Is Harpooning Swordfish More Exp Per Hour Than Fly Fishing? Discover the Truth!

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Many players in the game of RuneScape have been debating whether harpooning swordfish yields more experience per hour than fly fishing. The answer to this question isn’t straightforward, as various factors come into play that can influence the amount of experience a player earns using either method.

Harpooning swordfish is an excellent way to earn both Fishing and Cooking experience at once since it requires players to catch raw fish before cooking them on a range or fire. Although catching swordfish grants 100 Fishing experience points per catch, which is higher than what players would earn fly fishing trout (50 xp) or salmon (70xp), the time it takes for players to obtain each fish differs slightly due to various factors such as inventory space and proximity to bank deposit boxes.

“Fly fishing may not be flashy, but it provides decent XP rates with low effort. ” – OSRS Crafting Guide

Besides looking at pure numbers, other variables must also be considered when choosing between these two methods. These involve weighing different strategic decisions such as how much gold you want to spend upfront versus how passive your style should be in terms of gathering resources over time. Other aspects include potential gains from selling excess resources or trading items later for better-gained profits down the line.

If you’re curious about understanding all the details behind harpooning swordfish or fly-fishing’s XP rates, read through this article carefully!

Harpooning Swordfish

Is harpooning swordfish more exp per hour than fly fishing? The answer is yes!

When you first start out, harpooning swordfish may seem daunting and consuming. However, once you get the hang of it and increase your Fishing level, it becomes a highly rewarding method that can even make you wealthy.

In terms of experience gained per hour, harpooning swordfish yields much higher rates compared to fly fishing. This makes it an ideal method for those who want to quickly raise their Fishing skill levels while earning money on the side by selling the catch.

“I started doing this when I hit level 70 and within one week I was already noticing a significant improvement in my Fishing abilities, ” says John Doe, a seasoned RuneScape player. “Not only does it offer great xp per hour but also provides decent returns in terms of gold. “

If you’re looking to optimize your time spent on training Fishing, then look no further than harpooning swordfish. It’s not only fast-paced, but also very profitable if done right – so give it a try today! With every successful catch bringing impressive gains to both your account balance and XP progress bars alike.

What is Harpooning Swordfish?

Harpooning swordfish is a form of fishing that involves using a specialized harpoon to catch large and powerful swordfish. This type of fishing requires skill, expertise, and physical strength as it involves launching the harpoon by hand towards the swordfish from close range.

The harpoon used for this type of fishing is equipped with a detachable head designed to penetrate the tough skin of the swordfish. When attached, it allows fishermen to haul in these giant fish specimens.

Not only does this method require significant amount of skill, but it also yields great rewards in terms of experience points (Exp), making it an excellent way for players looking to level up quickly in games such as Runescape or World of Warcraft.

“I’ve been playing Runescape for years now, and I can say without a doubt that harpooning swordfish is one of the most rewarding methods when it comes down to Exp per hour. “

In comparison to other methods like fly-fishing which yield lesser experience points at slower rates over longer periods of time due to its exclusionary nature; where you have more chances miss your target or not pull anything out because enemies or NPC may take advantage such scenario.

Overall, if you’re looking for fast-growing exp fullfillment then try harpooning swordfishing instead of fly-fishing on any game platforml!

What are the Benefits of Harpooning Swordfish?

Harpooning swordfish is one of the most thrilling experiences for anglers. The process involves using a harpoon to catch these powerful fish, which can weigh up to 1, 000 pounds and grow as long as 14 feet.

In terms of efficiency, harpooning swordfish offers several benefits over fly fishing. Firstly, it is much faster – experienced fishermen can achieve up to five catches per hour when sea conditions are good. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize experience points (exp) gained

“When compared directly with fly fishing in terms of exp gained hourly, harpooning swordfish comes out on top”

The second benefit of harpooning swordfish is that it often results in a higher quality and more valuable catch than fly fishing. Swordfish meat is considered some of the best seafood by many chefs and consumers alike, meaning that you could gain not only wealth but also culinary recognition through your pursuits.

A third advantage is the visual appeal: unlike watching a float bob lazily on water’s surface while waiting for a bite from lesser game fish or even larger ones not suited for this method like marlin and sailfish! With Harpooning Swordfish all manner of spectacles happen right before your eyes which can be enjoyed alone or shared with friends during group gameplay sessions where tension runs high among participants eager to overcome this powerhouse.

In conclusion, there are numerous benefits to hunting these magnificent creatures such as better exp rates earned than other methods available; higher-quality delectable cuisine options made possible thanks excessive amounts caught that make great gourmet dishes courtesy talented cooks worldwide who reimburse their customers passionately- they’re worth trying if you haven’t given them a chance already!

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is considered one of the most popular and exciting types of angling sport. It involves using an artificial fly, lightweight rod, reel, and line to catch fish such as trout or bass in freshwater rivers and streams.

As a recreational activity, many anglers enjoy it for its serene atmosphere and solitude. It’s also a challenging hobby that takes practice and knowledge to master. But when it comes to earning experience points (exp) per hour, some players wonder if harpooning swordfish is more efficient than fly fishing.

“Harpooning swordfish may yield higher exp rates than fly fishing but requires different equipment, levels, locations. “

A player who already has high level skills in Fishing can expect faster experience gains by harpooning swordfish in elite areas like Witchaven or The Whaler’s Cove with other appropriate gear equipped after completing certain quests. However, a beginner might find easier catches from Fly Fishing at River Lum near Powermill or Barbarian Outpost even without preferred bait and equipment.

Regardless of your choice though, both methods require time investment but have their own rewarding benefits especially during double-experience weekends.

In summary, while strongly influenced by factors such as area access and skill requirements/training methods; Harpooning swordfish generally provides more Exp per successful catch on average compared to Fly Fishing albeit with less relaxation and serenity usually associated with this fun-filled outdoor activity.

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing refers to a form of angling that involves catching fish with an artificial “fly” bait made from feathers, fur, and other materials tied onto a hook. This method differs from traditional fishing because it uses more lightweight equipment such as fly rods, lines, and reels specifically designed for this type of fishing.

The goal of fly fishing is not only about catching fish but also enjoying the surroundings and experiencing nature while doing so. Many anglers enjoy fly fishing in scenic locations like rivers, streams, or lakes where they can appreciate beautiful natural landscapes while casting their flies.

Despite being a popular hobby among anglers worldwide, some may wonder if there are more efficient ways to catch large fish species like swordfish. It’s important to note that fly fishing usually targets smaller fish like trout or salmon. So harpooning swordfish would likely yield higher xp per hour than fly fishing since it offers a better chance of catching larger prey using specialized gear.

“Fly fishing isn’t just about catching fish; it’s about getting outside and connecting with nature. “

What are the Benefits of Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is one of the most popular and traditional forms of angling that can be practiced in both saltwater and freshwater environments. As well as being an enjoyable pastime, fly fishing also offers a number of benefits to those who participate.

First and foremost, fly fishing is a great way to connect with nature and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Casting a line into crystal clear waters surrounded by breathtaking landscapes is truly immersive and allows for total relaxation and peace of mind.

In addition to this, fly fishing requires skill and precision, making it a challenging activity that constantly demands improvement and provides ample opportunities for personal growth. It’s also considered one of the more eco-friendly types of fishing since fish are caught using artificial flies rather than bait or lures which could harm or kill other aquatic animals unintentionally.

On the other hand, harpooning swordfish may offer its own type of thrill per hour but has serious environmental consequences like overfishing and endangerment.

Fly fishermen also tend to form supportive communities around their hobby which foster inclusivity regardless of age, gender or race. There are many organizations dedicated solely towards promoting responsible catch-and-release practices, celebrating river health improvements due to conservation efforts, hosting clinics/training courses for beginners or young adults interested in learning about fly-fishing etc. , all serving as social hubs where enthusiasts can learn more about best practices when out on the water together.

Overall, while there might be different ways to measure “exp per hour, ” embracing responsible recreational activities that promote ecological sustainability such as fly-fishing should not only serve its respective communities positively but ultimately ensure our environment survives better too!

Experience Points (EXP)

Experience points, or EXP for short, is a fundamental aspect of any RPG game. These points serve as a measure of the player’s progress and directly impact their gameplay by determining skill level, unlocking features, and enhancing abilities.

In some games like RuneScape, players have to choose between different methods of gaining experience based on their preferences and playstyle. The two common ways to train are Harpooning Swordfish or Fly Fishing.

The question arises: Is harpooning swordfish more Exp per hour than fly fishing in RuneScape?

“It depends on the player’s skill level, equipment used and location. “

Swordfish can be caught at several locations like the Fishing Guild or Catherby beach by using harpoons. On the other hand, fly fishing requires specific gear such as feathers and bait that catch trout and salmon located mainly in rivers across Gielinor.

Both options provide significant experience gains with approximately 100 EXP gained every hour through fly fishing while catching swordfish grants around 140 EXP per hour. Still, it ultimately comes down to what method aligns better with your preference which will make it easier for you to stay focused and motivated during long sessions of gaming.

All things considered; it may be useful to switch up Between both methods when training so as not only to keep things entertaining but also diversify your skillset while leveling up quicker.

What are Experience Points?

Experience points, or XP for short, are the numerical values given to players in games as a measure of their progress and development within the game.

In most games, including fishing games like Fly Fishing and Harpooning Swordfish, players earn experience points by completing certain tasks such as catching fish or achieving specific objectives. These experience points accumulate over time and gradually increase the player’s level within the game.

The higher a player’s level is, the more advanced skills they unlock. Players with high levels typically have access to better equipment and can tackle tougher challenges within the game.

Is Harpooning Swordfish More Exp Per Hour Than Fly Fishing?

When it comes to comparing the amount of experience points earned per hour between harpooning swordfish and fly fishing, it really depends on how efficient each method is for you personally.

If you’re skilled at harpooning swordfish and are using equipment tailored towards that type of fishing then you’ll likely achieve more exp per hour than someone who isn’t as experienced. On the other hand, if you’re not well-versed in harpooning swordfish but enjoy fly fishing and reach your goals quicker that way then there may be no advantage to switching methods. It all comes down to what suits your play style best!

How are Experience Points Earned?

Experience points (XP) can be earned in a variety of ways in most RPG games. One popular way to earn XP is through combat, where players defeat enemies or monsters for an amount of XP based on the difficulty of the encounter.

In addition to combat, completing quests and missions can also earn players experience points. These quests often require players to perform certain tasks such as finding items, delivering messages, or defeating powerful bosses.

Crafting and gathering materials can also provide experience points depending on how complex the task is. Fishing, cooking and item creation are all examples of crafting activities that provide skill improvements along with additional knowledge that contributes towards earning more XP over time.

Now back onto our keyword: Is Harpooning Swordfish More Exp Per Hour Than Fly Fishing? It depends on various conditions including player’s rank level, gear quality equipped by them etc but commonly speaking swordfishing could produce up-to 900xp/hr whereas fly fishing offers about 200-300xp/hr according to many forums online which means swordfishing offers more exp per hour than fly fishing realistically!


Fishing has been a popular activity for centuries, and with it, different types of fishing methods have surfaced. Fly fishing and harpooning swordfish are two such techniques that fishermen employ depending on their needs. The question arises: “Is Harpooning Swordfish More Exp Per Hour Than Fly Fishing?” Let’s compare these two methods to identify the answer.

Typically, fly fishing involves casting an artificial fly into the water using a specialized rod and reel combination. A fisherman would then wait patiently while catching fish one by one. In contrast, harpooning swordfish is entirely different as trophy fish like swordfish require skillful hunting rather than waiting.

In terms of EXP per hour, harpooning swordfish can be more profitable when it comes to game mechanics – but only if you’re lucky enough to find them consistently! Harpoon fishing provides higher XP rates compared to other traditional means. Still, they come in very small numbers which makes the gained experience fluctuate greatly; regardless the quality of the catch obtained.

Contrarily, fly-fishing is not as perilous as harpooning sailboats out at sea. But its effectiveness remains high despite the explorative risks associated with going after bigger game targets!. While fewer catches state the difference between EXP per hour results from variable precision ability & tools / swiftness matching individual styles!

The final verdict? It largely depends on what each person wants from their expertise and preference in play style– whether capturing with basic equipment for trophies or avidly pursuing various species generating better paying returns.

Harpooning Swordfish EXP Per Hour

If you are an avid fisherman looking for the most efficient way to catch fish, you may be wondering whether harpooning swordfish is more exp per hour than fly fishing. The answer really depends on your level and preferred method of fishing.

Fly fishing is a great option for lower-level players as it offers decent experience points (EXP) per hour at a relatively low cost. You can easily make money by selling trout or salmon caught while fly fishing. However, once you reach higher levels, such as 70+, the exp gain slows down significantly in comparison to other types of fishing.

“Once you hit level 76 Fishing, harpooning swordfish becomes one of the best options for steady EXP gains. “

This form of deep sea fishing requires baitless heavy rods and high-level boats but rewards you with large amounts of tuna and swordfish which offer high-value monetary returns alongside excellent EXP returns: expect over 65K Exp/hr from catching these creatures!

In conclusion, if you have reached advanced levels within the game we recommend that start moving away from basic fly-fishing techniques beyond those paltry trout & salmon catches, Harpooning Swordfish definitely yields more calories compensation compared to what Fly-Fishers harvest on average hourly basis . So get your boat ready up again today!

Fly Fishing EXP Per Hour

Many RuneScape players wonder whether harpooning swordfish or fly fishing is the better method for gaining experience per hour. While both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, it ultimately depends on the player’s preferences.

Fly fishing requires a fly fishing rod, feathers, and access to a body of water with trout or salmon. The exp gained per fish caught ranges from 50 to 70 depending on the type of fish. With perks such as honed and furnace installed in a tool gizmo shell, players can also increase their chances of catching more fish in less time. Players who are members also have access to additional fly-fishing spots that can further increase their exp per hour rate.

In contrast, harpooning swordfish only requires a harpoon and transport to either Catherby or North of Mobilising Armies areas where there are deposit boxes nearby. Swordfish yield an average of 100 exp per catch along with cooking experience if they choose to cook them immediately after obtaining swordfish.

“Personally I prefer fly fishing during my grind because I like watching Netflix at the same time without worrying about missing out on clicks. “

The downside to harpooning swordfish is its lower profit margins compared to other high-level training methods such as bossing or merchanting. That said, if you’re strictly interested in maximizing your exp gains rather than accumulating wealth, then harpooning swordfish can be a viable option.

Ultimately what matters most when choosing between these two methods is finding one that suits personal style best while keeping in mind which activities offer higher rates of return per unit. ”

Factors Affecting EXP Per Hour

The amount of experience (EXP) gained per hour in fishing can vary depending on several factors. One factor to consider is the type of fish being caught and the method used to catch them.

In regards to the question “Is harpooning swordfish more EXP per hour than fly fishing?” it depends on two main factors: level and equipment. At lower levels, fly fishing trout and salmon gain you faster EXP but at a certain point, usually around level 40-50, harpooning swordfish will give more EXP overall.

Another key factor is the location where you’re fishing. Certain areas have denser populations of fish which result in quicker respawn rates leading to higher EXP gains. For example, Barbarian Fishing near Otto’s Grotto offers fast catch rates for quick EXP with minimal bank time needed if done correctly.

Certain high-level fishing techniques such as Barbarian Fishing or Leaping Fish grant added bonuses that increase both the speed at which players obtain experience points and also provide additional rewards for putting forth extra effort while training.

Finally, having appropriate gear helps to maximize your efficiency when fishing. Wearing items like Angler’s outfit helps boost EXP per hour by providing an increased chance of catching multiple fish at once and faster recharge times between casts provided all pieces are worn together earning 2. 5% bonus XP over regular exp rate making even low lvl methods enjoyable!


The location where you engage in fishing can significantly affect the experience and rewards gained. For instance, if you are looking to earn more experience per hour than fly fishing through harpooning swordfish, then one recommended spot is the Fishing Guild located in Southwest Kourend.

This locale requires players to have a 68 fishing level and give access to various features beneficial for those who choose to hunt Swordfish. It includes special shops where items such as harpoons can be purchased and deposit boxes allowing quick banking when your inventory fills up.

Fishers will also find that this location has less competition with fewer players engaging in Harpoon-based hunting as compared to Fly Fishing spots like Barbarian Village, which often results in faster catching rates. The waters here boast of abundant fish stocks present at all times making it quite favorable for enhancing your game progress.

Note: While the above-discussed factors may help in improving your gameplay’s efficiency via lucrative returns on the XP Per Hour scale possible within specific locales; nevertheless, personal preferences or seasonal factors influencing some regions’ available resources can always impact these outcomes.

Equipment Quality

The quality of your equipment has a significant impact on how much experience you can gain in fishing. Both harpooning swordfish and fly fishing require different sets of equipment to achieve the best results.

When it comes to harpooning swordfish, players need to have the highest level harpoon they can use, preferably an infernal harpoon or crystal harpoon. These types of harpoons provide better chances to catch fish and also have a higher chance of catching multiple fishes at once. The same goes for the boat used – having a high-level boat allows for longer trips, thus improving the overall exp per hour rate.

On the other hand, when it comes to fly fishing, players usually don’t require any fancy equipment as even low-level gear is sufficient enough if done in certain spots like Lumbridge river bank or Barbarian village lake where there are Plentiful Fishing Spots available. However. . if one wants faster experience gains then he can opt out for better gears such as Angler outfit and Dragon Harpoon which gives 20% faster catching rates.

In conclusion, both methods of fishing offer decent experience gain rates but with proper equipment set-ups and attention towards selecting right location for each method respective equipments ultimately leads to efficient Exp/Hour rates exclusive only offering benefits in combination of skillful play style and constant focus.

So whether you choose to go for fly fishing or harpooning swordfish, make sure you invest in appropriate gear depending upon your current resources and goals so that you get optimal yields from your efforts!


After conducting thorough research and analysis, it can be concluded that harpooning swordfish is more exp per hour than fly fishing.

While fly fishing offers a peaceful and relaxing experience, it does not provide as much xp in comparison to harpooning swordfish. Harpooning allows for significantly more catches per hour, resulting in higher experience points earned.

In addition to the increased xp per hour, harpooning also offers greater profit opportunities due to the sale value of swordfish compared to trout or salmon caught through fly fishing. This makes harpoon fishing an attractive option for players looking to make both xp and gold.

It’s important to note that while harpooning may offer greater exp rewards, it requires higher levels of skill and equipment compared to beginner-friendly fly fishing. For those just starting out, fly fishing may still be a viable option until they acquire the necessary gear and expertise for harpoon fishing.

“Overall, choosing between these two methods comes down to personal preference based on individual goals and game strategy. “
In conclusion, if you’re looking for fast experience gains and don’t mind putting in some work upfront with both skills training and money invested into equipment upgrades then harpooning swordfish could be worth considering as your next go-to method for leveling up quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which method yields more experience per hour: harpooning swordfish or fly fishing?

Harpooning swordfish yields more experience per hour compared to fly fishing. With harpooning swordfish, you can catch more fish in a shorter amount of time, leading to more experience gained in a shorter period. Fly fishing, on the other hand, requires more time and patience, resulting in lesser experience gained per hour.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of harpooning swordfish and fly fishing in terms of experience gained?

The advantage of harpooning swordfish is that it yields more experience per catch compared to fly fishing. However, harpooning swordfish requires a higher fishing level and is more dangerous due to the presence of aggressive sea creatures. Fly fishing, on the other hand, is safer, requires a lower fishing level, but yields less experience per catch compared to harpooning swordfish.

How do the levels required for harpooning swordfish and fly fishing affect the experience gained per hour?

The higher the fishing level required for harpooning swordfish, the more experience gained per catch. However, this also means that it takes longer to reach the required level and catch the fish. With fly fishing, the experience gained per catch is lower, but it requires a lower fishing level, resulting in a faster experience gain per hour.

What equipment and inventory are needed for efficient harpooning swordfish and fly fishing?

For harpooning swordfish, you need a harpoon and a fishing level of 50. You also need a high-level harpoon and a boat to reach the fishing spot. For fly fishing, you need a fly fishing rod and a fishing level of 20. You also need feathers and a fishing bait. In terms of inventory, it is recommended to bring a full inventory of feathers and bait for fly fishing and a full inventory of harpoons for harpooning swordfish.

What factors should be considered when deciding between harpooning swordfish and fly fishing for training fishing and gaining experience?

The factors to consider when deciding between harpooning swordfish and fly fishing include the player’s fishing level and equipment, the player’s preference for speed or safety, and the availability of the fishing spots. Harpooning swordfish yields more experience per catch, but it requires a higher fishing level and is more dangerous. Fly fishing is safer and requires a lower fishing level, but it yields less experience per catch. Ultimately, the player’s preference and goals should be considered when choosing between the two methods.

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