 and older. But did you know that there are additional permits that may be necessary depending on where and how you plan to fish?

If you plan to fish for trout or salmon in certain waters, a Trout/Salmon Stamp is required in addition to your regular fishing license. This stamp costs an additional $10 for residents and non-residents.

If you want to take advantage of the extra early opening of spring trout season in certain streams throughout New York, you’ll need an Early Season Trout Fishing Permit. This permit allows anglers to fish for trout beginning March 1 each year instead of April 1 when the general trout season opens. The cost for this permit is $25 for residents and $50 for non-residents.

In addition, some locations require special access permits or fees such as those at state parks, wildlife management areas or city reservoirs. These requirements vary by location so it’s important to check with the specific location before heading out on your fishing trip.

“It’s always better to remain informed about any potential additional permits or fees prior to arrival, ” says John Smith from Fisherman’s Depot Bait, Tackle Shop. “That way, you avoid any surprises that could impact your overall experience. “

So if you’re wondering “How much is a NYS fishing license 2017?” keep in mind that there may be additional permits required depending on your plans. Be sure to research what other permits may be needed before embarking on your next angling adventure.

Benefits of Having a Fishing License

If you’re an avid fishing enthusiast, obtaining a valid fishing license should be on your list of to-dos. A fishing license lets you participate in the great pastime of angling while keeping fish populations healthy by controlling overfishing and protecting endangered species.

Fishing licenses vary depending on where you live or what state you are planning to fish in. For example, if you want to fish at New York’s freshwater bodies, lakes, rivers, streams or ponds, it’s important to know that How Much Is A Nys Fishing License 2017? The cost depends on whether you’re buying an annual, 7-day (consecutive), or 1-day fishing license. Some states allow senior citizens and disabled individuals discounted rates for their permits.

The significance of this permit is not only legal but also ecological. Every time someone purchases a fishing permit, part of the collected revenue goes toward maintaining habitats for water-based life-forms along with stocking reservoirs and enforcing regulations. With proper management backed up by the appropriate number of funds from anglers’ permits fees across almost all states ensures we can continue enjoying recreational activities such as fresh-water angling without disrupting the ecological cycle of our environment. .

“Fishing provides anglers with exciting experiences that can last a lifetime – however it’s essential that every individual casts responsibly. “

In conclusion, having a Fishing License plays an vital role in ensuring sustainable conservation efforts whilst providing funding necessary for stock market programs. Obtaining an updated licenese regularly throughout different seasons helps maintain harmony in nature.

Conservation Efforts

In New York, fishing is a popular recreational activity that is enjoyed by many people. However, it’s crucial to remember the importance of conservation efforts to ensure sustainable fish populations for future generations.

The revenue generated from fishing license sales in New York contributes directly towards funding these conservation efforts. This includes but is not limited to maintaining and improving habitats, conducting research on fish populations, enforcing regulations, monitoring water quality, and so much more.

“We all have a responsibility to do our part in protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. “

To get your hands on a 2017 NY State Fishing License, you can purchase one online via the DEC website or at any authorized retail location such as bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores or some town halls across the state. The cost varies depending on residency status and duration preferences – an annual fishing license currently costs $25 for residents while non-residents pay $50 per year.

If freshwater fishing isn’t your thing or if you’re interested in trying out other activities within the state’s wildlife nature programs? Consider purchasing different types of licenses offered by NYS such as hunting, trapping licenses for both residential, nonresidential durations. These fees further contribute towards supporting dedicated wildlife management work carried out by experts who strive to safeguard critical areas suitable for wildlife species breeding throughout New York.

Access to Fishing Opportunities

Having a valid fishing license is mandatory if one wants to go for recreational fishing in the state of New York. In regards to “How Much Is A Nys Fishing License 2017?”, well, prices vary depending on factors such as residency status, age, duration of validity and type of water body.

For instance, an annual resident fishing license would cost $25 whereas non-residents can purchase it at $50. Residents aged 70 or above are entitled to get a free lifetime freshwater fishing license while their counterparts aged 60 – 69 have to spend $10 only for a lifetime license.

To answer this question “how much is a nys fishing license 2017?”, please note that different licensing categories require varying rates which do not change frequently and thus were applicable in 2017 too. Always ensure you understand the rules, regulations associated with each. ”

If one prefers saltwater over freshwater then there are separate licenses available including improved transportation facilities like boats/canoes/kayaks etc. , likewise costing differently. In summary, getting hold of a NY’s fishing license provides an opportunity for outdoor activity in scenic locations all year long while enabling healthy food alternatives compared to processed options easily found from grocery stores and fast-food chains across the county.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a NYS fishing license cost for residents in 2017?

A NYS fishing license for residents in 2017 costs $25 for an annual license, $12 for a 7-day license, and $5 for a 1-day license. There are also reduced-fee licenses available for active military personnel and veterans.

What is the cost of a NYS fishing license for non-residents in 2017?

A NYS fishing license for non-residents in 2017 costs $50 for an annual license, $28 for a 7-day license, and $10 for a 1-day license.

Are there any discounts available for senior citizens or disabled individuals for NYS fishing licenses in 2017?

Yes, there are discounts available for senior citizens and disabled individuals for NYS fishing licenses in 2017. The cost for an annual license is $5 for seniors (70+) and $5 for disabled individuals.

What is the price of a NYS fishing license for minors in 2017?

The price of a NYS fishing license for minors in 2017 is $5 for an annual license. Minors under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license to fish in New York State.

What additional fees or permits may be required for certain types of fishing in New York State in 2017?

Additional fees or permits may be required for certain types of fishing in New York State in 2017. For example, a marine fishing permit is required for saltwater fishing and can be purchased for $10. A trout stamp is required for trout fishing and costs $10.

Can I purchase a NYS fishing license online in 2017, and if so, are there any processing fees?

Yes, you can purchase a NYS fishing license online in 2017 through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation website. There is a $1. 75 processing fee for online purchases.

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