How to Equip Fishing Pole Far Cry 5? A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you an avid Far Cry 5 player and wondering how to equip a fishing pole? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we will take you through the entire process of equipping a fishing pole, selecting bait, casting your line, and reeling in your catch.

Firstly, before you can equip a fishing pole, you need to acquire one. In Far Cry 5, you can acquire a fishing pole by purchasing it from a store or finding one in the open world. Once you have a fishing pole in your possession, you’re ready to get started.

Equipping your fishing pole is only the beginning, and there’s so much more to learn! Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, this guide will give you all the information you need to become a master fisherman in Far Cry 5.

So, grab your fishing pole, and let’s dive into the world of fishing in Far Cry 5!

Step 1: Acquiring a Fishing Pole in Far Cry 5

If you want to enjoy a relaxing time in Far Cry 5 by fishing, the first step is to acquire a fishing pole. You can find one at any gun store or fish shop located in Hope County. Once you get to a shop, you can buy the Fishing Rod for $800. If you’re tight on funds, you can do some side missions and earn money quickly.

If you are looking for a free option, you can also find a fishing pole by looking for a location with a dock or a fishing area. You will find fishing rods lying around on the ground or leaning against a wall. Simply walk up to the rod and press the button that pops up to pick it up.

Another way to obtain a fishing pole is by completing some missions. Some characters in the game offer missions that give you a fishing pole as a reward. Keep an eye out for those missions and make sure you complete them.

Once you have acquired a fishing pole, you’re one step closer to a successful fishing experience in Far Cry Next, we’ll cover how to equip the fishing pole and prepare for a fishing expedition.

1.1 Purchase a Fishing Rod from a Shop

  1. Visit a shop that sells fishing equipment. The easiest way to purchase a fishing rod in Far Cry 5 is to visit one of the many shops that sell fishing equipment. You can find these shops marked on your map with a fishing hook icon.

  2. Interact with the shopkeeper and select the fishing rod you want to buy. Once you have arrived at a fishing equipment shop, interact with the shopkeeper to access their inventory. From there, you can browse the selection of fishing rods and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

  3. Pay for the fishing rod and add it to your inventory. After you have selected the fishing rod you want to purchase, pay the shopkeeper the required amount of money. The fishing rod will then be added to your inventory, where you can equip it whenever you want to go fishing.

Acquiring a fishing pole in Far Cry 5 is an easy process, and with a little patience and practice, you’ll soon be catching fish like a pro.

1.2 Loot Fishing Rods from Enemies

If you’re running low on cash, or just prefer a more adventurous route, you can also loot fishing rods from enemies. This method requires a bit more effort, but can be rewarding in both loot and excitement.

One way to loot fishing rods is to take out enemies who are actively fishing. They will have a fishing rod on them that you can loot once they’re taken care of. You can also search areas where enemies are likely to be fishing, such as riverbanks or docks.

Another option is to take down planes or helicopters that are carrying fishing rods as part of their cargo. You can use a variety of weapons to bring down the aircraft and then collect the fishing rod from the wreckage.

Be aware that looting fishing rods from enemies may not always be successful, and can sometimes result in a more difficult encounter. But if you’re up for a challenge, this method can be a fun way to acquire a fishing rod in Far Cry 5.

1.3 Find Fishing Rods in Fishing Spots

If you’re feeling lucky, try searching for fishing rods in nearby fishing spots. These are typically found near bodies of water and are marked on your map with a fish icon.

Be sure to approach the fishing spot carefully, as some may be guarded by enemies. Take them out or sneak past them to reach the fishing spot.

Once you arrive at the fishing spot, look around for a fishing rod. They can often be found leaning against a tree or rock nearby.

If you’re having trouble finding a fishing rod, try using your binoculars to scan the area. They can often highlight nearby objects that are hard to see with the naked eye.

Step 2: Opening the Weapon Wheel

To use the fishing pole, you need to first equip it in the weapon wheel. The weapon wheel is where you can access all the weapons in your inventory. To open the weapon wheel, you can do one of the following:

Method 1: Press and hold the weapon swap button.

Method 2: Press and hold the weapon wheel button.

Method 3: Hold down the left bumper button on your controller (Xbox) or the L1 button (PS4).

Once the weapon wheel is open, you can proceed to the next step.

  • Step 1: To open the weapon wheel in Far Cry 5, you need to first equip a weapon. You cannot open the wheel if you are not holding a weapon or fishing pole.

  • Step 2: Once you have a weapon equipped, press and hold the weapon wheel button. By default, this button is mapped to the middle mouse button on PC, R1 on PS4, and RB on Xbox One.

  • Step 3: The weapon wheel will appear on your screen. Use your mouse or joystick to select the fishing pole from the wheel. If you have multiple fishing poles in your inventory, use the right joystick to switch between them.

2.2 Select the Fishing Rod from the Wheel

Once the weapon wheel is open, navigate to the fishing rod icon located at the bottom right of the screen. It should be the last icon in the wheel, represented by a fishing hook and a rod.

Use the left stick to highlight the fishing rod icon and press the corresponding button to select it. On most consoles, this will be the right bumper or R1 button.

If you have multiple fishing rods, you can scroll through them using the left and right bumper buttons or L1 and R1 buttons on most consoles. Select the desired rod by highlighting it and releasing the button.

Step 3: Selecting the Fishing Pole

Look for the fishing rod icon: Once you have opened the weapon wheel, you should see a series of icons representing your available weapons and tools. The fishing rod will be represented by a distinctive icon featuring a fishing line and a hook.

Use the right stick to select: You can use the right stick on your controller to scroll through the available icons on the weapon wheel. Alternatively, if you are using a keyboard and mouse, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to select the fishing rod icon.

Release the weapon wheel button: Once you have highlighted the fishing rod icon, release the weapon wheel button. The fishing pole will now be equipped and ready for use in Far Cry 5.

3.1 Ensure You Have a Fishing Pole in Your Inventory

Before you can begin fishing in Far Cry 5, you need to ensure you have a fishing pole in your inventory. If you haven’t already acquired a fishing pole, refer to Step 1 to learn how to get one.

Once you have a fishing pole, open your inventory by pressing the inventory button. Look for the fishing pole in your inventory, which should be located under the weapons tab. If you don’t see the fishing pole in your inventory, it means you don’t have one yet.

Make sure that you have selected the fishing pole as your active weapon by opening the weapon wheel and selecting the fishing pole. If the fishing pole is not in your weapon wheel, you may need to add it to your favorites or equip it in your loadout menu.

Step 4: Choosing the Bait and Casting the Line

Before casting the line, select the bait that you want to use for fishing. Depending on the location and the fish species, you may need to use a specific type of bait.

To select the bait, press and hold the left D-pad button on your controller to open the item wheel. Scroll through the items until you find the bait you want to use. Once you have selected the bait, exit the item wheel.

To cast the line, stand near the water and press and hold the right trigger on your controller. This will begin the casting motion. Aim the casting cursor at the desired location and release the right trigger to cast the line.

As the line is cast, you will see a circular meter appear on your screen. Time your button press to match the meter’s marker to achieve maximum casting distance. If timed correctly, the bait will land in the desired spot.

Once the bait is in the water, wait for a fish to bite. You will know that a fish is interested in your bait when the controller vibrates and a message appears on your screen. Then, reel in the line by pressing and holding the right trigger on your controller, while also moving the left stick in the direction of the fish.

4.1 Choose the Appropriate Bait for the Fish You Want to Catch

To increase your chances of catching the specific type of fish you want, you will need to use the right bait. Different fish species are attracted to different types of bait, so it is important to select the appropriate one.

If you are unsure about which bait to use, you can check the in-game Fish Compendium or ask other players for advice. Some general guidelines for bait include using live bait for smaller fish and lures for larger fish.

When choosing bait, consider the time of day, weather conditions, and location of the fishing spot. These factors can also affect which bait will be most effective in catching your desired fish.

4.2 Approach a Fishing Spot and Aim Your Cast

Now that you have selected the right bait, it’s time to approach a fishing spot. Look for a body of water with a good concentration of fish. You can usually spot fish jumping out of the water or swimming near the surface. Aim to cast your line close to these areas for the best chance of catching fish.

Once you have found a good spot, aim your cast by holding down the left trigger button. This will bring up the casting meter. The meter will indicate the distance you can cast your line. You should aim for a spot where the meter is at its fullest, but be careful not to overshoot or undershoot your target.

When you are ready to cast, release the left trigger button. Your character will cast the line and the bait will be in the water. Now it’s time to wait for a fish to bite!

4.3 Cast Your Line and Wait for a Fish to Bite

Once you have chosen your bait and found a good fishing spot, it’s time to cast your line. To do this, hold down the cast button until the line is fully extended, then release the button to send your bait flying. Aim for an area where you suspect fish might be lurking, such as near rocks or other underwater structures.

Once your line is in the water, be patient and wait for a fish to bite. You can see if there is any activity on your line by watching for movement or changes in the tension. Don’t be afraid to reposition your line or try a different bait if you haven’t had any luck after a while.

When a fish bites, you’ll feel a tug on the line and see a prompt to start reeling it in. Be careful not to reel in too quickly, as this can cause the line to break. Instead, gently tug the line in the opposite direction of the fish’s movement, slowly reeling it in until you’ve successfully caught your fish.

Step 5: Reeling in a Fish

Once you’ve hooked a fish, it’s time to reel it in! This is where having the proper technique and equipment is crucial. Keep a firm grip on the fishing pole and begin slowly reeling in the line. Patience is key during this process, as it can take some time to reel in a fish, especially if it’s a large one.

As you reel in the line, use your other hand to guide the line onto the reel. You’ll want to keep the line taut, but not so tight that it breaks. If the fish starts to pull the line out, let it go a little bit and then start reeling in again. Consistency is important during this phase, as you want to tire out the fish while keeping the line secure.

Once you get the fish close enough to the shore or boat, use a net or your hand to carefully lift it out of the water. Gentleness is key here, as you don’t want to harm the fish or damage your equipment. Congratulations, you’ve caught a fish!

5.1 Pull the Fishing Rod in the Opposite Direction of the Fish

When you feel a fish biting your bait, the first thing you need to do is to set the hook by pulling the fishing rod in the opposite direction of the fish’s movement. This will ensure that the hook is securely set in the fish’s mouth, preventing it from getting away.

Once the hook is set, you need to be patient and wait for the fish to tire out. You can help tire the fish out by pulling the fishing rod in the opposite direction of the fish’s movements, forcing it to expend more energy.

It’s important to maintain a steady pressure on the fish to prevent it from escaping. However, you also need to be careful not to pull too hard, as this can cause the fish to break the line or the hook to come loose from its mouth.

Step 6: Storing Caught Fish in Your Inventory

After successfully catching a fish, it’s important to properly store it to ensure freshness and quality. One option is to keep the fish on a stringer or in a live well if you plan to keep fishing. Another option is to clean and fillet the fish, then store it in a cooler or on ice until you’re ready to cook it.

When storing fish, make sure to keep them separate from other items in your cooler or refrigerator to avoid cross-contamination. If you’re planning to keep the fish for an extended period of time, consider freezing it to maintain freshness.

Remember to check your local fishing regulations for any size or catch limits, as well as any restrictions on certain types of fish. Properly storing your catch will not only ensure the quality of the fish, but also help protect the environment and promote sustainable fishing practices.

6.1 Approach a Fishing Spot and Press the Loot Button

After you have successfully caught a fish, you will need to add it to your inventory. To do this, approach the fishing spot and press the loot button. The loot button is typically located near the fishing spot or on the fishing rod.

When you press the loot button, a window will appear displaying the fish that you have caught. Select the fish that you want to keep in your inventory and click on the “loot” button to add it to your inventory. You can also choose to discard the fish if you do not want to keep it.

It is important to note that there is a limit to how many fish you can carry in your inventory. Make sure to regularly visit a vendor or cook to sell or cook your fish so that you can free up space in your inventory and continue fishing.

6.2 Store Your Fish in Your Inventory or Sell Them for Cash

Once you have caught a fish, you can choose to store it in your inventory or sell it for cash. To store it in your inventory, simply click on the fish and drag it to an empty slot in your inventory. The fish will remain there until you decide to use it for cooking or sell it later.

If you want to sell your fish, you can go to a nearby vendor and click on the “Sell” option. The vendor will offer you a certain amount of cash for your fish, depending on its rarity and size. You can also sell your fish at an auction house to other players.

It’s important to note that some fish are more valuable than others. Rare fish, such as King Salmon or Golden Carp, can fetch a high price, while common fish like Blackmouth Oil or Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper may not be worth much.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of equipping a fishing pole in Far Cry 5?

To equip a fishing pole in Far Cry 5, you need to visit a fishing spot and press the prompt key to open the fishing interface. Then, you can select the fishing rod from your inventory and equip it by pressing the corresponding button.

Can you use any fishing pole in Far Cry 5?

No, you cannot use any fishing pole in Far Cry There are different types of fishing rods that are specific to certain fish species, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Where can you find fishing poles in Far Cry 5?

You can find fishing poles in Far Cry 5 by purchasing them from vendors, looting them from enemies or fishing spots, or completing certain missions and challenges.

How many types of fish can you catch in Far Cry 5?

There are various types of fish that you can catch in Far Cry 5, including bass, trout, salmon, sturgeon, and more. Each type of fish requires a specific bait and fishing technique to catch.

What are the benefits of fishing in Far Cry 5?

Fishing in Far Cry 5 can provide a variety of benefits, such as obtaining food for survival, earning money by selling fish or completing fishing challenges, and even unlocking certain rewards and achievements.

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