How To Get A Fishing Rod In Poe? Catch The Best Fish Now!

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If you’re an avid player of the popular game Path Of Exile, then you must have come across fishing rods. These are essential for catching unique fish and acquiring some rare rewards along the way.

Now, if you’re wondering how to get a fishing rod in Poe, we’ve got your back. The easiest way is by purchasing it from the vendor that’s available in Act 4 after clearing all three difficulties. You can find Krillson, Master Fisherman, who sells two types of rods: Deep-Sea and Freshwater.

“Fishing achievements might be difficult but they offer great prizes. ” -Krillson

To purchase these rods though, players need to collect a certain amount of currency first. They require Pearl Oysters or Mirror Shards whose drop rates are low as compared to other currencies like Orbs or Scrolls.

However, if grindings not really your thing then fret not. Fishing Rods can also be obtained through Zana missions and map drops which may provide Mirror Shard Fragments needed for trading with vendors too! So keep an eye out on those while exploring different levels within the game!

If you want to catch the best fish in Poe and add more variety to your gameplay experience then obtaining a fishing rod should be one of your priorities! Whether purchasing them or grinding hard for their currency requirements – rest assured that it will pay off big time once you start reaping those awesome rewards! Just remember what Krillson said “fishing achievements” won’t be easy but definitely worth it in the end!

Know The Importance Of A Fishing Rod

A fishing rod is a vital tool for any angler as it allows you to cast your line further and with more accuracy. It also provides better control over the lure or bait, making it easier to present it in a way that will entice fish to bite.

In addition, different types of fishing rods are designed for specific kinds of fish and techniques, so having the right one can make a significant difference in your success rate. For example, if you’re fishing for trout in a stream, you’ll need a short, light rod that’s sensitive enough to detect bites but can still handle the fast movement of the water.

To get a fishing rod in Path of Exile (POE), you’ll need to either purchase one from an NPC vendor, trade with other players or find it as loot. There are various types available depending on your skill level and playstyle – such as casting rods, spinning rods, fly rods – each suited for particular situations and environments within POE’s world.

Pro-tip: When searching for fishing gear in POE, keep an eye out for items with added bonuses like increased critical strike chance or attack speed! These passive abilities can give you an edge when reeling in those prized catches.

It’s worth noting that acquiring certain rare or unique fishing equipment may require some serious grinding through end-game content like maps or boss fights. Still, don’t let this discourage you from pursuing all there is to discover about catching fish while traversing Wraeclast!

Understand The Basic Mechanics Of Fishing

If you’re wondering how to get a fishing rod in Poe, the first thing you should do is understand the basic mechanics of fishing. Fishing in Path of Exile (Poe) requires certain strategies and tools to be successful.

The gear you need for fishing includes a fishing rod and bait. These items can be purchased from different vendors that are spread throughout Wraeclast. You may also find them as quest rewards or drops from slain monsters. Equip your character with these necessary tools before heading out into the water!

Once you have all your equipment set up, go to an area with water where fish spawn frequently. Cast your line using your fishing rod and wait for a catch! Watch carefully as the float bobs up and down whether it’s hooked onto something.

Remember that higher quality rods come with better chances at catching rarer fish types while using specific baits will target particular species.

Fishing might seem like merely RNG-based activity much like playing games, but getting past some challenging aspects of trying to find optimal spots and analyzing what works best based on location time seasons amongst other things makes it quite intriguing indeed!

In conclusion, if you want to try your hand at fishing in Poe or just improve upon this gameplay mechanic, remember to equip yourself correctly depending on your strategy, cast wisely and attentively while waiting patiently for potential catches; finally adjusting by refining new ways once enough experience grants mastery over this unique act.

Where To Find A Fishing Rod

In Path of Exile, fishing is a great way to relax and catch some rare fish that can be traded for valuable items. But first, you need to get your hands on a fishing rod.

The easiest way to obtain a fishing rod in PoE is by purchasing it from Nessa at Lioneye’s Watch or Lily Roth in act 6 The Ridge area. Or, you can try trading with other players using the trade chat or online trading websites.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can also find fishing rods as drops in certain areas of the game. Some zones have fisherman NPCs who may drop rods when killed, such as Tidal Island and Estranged Sea in Act 1 or Shaped Dunes map sections.

Tip: Don’t forget to check vendors after completing quests! They often sell unique items that are related to the quest storylines- including fishing rods!

Lastly, keep an eye out for any special events that GGG (the game developer) runs throughout the year. Sometimes they will offer unique items such as cosmetic accessories or themed ‘loot boxes’ which include chances at getting top-tier gear – like a legendary quality Fishing Pole!. So give them a check every once in awhile – assuming they pop-up during poe-events.

Overall there are plenty of ways to obtain a decent starting point fishing pole but if all else fails don’t fret Pickaxes make great improvised Fishsticks!

Visit Fishing Supply Shops

If you are looking to get a fishing rod in Path of Exile, one of the most convenient ways is by visiting various Fishing supply shops. These stores stock different types of fishing equipment including rods that will help you catch fish with ease.

There are several shops scattered around the vast world of Wraeclast where players can buy a variety of fishing gear such as bait and lures, nets, traps, and reels at affordable prices.

To find these Fishing supplies shop easily, make sure to look out for fishes on the map when exploring new areas. Fish icons indicate Fishing Supply shops which sell all sorts of equipment required for anglers to be successful.

The secret to getting an excellent fishing rod in POE is taking your time to explore the fishing shops stocked with everything necessary needed to improve your chances of catching big ones.

You should also note that while some popular shops may have limited stocks, others could offer rare or expensive rods that require grinding or higher pay plus upgrades before using.

In addition to buying from these stores directly, completing quests related to favorite pastime activities like fishing within certain storied arenas (quests) create customized Rods ideal for whatever underwater treasure hunt adventure this game throws your way – ultimately improving overall gaming experience.

Check Marketplaces For A Fishing Rod

In Path of Exile, getting your hands on a good fishing rod can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several ways you can go about obtaining one. One way is to check marketplaces for players selling high-quality rods.

There are different types of fishing rods in Path of Exile that come with varying degrees of power and precision. Some can even boost your chances of catching rare fish or allow you to reel them in faster. So make sure to keep an eye out for those specific specifications when perusing the marketplace.

The price ranges for fishing rods at these markets differ greatly depending upon their rarity and attributes. Some auctioneers may part away with amazing deals while some might ask too much asking price, so it’s always better checking all available merchants before coming up to any conclusion.

If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective solution, try searching trading forums as well where people offer items they don’t need anymore at reasonable prices often unless they found something pretty exceptional themselves!

To sum things up, finding a quality fishing rod in Path of Exile requires some legwork but it will eventually pay off; whether by relying on dedicated trading websites or striking great offering traders through community meeting platforms which not only provides beginners with gear but also fosters bonds between players creating a self-sufficient economy all within game bounds!

Crafting A Fishing Rod

Fishing in Path of Exile is a fun and relaxing activity. You can catch different types of fish that can be used for crafting or sold to vendors for currency. To get started, you need a fishing rod.

There are several ways to obtain a fishing rod in PoE:

  • You can buy one from another player through trade.
  • You can purchase one from Nessa in Act 1 after completing her quest “The Marooned Mariner”.
  • You can craft your own using the following recipe:
“1x Iron Ring + 1x Twig + 1x Blacksmith’s Whetstone”

To complete this recipe, you will need to have an Iron Ring (which can be purchased from vendors or dropped by enemies), a Twig (obtained by breaking scenery objects like bushes, trees, or pots), and a Blacksmith’s Whetstone (usually obtained as loot).

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, go to any blacksmith vendor and use their crafting bench to combine them into a crude fishing rod.

Note that there are two types of fishing rods – basic and advanced. The basic ones only allow you to catch common fish while the advanced ones give you access to rarer species. The recipe above will give you a basic fishing rod but if you want an advanced one, you’ll need better materials and more complex recipes.

In conclusion, getting a fishing rod in PoE is easy – just buy it, complete Nessa’s quest or craft your own with some simple ingredients.

Collect The Required Materials

If you’re new to Path of Exile, you might be wondering how to get a fishing rod in Poe. Fishing is one of the many activities that players can enjoy in the game, and it requires a few materials to get started.

The first thing you’ll need is a fishing rod. You can either buy one from another player or craft your own using an Orb of Chance on a normal rustic sash. This will give you a 1 in 10 chance of getting “The Fisherman” unique item which is essentially a fishing rod without any stats!

The next thing you’ll need is bait. There are several types of bait available in Poe including Chum, Tackle Box, Lure, Bait Worms and so on. . Generally speaking these items can be found by killing monsters throughout the world. But if you want better quality baits then purchasing them at vendors would yeild better results.

You could also try trade chat as often people sell their extra baits for cheap prices.

Finally, you’ll need to choose where to fish! Any body of water will work but some areas have higher chances of catching rare fishes than others such as Tauhiti’s beach located near act seven town. Remember, each location has its own specific list of possible catches so make sure to check what kind of fishies are there before casting your line!

Now that you know how to get a fishing rod in Poe, go ahead and start enjoying this relaxing activity in between monster bashing sessions!

Learn The Crafting Recipe

If you want to get a fishing rod in Path of Exile, crafting one is your best option. A rare item, it can be crafted using the following recipe:

1 x driftwood wand 1 x rustic sash 1 x fish scale 1 x blacksmith’s whetstone

The driftwood wand and rustic sash are easy enough to come by through normal gameplay or trading with other players. However, obtaining a fish scale may prove slightly challenging.

You can try farming monsters that spawn near water like Deep Dweller in Act 1 or Tidal Island map bosses. You could also obtain them from harvesting wild crops harvested from Tier II+ seeds as well.

Blacksmith’s Whetstone drops fairly regularly in most areas past Act I Normal difficulty so it shouldn’t take too long to find one. Once you have all these items, head over to any workstation or crafting bench where you can combine the ingredients to make the fishing rod!

If you prefer buying rather than crafting, you could always purchase a fishing rod directly from another player via trade chat or an online marketplace such as official PoE site forum on

Completing Quests To Obtain A Fishing Rod

If you want to get a fishing rod in Path of Exile, then it’s not as simple as buying one from an NPC or shop. You have to complete certain quests and challenges that will reward you with the desired item.

The first step is to find Navali, who is located in every town. She offers various prophecies which can give you small rewards like currency items or maps that are useful for progressing through the game further. However, she also provides special prophecies that require you to fulfill specific objectives before claiming the reward.

One such prophecy promises a guaranteed corrupted rare item upon completion, which includes a chance at obtaining unique fishing rods. Completing this prophecy requires entering five separate areas called Vaal side areas that occasionally spawn randomly throughout Act 1-10 zones.

“Fishing is just another way of distancing ourselves from reality”

In addition to Navali’s prophecies, there are other NPCs scattered around Wraeclast who offer different types of quests and missions similar to Dailies in MMORPGs. Some of these daily missions provide the opportunity to catch fish using bait found within their designated zones.

To summarize how to obtain a fishing rod in Poe: Firstly, head over to your nearest NPC Navali and start completing her prophecies until you receive the specific corrupt rarity guaranteed objective. Following completion travel through Act 1-10 zones looking out for Vaal Side Areas in order to accomplish your objective. Secondly try, pick up any provided Daily Quests along the way since catching large amounts of fish may prove rewarding if progressed efficiently.

Quests That Reward Fishing Rods

Fishing is one of the many activities that you can enjoy in Path of Exile. However, getting a fishing rod might not be as straightforward as you think. You cannot buy a fishing rod from any vendor or NPC in the game.

The only way to get your hands on a fishing rod is by completing specific quests. The good news is that there are several quests available that reward players with a fishing rod upon completion.

One such quest is “What Hides Beneath” in Act 1. In this quest, you need to retrieve an item for Tarkleigh, who will reward you with a simple iron ring and also a fishing rod when he receives it back. Another example is the “The Marooned Mariner” in Act 6, where helping stranded sailors offers fishers access to better gear like upgraded rods.

In some cases, these quests require you to make certain choices while progressing through them. Make sure to follow guides so that no opportunities are missed – maximizing rewards at every turn!

If you’re looking for more than just a basic fishing experience – consider crafting your own unique modded weapon base instead! For instance creating perfect end game weapons can help enhance personal gameplay without relying exclusively on gears alone.

All-in-all finding ways to improve play style adds replayability elements missing from other games within its realm whilst remaining highly enjoyable throughout progression phases before ultimately becoming something else entirely altogether: A true masterpiece among titles past and present which continues grow year after year despite being released nearly eight years ago now thoroughly recommended.

Trading For A Fishing Rod

If you’re looking for a way to get a fishing rod in Path of Exile (PoE), trading is one option that’s worth considering. Trading with other players can be tricky, but it can also be an effective way to acquire the items you need.

One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to trading is that not all sellers are going to be honest or fair. Some may rip you off by charging too much, while others may simply rob you outright and vanish without giving you anything at all for your currency.

To avoid these risks, try sticking with trusted sources whenever possible. Look for well-known traders or established marketplaces where transactions are monitored and regulated.

“Before making any trade, always double-check the item exchange rates and make sure they align with current market values. “

In addition to finding reliable sellers, another key strategy when trading for a fishing rod in PoE is to know what types of currencies and other items are typically used as trade goods. Common options include Chaos Orbs, Blessed Orbs, Fossils, Essences, Divination Cards -just to name a few- and even alternative currency methods like “Fishing Secrets”. Understanding each item’s value in comparison to others will help ensure that you don’t overpay or make unwise trades overall.

As long as you stay smart about who you trade within-game though, exchanging currency with other players could very well provide just enough returns for purchasing the perfect equipment gear like a fishing rod swiftly on an expedient pace so then we can redirect ourselves back towards those waters!

Check Trade Chat For Offers

If you’re looking to get a fishing rod in Path of Exile (PoE), one way to acquire it is through trading. You can check the trade chat to see if any players are selling or willing to trade their fishing rods.

However, before doing so, make sure that you have something valuable to offer in exchange for the fishing rod. Be prepared to negotiate with other players and be mindful of current market prices.

You can also use third-party websites such as poe. trade or the official PoE forums’ Trading subforum to search for available offers.

“Don’t forget to double-check the item’s stats and price before finalizing any trades. “

In addition, completing certain quests within the game may reward you with a fishing rod. One such quest is “The Siren’s Cadence” which can be acquired from Clarissa in Act 6. The quest requires you to catch a rare fish called Crystal Kingfisher and present it to her.

Finally, keep in mind that fishing rods are not mandatory for playing PoE. While they provide additional gameplay mechanics, not having one won’t hinder your progress significantly.

Overall, acquiring a fishing rod in PoE requires checking trade channels and being prepared for negotiations. Alternatively, completing specific quests within the game may provide much-needed assistance in obtaining this valuable tool.

Trade With Other Players

If you are looking to acquire a fishing rod in Path of Exile, then one option is to trade with other players. Trading allows you to exchange items or currency for goods and services that you need.

To do this, you will first need to find someone who has a spare fishing rod and is willing to sell it. You can do this by visiting the Trade Chat channel or using third-party websites such as poe. trade.

Once you have found a potential seller, you will need to negotiate the terms of the trade. This may include agreeing on a price, deciding where to meet in-game, and ensuring that both parties understand what they are exchanging.

It’s important to always be cautious when trading with other players. Make sure that you fully trust your trading partner before finalizing any deals.

In order to make the transaction, both players must be in the same instance of the game. Once there, right-click on the player character and select “Trade. ” From there, drag the desired item or currency into the trade window and wait for your trading partner to do the same.

If everything looks good, click “Accept” and confirm the trade. Congratulations! You now have your hands on a brand-new fishing rod!

Buying A Fishing Rod with Poe Currency

If you are looking to get a fishing rod in PoE, one popular way is to obtain it through purchasing from other players. In Path of Exile, the currency used for trading includes orbs such as Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs.

To approach buying a fishing rod with poe currency, start by researching which orb would be the most valuable or preferred during the current season. Once identified, you can scour trade websites like or poe. trade to find potential sellers offering their fishing rods for that particular orb.

Note that when dealing with online trades done on third-party websites, service fees might apply depending on the platform’s policy regarding transactions between its users. Make sure to check beforehand so that you don’t end up overpaying for your virtual fishing gear than necessary.

If this sounds tedious or risky for some players who prefer direct acquisition from game vendors instead – unfortunately there isn’t an official NPC vendor selling fishing rods in Poe at the moment. So while patient crafting enthusiasts and merchants may profit well from investing time into playing PoE’s dynamic economy system this way – sometimes determining how exactly to acquire desired items requires more research efforts and sacrifices compared to others.

In summary – finding a suitable seller willing to accept your preferred form of poe currency exchange is key towards obtaining a good quality fishing rod quickly! With enough caution​ taken toward reputable sources of information being gathered first hand before proceeding too soon into any deal- taking note always about fluctuations within market value etc will help you make wiser financial deals out-of-game similarly mirrored successfully throughout equally tactical gameplay experience available retained after jumping back inside world we love all exploring together here in Path Of Exile today!

How Much Poe Currency Is Needed

If you want to know how much currency you need in order to get a fishing rod in Path of Exile (PoE), it depends on several factors such as your current level, available resources, and chosen build type. Fishing rods can be acquired through trade with other players, or from the “Fishing” vendor in Act 6’s town called Lioneye’s Watch.

The price range for purchasing fishing rods may vary depending on their quality, rarity, or additional sockets they possess. On average, most basic variants could cost around one Orb of Transmutation while higher tier models can go up to four Chaos Orbs. Thus, the total PoE currency that is needed ultimately comes down to your budget and willingness to invest.

In addition, keep in mind that obtaining enough poe currency takes time and effort since you will have to farm items useful for crafting high-quality gear pieces in top-tier maps over and over again until getting rare ones like exalted orbs. Also unlocking enchants require certain currencies available within game itself hence its mandatory continuous farming and trading

“Using your existing knowledge of loot drops mechanics combined with proper strategies & intelligence – You can easily generate decent amount currency which will eventually make acquiring a fishing rod effortless”

To conclude, although there isn’t an exact answer regarding the specific amount of PoE currency needed to acquire a fishing rod; It all depends on personal preference and situation- it’s worth taking into consideration what is actually required before making any big investments!

Where To Buy A Fishing Rod With Poe Currency

If you’re wondering “how to get a fishing rod in PoE, ” there are a few options available.

The easiest option is to trade with other players. You can visit the official Path of Exile forum or the subreddit dedicated to trading and search for someone who is selling a fishing rod. Just make sure you have enough PoE currency on hand before making an offer.

You could also try farming some of the game’s zones, as certain areas have higher chances of dropping items like fishing rods. However, this method might take longer than purchasing from another player since it relies heavily on RNG (random number generator) drops.

Lastly, certain vendors throughout Wraeclast sell fishing rods for Poe currency. These NPCs typically appear near waterways or docks within each act of the storyline campaign. Simply find their location through exploration and purchase one for yourself!

To sum up, buying from another player or finding a vendor that sells them are your two best bets when trying to procure a fishing rod in Path of Exile!

Joining A Fishing Group

If you want to learn how to get a fishing rod in PoE, joining a fishing group can be an excellent idea. Not only will you have access to people who have already learned the ins and outs of this mechanic, but you’ll also find friends who share your passion for fishing.

The best way to join a fishing group is through social media or online forums specifically dedicated to Path of Exile. You could also try searching for local groups in your area that meet up regularly to play the game together.

“Fishing with others can provide valuable insight into finding rare and unique fish. “

Once you’ve found a group, don’t hesitate to ask questions! The more information you gather about the mechanics behind getting a fishing rod in PoE, the better off you’ll be when it’s time to make your own attempt.

In addition to learning from experienced players, being part of a community can make fishing much less daunting. With other members around supporting and guiding each other along every step of the process, everyone stands a better chance of successfully acquiring their own fishing pole.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for ways on how to get a fishing rod in PoE while making new friends and having fun at the same time, consider joining a fishing group. Don’t forget to take advantage of resources like social media and gaming forums!

Find A Group That Focuses On Fishing

If you are playing the popular game Path of Exile, also known as POE, then you may be wondering how to get a fishing rod. Fishing in this game can provide players with valuable loot and resources, so it’s understandable that many would want to learn how to do it.

One way to obtain a fishing rod is through trading or purchasing from other players. However, if you’re looking for a community that focuses on fishing in POE, joining a specific group or guild may prove helpful.

In online gaming communities like Twitch and Discord, there are often channels or groups dedicated solely to various activities within games like POE, including fishing. These groups offer an opportunity for players who share similar interests to connect and collaborate in the game through sharing knowledge about different resources. You might even gain tips and insights into the best tactics in obtaining the rarest items!

“Through interactions with these groups’ members, you’ll build connections with people who could become your allies along the journey. ”

It’s important when looking for such a group that they have active moderators/instructors guiding discussions so all members benefit equally while staying relevant; otherwise, what good is belonging? Such leaders can help advise strategy/tactics or answer questions based on rosters/levels/skills/abilities of individual fisherplayers experienced with their suggested instructions. In addition to feedback loops provided by user-staffed leaderboards pointing out stand-out performances atop wider participation averages over time period watched together which creates nice mentors/ladder motivation.

So go ahead – try finding/joining one (or more!) today!

Participate In Fishing Events To Win A Fishing Rod

Path of Exile is an action role-playing game that has gained immense popularity since its release. One of the exciting features in this game is fishing, where players can catch different types of fish and items using a fishing rod. However, to obtain a fishing rod, there are various ways to do so.

The most popular way is by participating in fishing events. These events usually take place during festivals or special occasions, and they reward the players with unique prizes such as rare fish species or even a new fishing rod itself. To be eligible for the event, you have to check your notifications regularly on your screen’s top right corner. It will indicate any current ongoing event.

Another method of obtaining a fishing rod in Poe is through trading with other players who may own one already. You can communicate with them through PoE trade sites to manage your transaction effectively. Prices range from low-end budget (chaos orbs) up to premium purchases involving real money transactions.

“If you’re lucky enough, sometimes you might find the fishing rod being sold at NPC (non-playable character) merchants within towns or cities which requires using skill points found around Wraeclast”

In conclusion getting yourself a fishing rod Poe entirely depends on how patient / persistent you are trying to get it solely via currency drops or opt-in participate actively during every opportunity available with enthusiastic hunting skills when aiming towards ultimate victory whether competing against others or simply playing solo-mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trade for a fishing rod in POE, and if so, where can I find potential sellers?

Yes, players can trade for fishing rods in Path of Exile. The best places to find potential sellers are through third-party websites such as poe. trade or the official Path of Exile forums. Players can also try their luck in trade chat channels or by posting their own trade listing.

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