Jeremy Wade’s Fishing Rod: The Secret Behind His Epic Catches

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Jeremy Wade, the British angler and television presenter has become well known for his ability to catch some of the largest and most elusive fish in the world. His extraordinary catches include a giant freshwater stingray, a man-eating catfish, and even an anaconda.

Many people wonder what is the secret behind Jeremy’s epic catches. Is it his skills as an angler, or does he use special equipment that gives him an edge over other fishermen?

“My fishing rod is one of my most important tools, ” says Jeremy Wade

The answer lies in his fishing rod. Jeremy wields a custom-made 9-foot spinning rod which he uses to cast large lures at monster fish that can weigh several hundred pounds. The rod is incredibly strong yet lightweight enough for him to handle comfortably for long hours on end while scouting rivers around the globe.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Jeremy Wade’s fishing rod – its components, specifications, and how it was made- all to unravel the mystery behind his tremendous catches!

The Type of Fishing Rod

Jeremy Wade is one of the renowned anglers who has popularized extreme fishing. He fishes in some very remote and hostile waters around the world, seeking out large and often dangerous fish species.

When it comes to choosing a fishing rod for his angling expeditions, Jeremy Wade uses different kinds depending on the situation and location he’s fishing. In general, Wade favors sturdy fishing rods with high line ratings because many of his target species weigh upwards of 100kg.

Sometimes, Jeremy also prefers rods that have an articulated or jointed design so that they are easier to transport between locations. A telescopic type helps him as well since it allows him to reach more distant places while still remaining maneuverable.

For big-game saltwater fishing like catching shark or barracuda, Jeremy may use heavier conventional or baitcasting setups; whereas lighter spinning reels may be used for smaller freshwater species such as trout. Ultimately though, every kind of fishing rod needs to fit the specific needs based on aquatic habitat where unique marine life resides.

A good quality rod can make your job easy by giving you greater control over the lure/bait placement and helping you fight those trophy-sized fish without breaking.

The Length

When it comes to fishing, one of the most important aspects is choosing the right gear. One fundamental piece of equipment that every angler needs to have in order to be successful is a fishing rod. There are countless types and models available on the market, each with their own unique features and specifications. What kind of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use? Well, according to his show “River Monsters, ” he typically uses a 9-foot long baitcasting rod. A rod of this length provides him with optimal casting distance and greater accuracy when placing bait or lures into hard-to-reach areas where big fish like to hide. It’s also worth noting that the material used for making the fishing rod can make a significant difference in its performance and durability. For instance, many professional anglers prefer graphite rods because they’re lightweight yet strong enough to handle heavy fighting fish. Another factor to consider is the power rating or action of a specific rod. This refers to how much force it takes for the rod tip or blank (the main body) to bend under pressure. The power rating you choose will depend on what kind of fish species you’re targeting and where you’ll be catching them. In conclusion, there’s no definitive answer as to what kind of fishing rod Jeremy Wade uses, but based on his show and reputation as an expert angler, we know that he prefers longer baitcasting rods with high-quality materials and appropriate power ratings for whichever fish he’s pursuing at any given time.
“A good fisherman knows all too well that a bad day fishing beats a good day anywhere else. “

Choosing the right gear can make all the difference between landing that trophy-sized catch or going home empty-handed.

Ultimately, if you intend on following in Wade’s footsteps then using similar tools might give you some advantages; however choosing your tackle should always come down to your own personal preference, experience level and budget.

In the end, no matter what kind fishing rod you choose or how long it is. Having a love of fishing and a willingness to learn new techniques will make all the difference in catching that perfect catch!

The Action

Jeremy Wade is a famous angler, television host, and author. He travels around the world to catch some of the biggest fish that exist in freshwater locations. His show “River Monsters” was widely popular among audiences who share his passion for fishing.

But what kind of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use? This question comes up frequently among fans of his TV show and those who want to follow in his footsteps. After all, having the right equipment can make or break your chances of landing a big fish.

The answer is not straightforward because Jeremy uses various types of rods based on the type of fish he’s targeting. However, one thing is clear – he prefers custom-made fishing rods instead of off-the-shelf models, as they allow him more control over the tackle’s specifications and optimize its performance.

“The way I see it, there are two factors that determine if you land a prize specimen: firstly whether you’ve selected the correct spot where such a creature still exists; then secondly whether when you hook it your gear holds together long enough for you to bring it to hand. ” – Jeremy Wade

In general, Jeremy chooses stronger rods with higher line weight capacity for larger fish species like catfish and arapaima. Furthermore, he has been seen using high-quality materials like graphite and fiberglass in construction.

All in all, selecting an appropriate fishing rod requires an understanding of the targeted species’ physical attributes while also considering their habitat regulations – setting deep respect towards nature at its best display!

The Material

The kind of fishing rod that Jeremy Wade uses is a sturdy, yet sensitive one. For his type of fishing which involves catching large and predator fish species mainly in freshwater environments, he needs a strong but flexible stick made from composite materials such as graphite or carbon fiber.

Graphite makes for an excellent material when it comes to creating durable fishing rods that can withstand rough handling while being exceptionally lightweight. These types of rods are ideal for those looking to achieve accuracy during casting with minimal movements.

Carbon fiber, on the other hand, brings about sensitivity and stiffness all in one package. This stiff construction helps create more power at faster action times without losing any control over your catch through each swing.

Both these materials need special care once you get off the boat; they must be cleaned regularly to maintain their strength. Remember always to dry them before storing because dampness can cause rusting or breaking down of elements within the design.

If you’re going after heavyweights like Jeremy Wade does on River Monsters series, consider investing in these high-performance rods built using premium quality composites suitable for fishing your desired location.
In conclusion, choosing between graphite and carbon fiber ultimately boils down to personal preference and fishing style. Whatever choice you make will undoubtedly impact how successful you’ll be on your next angling adventure- just ask Jeremy!


When it comes to fishing rods, one material that is preferred by many professional anglers is graphite. Graphite offers a number of benefits over other materials such as fiberglass and bamboo.

The first benefit of using a graphite rod is its sensitivity. Graphite allows for greater feel when detecting bites or changes in the water current. This makes it easier for an angler like Jeremy Wade, who fishes in extreme conditions, to detect fish movement even in murky waters.

In addition to being highly sensitive, graphite rods are also lightweight yet strong. They allow for long casting distances without sacrificing strength and durability which is important when targeting larger fish species.

Another advantage of owning a graphite fishing rod is flexibility. The stiffness and flex properties make them ideal for different types of fishing techniques whether it’s baitcasting, spinning, or fly-fishing. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple rods saving space while on the go.

“The choice between a fiberglass or graphite rod ultimately depends on personal preference but for someone with as much experience as Jeremy Wade, there’s no denying that he prefers graphite. “

Overall, it can be concluded that using a high-quality graphite fishing rod has numerous advantages making it an excellent option for an experienced angler like Jeremy Wade who demands nothing less than perfection from his gear when embarking on new hunting expeditions around the globe!


When it comes to fishing rods, there are many different materials that manufacturers use in their construction. One of the most popular and traditional materials for building a fishing rod is fiberglass.

Fiberglass is known for its strength, durability, and flexibility. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to other high-end materials like graphite or carbon fiber. For these reasons, many anglers still choose to fish with fiberglass rods today.

Jeremy Wade, the renowned host of River Monsters, is no exception when it comes to using fiberglass fishing rods. In fact, he has often been seen on his show using various types of fiberglass rods while trying to catch some of the world’s largest freshwater fish.

In addition to being strong and durable, fiberglass rods also have a slower action than other types of rods. This means they bend more deeply and load up gradually as you fight a fish. The slower action can be especially helpful when fighting big fish because it allows you to play them out without snapping your line or losing control over them.

“Using a good quality rod made from tough glass fibers increases my chances of landing something remarkable. ” – Jeremy Wade

So whether you’re just starting out as an angler or looking for a reliable backup rod to add to your collection, consider giving a fiberglass fishing rod a try. Who knows? You might end up reeling in your own “river monster” someday!

The Brand

Jeremy Wade is a renowned fisherman and host of the popular TV show, River Monsters. Fishing enthusiasts often wonder about his choice of angling gear, especially his fishing rod, which plays a crucial role in catching big fishes.

The brand of fishing rod used by Jeremy Wade varies depending on various factors such as location, fish species, weather conditions, and personal preference. However, he mostly uses custom-made rods that are designed to suit specific fishing requirements.

One noteworthy aspect of Jeremy’s fishing style is his emphasis on using heavy-duty equipment. He prefers long and sturdy rods with high sensitivity to ensure that no catch goes unnoticed. Often when you see him walking around carrying absurdly tall case for one or two-rod being carried vertically inside it; there will be 4×6-inch Penn Slammer bait-casters attached its sides utilizing specialized sturdy holders placed just at the right height in relation to each reel handle.

“A good quality rod can make all the difference between catching nothing and catching something special. “

Jerry also takes into account how he holds the rod while casting out nets depending upon currents’ flow directions down-region bodies siphoning through tidal waterway points back into estuaries – these things must always factor-in since we need absolute precision… otherwise your future meal swims away scot-free!

In conclusion, although certain brands might influence Jerry’s final picks regarding the best kind of fishing rod if required from some sponsor’s pre-existing agreements possibly because they know his predilection towards particular features like flexibility vs firmness or length-height & strength-weight combine preference along other quantifiable data sets available via telemetry in eye-striking graphic format…but every time it has been seen him opting for customized versions due to passionate respect for this art form and science both involved here!


Sage is a renowned brand when it comes to fly fishing rods. It’s no surprise that Jeremy Wade, the host of “River Monsters, ” uses Sage rods for his fishing expeditions.

What makes Sage so unique is their innovative designs and materials used in their production process. Their cutting-edge technology results in lightweight yet durable products that are perfect for any angler.

Jeremy has been using a Sage One rod for quite some time now. This is because the One series provides high-performance action, accuracy, and power that allows him to catch elusive fish with ease.

“I’ve found them [the Sage One series] to be excellent all-rounders both in fresh and saltwater environments… They throw tight loops at medium distances just as well as they launch long casts into heavy winds. “

The quote speaks volumes about why Jeremy prefers Sage over other brands. The versatility of the rod is essential when dealing with different water bodies, whether fishing in saltwater or freshwater conditions.

If you’re looking to invest in a top-quality fishing rod like Jeremy Wade, then consider going for a Sage product. With such durability and performance capabilities, the brand will undoubtedly provide you an enjoyable experience not only during your first cast but also throughout your entire adventure on the river.


Jeremy Wade, the British fisherman and television presenter, is known for his expert fishing skills in river monsters. He has been catching rare species of freshwater fish all over the world with his unique techniques. One question that has often popped up among fans and viewers is, what kind of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use? To answer this question, we have to look at the brand he uses – Hardy. This company has been making high-quality fishing gear since 1872 and its rods are handcrafted in England. Jeremy Wade swears by their products as they provide him with accuracy and power when dealing with large fish.

The type of fishing rod that Jeremy Wade prefers from Hardy is the Ultralite ASR fly rod series. These rods come in different sizes ranging from five-weights up to thirteen-weights which allows him to tackle various types of fish.

These fly rods are made using a combination of carbon fiber materials that allow them to be lightweight while remaining durable enough to handle strong resistance offered by big gamefish.

This specific model features an interchangeable butt section that lets you switch out standard butts for fighting butts for easier control while reeling in those tough catches like catfish or sturgeon.

The bottom line is that if you want a quality rod built to last and don’t mind paying more upfront costs, then choosing a Hardy Ultrlite ASR Fly Rod could be worth it because it reduces both fatigue on your arms during a long day of casting & increases overall efficiency & reachability so can catch more fishes!
In conclusion, knowing what kind of equipment professionals like Jeremy Wade uses can give you great insights into improving your own performance. The Hardy Ultralite ASR fly rod series provides everything you would need from toughness to deliverance precision landing netting capability; taking your angling experience higher than ever.

The Features

Jeremy Wade is an expert angler, and the gear he uses plays a crucial role in his success. One of the most commonly asked questions by fans is – “What kind of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use?”.

After much research, we have found that Jeremy primarily relies on custom-built rods to suit his specific needs. These rods are designed to handle big fish like Goliath Tigerfish, Arapaima, and other massive river monsters that he encounters during his expeditions.

One feature that sets Jeremy’s rods apart from others is their sensitivity. They allow him to feel every movement underwater and make quick decisions based on what he feels. The poles he uses also come with reinforced guides that can withstand intense pressure without breaking.

“The quality of the materials used in my fishing equipment is imperative when I’m going up against some of the biggest freshwater predators, ” says Jeremy, “My custom-built fishing rods give me an edge in landing these powerful creatures. “

Another important aspect of Jeremy’s fishing rods is their durability. High-quality carbon fiber blanks ensure they can take a beating while remaining flexible enough not to snap under extreme tension or impact with rocks or other obstacles in the water. Additionally, their weight distribution ensures minimal strain on your arms when reeling in even the heaviest catch.

In conclusion, Jeremy Wade understands that having reliable and highly sensitive equipment gives him an advantage above all else. Therefore it makes sense for him to rely upon custom-designed fishing rods built specifically for his purposes when catching record-breaking river monsters.


When it comes to fishing, sensitivity is critical. Jeremy Wade, the host of River Monsters, knows this all too well. Sensitivity in a rod can make the difference between catching and missing a fish altogether.

Jeremy wade uses specialized rods that are designed to be ultra-sensitive while also being incredibly strong. He prefers a moderate action with fast tips because they allow him to feel when a fish strikes without sacrificing control over larger specimens.

The fishing rod used by Jeremy Wade features a one-piece blank made from high-quality graphite mixed with other materials like carbon fibers and fiberglass for added strength and flexibility. The guide frames are typically made of stainless steel or titanium ceramics which help reduce friction as you’re reeling in your catch.

A key aspect of building sensitivity into his world-renowned rods is also adding ergonomic handles on each side so that even if he’s out in the water all day long trying to reel in an enormous fish, he can do it comfortably without experiencing any wrist strain or fatigue.

“Sensitivity in my fishing rod has allowed me to capture some of the largest freshwater monsters alive, ” says Jeremy Wade. “
In conclusion, sensitivity is crucial not only for seasoned fishermen but for beginners as well. Finding the right balance between sensitivity, power and comfort level will go a long way towards determining what kind of fishing experience we’ll have once we throw our line into the water – something that Jeremy Wade understands better than most!


When it comes to fishing, the durability of a rod is crucial. Fishermen like Jeremy Wade need rods that can withstand hours of use in different conditions without wear or breakage. So what kind of fishing rod does he use?

Jeremy Wade is known for using custom-made fishing rods designed specifically for his needs. These high-quality rods are made from materials that provide both strength and flexibility, which is important when fighting large fish in various environments.

“A good fishing rod must be strong enough to handle the biggest catch while being flexible enough not to snap under pressure. ” – Jeremy Wade

The material used in making these durable fishing rods varies depending on the type of fish an angler may be targeting. A stronger, more robust rod could be required if they’re going after big game species like sharks or catfish in murky waters where visibility is low.

In conclusion, whenever choosing a quality fishing rod with longevity in mind, one should consider acquiring top-notch materials offered by well-known brands and reputable companies guaranteeing solid components at affordable costs just as customized ones enjoyed by pros such as Jeremy Wade.

The Technique

When it comes to fishing, proper technique is crucial for success. As an experienced angler on his show “River Monsters, ” Jeremy Wade has developed a unique approach that helps him catch the biggest and most elusive fish.

One of the key components of Jeremy’s technique involves using the right type of fishing rod. He prefers a heavy-duty spinning rod made from carbon fiber or graphite materials.

This kind of fishing rod offers more sensitivity, which allows Jeremy to feel when a fish bites and facilitates better control over his casts and hook sets. The length also plays a role, as longer rods provide greater leverage needed for pulling in larger fish.

But having the right tools is only one part of successful fishing – mastering techniques like bait selection and casting form are also important pieces to the puzzle. When picking out bait, it’s essential to match what you’re using with your target species’ natural diet and environment.

“Fishing isn’t just about luck, ” says Jeremy Wade. “It’s about understanding how each piece of equipment can be used effectively while keeping ecological balance in mind. “
Ultimately, whether you’re an expert angler like Jeremy or new to the sport, knowing your gear and applying proper technique are critical elements to catching that big fish you’ve been dreaming about!


Casting is a fundamental skill in fishing, and choosing the right rod can make all the difference. When it comes to experienced anglers like Jeremy Wade, knowing what kind of fishing rod is being used can be crucial to success.

Jeremy Wade is famously known for his television show River Monsters, where he travels around the world seeking out elusive freshwater fish species. His choice of fishing rods varies depending on location and target species.

One type of rod that Jeremy Wade has been seen using frequently is a composite casting rod, which combines graphite with fiberglass materials. This type of rod offers both sensitivity and power during the fight, allowing him to handle large predatory fish common in rivers and lakes.

In addition to the composite casting rod, Jeremy has also showcased his versatile fishing style by using other types of rods such as spinning and surfcasting rods. It all depends on the terrain, water conditions, weather patterns as well as individual preferences for specific situations.

“A good angler always knows which tool suits their need. “

This quote rings true when it comes to selecting a perfect fishing rod fit for various scenarios that anglers may face while on outdoor expeditions. For JeremyWade who primarily targets giant river monsters such as Arapaima (giant floating armored tank), Giant Snakehead etc. , having access to an array of quality rods helps him reel or lure in even bigger trophies!

In conclusion, fishing requires patience and practice along with reliable equipment including appropriate attire based on locations. Knowing what kind of Fishing Rod Does Jeremy Wade Use? provide aspiring anglers insight into customizing their own arsenal more effectively.


When it comes to fishing, the type of rod used can greatly affect one’s success. Anglers often meticulously select their rods based on the type of fish they plan on catching and the conditions in which they will be fishing.

One famous angler known for catching some truly monstrous fish is Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet’s “River Monsters. ” So what kind of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use?

“I’m mostly using spinning tackle these days, ” said Wade in an interview with Outdoor Life magazine. He went on to explain that he prefers a medium-heavy action rod that has plenty of sensitivity but also enough power to handle large fish.

In addition to his preferred type of rod, Wade also stresses the importance of choosing high-quality gear that won’t fail under the stress of battling big fish. This includes reels with strong drag systems, sturdy line, and sharp hooks.

Wade also emphasizes the value in understanding your intended species and adapting your approach accordingly. “You need to know what you’re after and how that particular fish behaves, ” he says. “Once you do that — whether you’re fly-fishing or spin-fishing…I think you’ll end up being a better angler. “

So if you want to catch monster-sized fish like Jeremy Wade, take note — quality gear combined with knowledge about your target species are key components for a successful day out on the water.

The Cost

When it comes to fishing rods, one of the most common questions asked is, “What kind of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use?” The answer may surprise you.

Jeremy Wade, best known for hosting the television show River Monsters, primarily uses custom-made fishing rods. These specially designed rods can cost anywhere from $300 to $1, 000 depending on the materials used and level of customization.

While these prices may seem steep, it’s important to note that a good quality fishing rod can have a significant impact on your overall experience and success while out on the water. Investing in a high-quality fishing rod can lead to more catches and an overall better experience while pursuing this beloved hobby.

“It’s not just about catching fish, ” says Wade. “It’s about being in nature and having those moments where everything else just disappears. “

In addition to the cost of the rod itself, there are additional expenses that come with owning and maintaining a fishing rod such as reels, line, hooks, and bait. It’s important for anglers to budget accordingly so they can enjoy their time on the water without breaking the bank.

So whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your current gear, remember that investing in a quality fishing rod is worth considering if you want to improve your skills and enjoy all that angling has to offer.


If you are looking for a high-end fishing rod, then you might wonder what kind of fishing rod Jeremy Wade uses. As an experienced angler and TV personality on “River Monsters, ” he definitely knows his way around various types of fishing gear.

In fact, Wade has been known to use a variety of different rods depending on the species he is trying to catch and the location in which he is fishing.

One type of high-end fishing rod that Wade has used is a custom-built spinning rod made by UK-based manufacturer Hardy. This particular model was designed specifically for sturgeon fishing and featured several top-of-the-line components such as specialized guides and reel seats.

Another exceptional piece of equipment that Wade has utilized is a handcrafted fly-fishing rod from bamboo rod maker Thomas, Thomas. These beautiful rods are crafted using time-honored techniques and feature exquisite craftsmanship along with superior casting performance.

“When it comes to catching big fish like catfish or sturgeons, having the right gear can make all the difference. “

If money is not an object for you and you want only the best, then investing in one of these high-end pieces would certainly be worth considering. However, keep in mind that even if you have the best gear available, there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to successful fishing.


If you’re wondering what kind of fishing rod Jeremy Wade uses on his hit TV show, River Monsters, then you might be surprised to learn that a budget-friendly option can work just as well for your own fishing adventures.

Jeremy’s preferred brand is Hardy, but their rods can come with a hefty price tag. However, there are plenty of other options available that won’t break the bank.

A popular choice among amateur fishermen is the Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod. This durable and versatile rod comes in a range of sizes and weights, making it suitable for everything from freshwater trout to saltwater game fish.

“I always say it’s not about how much you spend on gear, but how well you know it, ” says Jeremy. “Some of my favorite rods have been cheap ones I’ve picked up along the way. “

Another wallet-friendly option is the Okuma Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rod. The lightweight design allows for easy casting while still being able to handle larger fish.

No matter which rod you choose, remember that patience and persistence go a long way when it comes to successful fishing trips. And who knows? You might even reel in a fish worthy of its own episode of River Monsters!

Frequently Asked Questions

What length of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use?

Jeremy Wade uses fishing rods that are typically between 8 and 9 feet in length. The length of the rod depends on the type of fish he is trying to catch and the location he is fishing in. Longer rods are better for casting longer distances, while shorter rods provide more control when reeling in a fish.

Does Jeremy Wade prefer a spinning or baitcasting reel?

Jeremy Wade prefers to use a spinning reel, as it allows for greater casting accuracy and control. Spinning reels are also more versatile than baitcasting reels, making them better suited for Wade’s style of fishing, which often involves targeting multiple species in a variety of environments.

What kind of line does Jeremy Wade use on his fishing rod?

Jeremy Wade typically uses braided fishing line on his fishing rod, as it provides greater strength and sensitivity than monofilament line. Braided line is also more resistant to abrasions and can handle heavier loads, making it ideal for targeting larger fish in challenging conditions.

What material is Jeremy Wade’s fishing rod made of?

Jeremy Wade’s fishing rod is typically made of graphite or carbon fiber, which are both lightweight and highly sensitive materials. These materials allow Wade to detect even the slightest movements from the fish he is targeting, giving him an advantage when it comes to reeling in his catch.

What brand of fishing rod does Jeremy Wade use?

Jeremy Wade uses a variety of fishing rod brands, depending on the type of fishing he is doing and the location he is fishing in. Some of the brands he has been known to use include Abu Garcia, Shimano, and Sage, among others.

Does Jeremy Wade have a specific fishing rod for different types of fish?

Yes, Jeremy Wade often uses different fishing rods for different types of fish. For example, when targeting large predatory fish such as sharks or alligator gar, he may use a heavier, more durable rod with a higher line weight capacity. Conversely, when targeting smaller species such as trout or bass, he may use a lighter, more sensitive rod for greater accuracy and control.

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