How To Get A Fishing Rod In Emerald? Catch More Fish Than Ever Before With These Tips!

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Are you looking to fish in the Hoenn region but need a fishing rod? Look no further because we have all the tips for acquiring one! In Pokemon Emerald, obtaining a fishing rod is essential for making progress. This guide will detail how you can get your hands on one and start catching more fish than ever before!

To acquire a fishing rod in Pokemon Emerald, you must first travel to Dewford Town and speak with the Fishing Guru’s younger brother. The younger brother will test your angling skills by asking you to catch six Magikarps. Once completed successfully, he rewards you with an Old Rod that allows you to cast into bodies of water where potential catches are found.

“Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. “

Fishing not only provides food resources but also serves as a meditative experience allowing anglers to connect with nature. Now, armed with this newfound information on obtaining a fishing rod in Emerald, it’s time to try out these methods for yourself and put them into action. Happy angling!

Visit Dewford Town

If you are playing Pokemon Emerald and trying to get a fishing rod, you need to visit Dewford Town. This small island is the only place where fishermen gather in Hoenn Region.

You can reach Dewford Island by using Surf ability in Route 106. Once you arrive on this beautiful beachside town, head straight to Dewfoord Hall located at the eastern part of the town.

Speak with Mr. Briney’s friend in Dewfoord Hall who will give you an Old Rod for free! Congratulations, now you have your fishing rod that enables catching water-type Pokemons easily!

“The more different species of Pokemon you catch around here. The better my collection. ” says Fisherman Darian from New Mauville Power Plant

In conclusion, getting a fisher rod is essential when it comes to catching all types of fishes under different water-bodies like rivers and oceans. So make sure to add Dewford Island as one of your destinations while exploring new parts of Hoenn region or else miss out on a great opportunity to live up-to the tagline- “Gotta Catch ’em All!”

Get the old rod from the fisherman in the southern part of the town

If you’re playing Pokémon Emerald and looking to catch some cool water-type Pokémon, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on a fishing rod. Fishing rods come in three varieties — Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod — but they’re not all available at once. To start, though, let’s focus on getting an Old Rod.

The first thing you need to do is head to the southern part of any town. Once there, look for a fisherman near the water. Talk to him and he should offer to give you his old fishing rod! Accept it by selecting “Yes” when prompted.

“I don’t even use that old thing anymore. “

Congratulations! You now have your very own fishing rod.

Note that this version of the fishing rod is only capable of catching Magikarp (and other low-level water types), so if you want better catches down the line, you’ll need to upgrade to either a Good or Super Rod later.

To make sure you can successfully catch things with your new purchase just equip it and head towards your desired swimming hole where your next potential partner awaits!

Explore Routes 118 and 119

If you’re looking for a fishing rod in Emerald, there are two routes you can explore. Route 118 runs from Mauville City to Route 123, while route 119 is found just east of Fortree City.

To find the first fishing rod, you’ll need to make your way to Mauville City on Route 110. Once there, look for a house near the bike shop that has an old fisherman inside. Talk to him, and he’ll give you the Old Rod that will allow you to catch some basic water-type Pokemon.

A more powerful Good Rod can be found by exploring Route 118 further up north past Verdanturf Town. It’s located on a small island connected through several bridges across the river west of Rustboro City. Look for an angler standing near a pond or lake with his back turned towards you and talk to him. He will reward you with the Good Rod after answering “Yes” when he asks if hunting is one of your hobbies!

Note that not all bodies of water will yield valuable catches using these rods so make sure to visit different locations along both routes before giving up!

Now that you’ve discovered where to find fishing rods thanks to exploring Routes 118 and 119 in Emerald, it’s time to get out onto the water and test them out yourself!

Speak to fisherman on the beaches to receive a good rod

If you’re looking for a fishing rod in Emerald, there’s no need to visit any shops or spend your hard-earned money. All you have to do is find some fishermen along the beaches here and speak with them about acquiring a good quality fishing rod.

The best place to start would be at Jubilife Beach, located near Route 202. Speak with any of the fisherman present here, and they will offer high-quality rods for free!

You can also try visiting nearby locations such as Floaroma Meadow or Valley Windworks to ask around for fishermen who might have extra rods lying around. Keep in mind that these are not guaranteed places where many professional anglers gather; however, it won’t hurt if you approach someone and explain your situation.

“The fishermen on the beaches may even share tips on where the best spots are. “

In addition, once you acquire your fishing rod, be sure to talk with local villagers and other trainers who often provide useful pointers for beginners when it comes to catching exquisite water-type Pokémon. Just because it is an easy task does not mean taking every precaution cannot give better chances of success.

All in all, getting yourself a great fishing rod isn’t too difficult here in Emerald – just speak up and seek guidance from those experienced in angling on its beautiful coasts! And remember always respect nature by following rules, only catch what I store needed while throwing back anything else alive after photographing.

Complete the Pokemon League and speak to the fisherman on Route 118 to receive a super rod

If you’re looking for a reliable way of catching strong Water-type Pokémon in Emerald, then getting your hands on a Fishing Rod is essential. In order to get one, players must travel to route 118 and speak with the fisherman located there.

However, before they can do that, trainers must first complete the Pokemon League by defeating all four members of the Elite Four as well as their Champion. Once this has been accomplished, players will be transported back home where they can start exploring other parts of Hoenn region.

In order to reach Route 118 from your home town/position in Hoenn region, you’ll need to make sure that you have unlocked Surf and Dive abilities at some point during gameplay. These moves are essential for navigating across bodies of water or beneath them respectively.

“It’s not easy getting by without a good fishing rod. That’s why I always come prepared!” – Fisherman located on Route 118

Once you’ve arrived at Route 118, head over to the small hut near seafront where you meet an old man dressed like a fisherman. Speak with him, and he will happily reward you with his trusty Super Rod!

The Super Rod is exceptionally useful when it comes down to finding rare and unique species of Pokémons hiding out in deep waters around Hoenn region. So if making progress within your Pokedex rank is important to you, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Participate in Contests

If you’re looking for a way to get your hands on a fishing rod in Emerald, one of the best ways is by participating in contests. These events are held periodically throughout the game, and they offer all kinds of prizes, including fishing rods.

To participate in a contest, you’ll first need to find out when and where they’re being held. This information can usually be found on bulletin boards or by talking to NPCs (non-playable characters) around town. Once you have this information, make sure you meet any requirements that may be necessary to enter. Some contests may require a certain level of skill or equipment before allowing players to compete.

“Contests can provide an excellent opportunity not only to win prizes but also improve skills. “

Once you’ve entered the contest, give it everything you’ve got! Contests typically involve completing a specific task within a set amount of time – whether it’s catching the most fish or reeling in the heaviest catch – so make sure you stay focused and work as efficiently as possible. If successful, you could end up with some pretty impressive rewards!

Also, remember that practicing regularly will improve both your ability and confidence levels – particularly if competing against others who are more experienced at angling than yourself.

In conclusion; participating in contests offers an excellent opportunity not only for winning prizes but also improving skills and making new friends along the way. Keep this method in mind if seeking out how to getting hold of a fishing rod in Emerald.

Win first place in the fishing contest in Lilycove City to receive a master rod

If you are playing Pokémon Emerald and want to obtain a high-quality fishing rod, then participating in the fishing contest held at the Lilycove City may be your best shot.

The contest is a fun-filled event where players can show off their angling skills while trying to catch rare Pokémons. By winning the first prize, which requires catching the most exotic fish within 5 minutes, you will get hold of one Master Rod – an advanced-level tool that can increase your chances of reeling out ultra-rare aquatic creatures.

“You’ll need some serious training if you hope to win. “

To participate, head over to Lilycove’s Contest Hall located on Route 121 and register yourself before starting time. It is advised to carry some berries with you beforehand for nourishing hungry Pokemon who might assist you during fishing ventures.

The competition is tough, so make sure to practice hard by catching as many water-type monsters as possible before attempting it. Several trainers have a team based entirely on water-based Pokemons of different types, including Magikarp, Feebas, Corsola and Sharpedo among various others.

So gear up fellow anglers. Participate skillfully and earn big rewards through this exciting tournament!

Talk to NPCs

One of the best ways to get a fishing rod in Emerald is by talking to the right NPCs. These non-playable characters can offer advice and guidance on where to find one or even give you one themselves!

The first NPC you should talk to is the Fisherman NPC located near any body of water, like Route 118 for example. Speak with him and he will teach your Pokemon how to fish which then grants you access to the skill “Fishing. ” When speaking with other fishermen they may also comment about secretly selling unique types of fishing rods, but only after earning their respect enough.

You may also come across various trainers during your adventure who are avid anglers. Take the opportunity when engaging them in conversation as they might be carrying a spare fishing rod that they’re willing to hand over (or sell).

“Another way is when exploring Petalburg Woods or Dewford Town it’s likely someone will mention needing help finding something that could be lost nearby, and returning what was found without any issues normally rewards the player, ” said Pokemon expert Professor Oak.

In summary, speaking with NPCs while exploring different locations throughout Hoenn region not only provide insight into getting hands-on a specific item like a fishing line temporarily, but others great tips that have evolved from years of intense training and exploration along remote areas full of secrets waiting just outside sight reach.

Speak to the fisherman in Mossdeep City to receive an old rod

If you’re looking for ways on how to get a fishing rod in Pokemon Emerald, there is an easy solution. All you need to do is make your way to Mossdeep City and search for the local fisherman. This key character will provide you with an old rod that can be used immediately.

Mossdeep City is located in Hoenn’s southeastern corner, surrounded by water bodies of all sizes. You can explore this small seaside city by using Fly or the ferry service from Slateport or Lilycove. As soon as you reach it, find the fisherman’s house which is situated right next door to the Space Center building.

Talk to him and he’ll gift you his precious old rod – a classic choice amongst avid gamers! It may not be one of those top-notch models but it gets the job done without hassle. Besides, it’s free of cost and perfect for beginners looking to dip their feet into the art of fishing within the game.

Fishing rods are essential items in capturing Water-type creatures like Magikarp, Tentacool, Carvanha or Wailmer. So if you want to fill up your Pokedex with these unique finds- sharpen up your fishing skills starting today!

Now that you know where and how to obtain a fishing rod in Pokemon Emerald- head over there now and hook yourself some fantastic catch-of-the-day!

Speak to the fisherman in Sootopolis City to receive a good rod

Fishing is one of the most popular activities among Pokémon trainers, and Emerald version makes it even more exciting with its variety of fishing rods. However, getting your hands on a good rod can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to look.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to get a fishing rod in Emerald, we’ve got you covered! The easiest way to obtain a reliable fishing tool is by speaking with the fisherman located in Sootopolis City. This city can only be accessed after defeating the eighth gym leader in Mossdeep City and using Dive to explore the underwater routes.

Once you arrive at Sootopolis, head towards the north-eastern corner until you spot an old man standing beside a small pond. Talk to him and he’ll give you his good rod as thanks for helping him move some rocks aside earlier.

“I was about to give up my search for this lake’s guardian… But then you come along and solved my problem quickly. ” –Fisherman from Sooptolis’

The good rod has better chances of catching medium-level aquatic species like Tentacool or Magikarp than the previous basic one provided at Dewford Town. As you progress through Emerald version, there are other superior models available such as super or hyper rods that increase your probability of encountering rare pokémons while using specific techniques such as deep sea or chaining methods.

In conclusion, acquiring a proper fishing tool allows trainers access exclusive areas with various types of valuable water-sourced creatures including evolutions (e. g. , Wishcash). Remember always replenish enough lures/balls before starting, stand next to any body of waters such as lakes/sea/ocean/fountain/checkpoint fountains (except for buildings), and wait until your character makes an animation to execute the fishing action.

Use a Cheat Device

If you’re struggling to obtain a fishing rod in Pokémon Emerald, then using a cheat device can be the easiest way to get it. These devices allow players to manipulate the game’s code and access items that are not available through normal gameplay.

To use a cheat device, first download one from a reputable source online. Once you have the device and software installed on your computer, connect it to your Game Boy Advance or emulator and search for codes that will give you a fishing rod.

Popular cheat devices for Pokémon games include Action Replay and Gameshark. These devices come with pre-existing codes for various games including Emerald. However, make sure to only use reliable sources when looking up cheats as some sites may contain viruses or harmful code.

Note: Using cheat devices can change the gaming experience dramatically and eliminate any sense of achievement gained from playing normally. Therefore, it is recommended to use them sparingly and at your own discretion.

In conclusion, if obtaining the fishing rod in Pokemon Emerald has become too challenging and time-consuming, then using a cheat device may be an option worth considering. Ensure you practice personal responsibility when utilizing this strategy so that you don’t harm yourself or others whilst enjoying the game!

Use a Gameshark or Action Replay to obtain any fishing rod instantly

If you are playing Pokemon Emerald and cannot seem to find a Fishing Rod, there is an alternative method wherein you can use either the Gameshark or Action Replay. Both are third-party cheating devices that have specific codes available for various games.

To access these cheats, follow the instructions given by the device’s manufacturer, enter the code for “Fishing Rods, ” save your progress and then restart your game. Next time you visit a PokeMart in-game, voila! You now have all three types of a Fishing Rod (Old Rod, Good Rod & Super Rod) at your disposal without even trying!

In case cheating isn’t something preferred but still want to get some fish in their bag, here’s an option: The player may go around Route 118 with surfing attraction until reaching Fisherman Andrew (south of where Wailmer watches over its pals), who will offer both his advice as well as Old&Good rods.

The location mentioned above means having accessibility to Surf HM along with approaching towards Mauville City on foot via Route 110 before coming across his surroundings closeby southmost one island near this road width which eventually leads him towards east-west roads till he meets through Fisherman Andrew!

However, it must be noted that while using cheats like Gameshark or Action Replay might sound tempting; they tend to spoil the gaming experience. Cheating also has severe consequences such as corrupting saved data and potentially breaking gameplay altogether. Therefore we recommend only resorting to them when absolutely necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a fishing rod in Emerald?

You can purchase a fishing rod from the Old Rod Man in Dewford Town. He can be found in a house near the beach. Additionally, you can find a fishing rod in the abandoned ship near Slateport City, on the second floor.

Do I need any specific requirements to obtain a fishing rod in Emerald?

No, you do not need any specific requirements to obtain a fishing rod in Emerald. However, you need to have a Pokémon that knows the move Surf to reach the abandoned ship near Slateport City.

Is it possible to purchase a fishing rod in Emerald?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a fishing rod in Emerald. You can buy one from the Old Rod Man in Dewford Town for 50 Poké Dollars.

Can I obtain a fishing rod from a specific NPC in Emerald?

Yes, you can obtain a fishing rod from the Old Rod Man in Dewford Town. He is located in a house near the beach. You can purchase a fishing rod from him for 50 Poké Dollars.

Are there any alternative methods to obtaining a fishing rod in Emerald?

Yes, there are alternative methods to obtaining a fishing rod in Emerald. You can find one in the abandoned ship near Slateport City, on the second floor. Another alternative is to trade with another player who has a spare fishing rod.

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