The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in NBA 2K18: Reel in the Big Wins Now!

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The world of NBA 2K18 is full of surprises, but did you know that there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered? That’s right – we’re talking about fishing! Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a complete newbie, the world of NBA 2K18 fishing is one that you won’t want to miss out on.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about fishing in NBA 2K18. From the basics of casting and reeling to advanced techniques for catching legendary fish, we’ve got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your fishing rod and get ready to reel in the big wins!

Read on to discover our top tips and tricks for becoming a master angler in NBA 2K18 – you won’t want to miss out on the excitement!

Learn the basics of NBA 2K18 fishing

If you’re new to NBA 2K18 fishing, it’s important to start with the basics. First, you’ll need to equip a fishing rod and find a body of water – whether it’s a lake, river, or ocean. Once you’ve located a suitable spot, it’s time to cast your line and wait for a fish to bite.

It’s important to keep an eye on your line tension and reel in the fish when it’s caught. You can use lures and bait to attract different types of fish, and you’ll need to learn how to release them properly in order to keep them alive.

Casting and reeling

When it comes to casting, you’ll need to aim your rod at the desired location and hold down the casting button until the meter reaches the optimal level. Reeling in your catch requires careful attention to the line tension meter, as you’ll need to balance pulling the fish in quickly with giving it enough slack to tire it out.

Using lures and bait

Lures and bait are essential tools for catching specific types of fish. Experiment with different types of bait and lures to see what works best for the fish you’re targeting. You can also use sonar to detect fish in the area and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Releasing your catch

When it’s time to release your catch, make sure to do so carefully in order to avoid harming the fish. Hold the fish in the water until it regains its strength, and then release it back into the water. This will help ensure that the fish survives and can be caught again in the future.

  • Use a landing net to safely remove the fish from the water
  • Hold the fish by the jaw or gills to avoid damaging its internal organs
  • Release the fish back into the water as gently as possible

Now that you’ve learned the basics of NBA 2K18 fishing, it’s time to put your skills to the test. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master angler and reeling in the big wins!

Explore the different fishing locations in NBA 2K18

Fishing in NBA 2K18 is a great way to relax and take a break from the intense basketball gameplay. But where are the best spots to cast your line and reel in some big wins? Let’s explore the different fishing locations in the game and see what each one has to offer.

First up is the Central Park location. Here, you’ll find plenty of bass and catfish in the tranquil waters of the park’s lake. Next, head over to the Bayou location for a chance to catch some large-mouth bass and pike in the murky waters of the swamp. And if you’re looking for something truly exotic, try your luck at the Fiji location where you can hook rare and valuable species like the Pacific blue marlin and yellowfin tuna.

Central Park

At Central Park, you’ll find a peaceful fishing experience surrounded by the park’s scenic greenery. Cast your line into the calm waters of the lake and you’ll have a chance to catch bass and catfish. Take your time and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere as you wait for a bite.


The Bayou location is a more challenging fishing spot with murky waters and plenty of obstacles to navigate. But if you’re up for the challenge, you can catch large-mouth bass and pike hiding in the swamp’s depths. Use lures that mimic the movements of live bait to entice these elusive fish to bite.


Fiji is the ultimate destination for exotic fishing adventures. Here, you can catch rare and valuable species like the Pacific blue marlin and yellowfin tuna. But beware, these fish are tough to catch and require skill and patience to reel in. Equip high-end gear and use a variety of baits to increase your chances of success.

  • Bass: A popular freshwater gamefish known for its aggressive strikes and strong fighting abilities.
  • Catfish: A bottom-dwelling freshwater fish that can grow to massive sizes and put up a fierce fight.
  • Pike: A predatory freshwater fish known for its sharp teeth and aggressive nature.

Master the art of casting your line and hooking your fish

If you want to be a successful fisherman in NBA 2K18, you must master the art of casting your line and hooking your fish.

First, you need to select the appropriate bait or lure for the type of fish you are targeting. Choosing the right bait is crucial as it can affect the number and size of fish you catch. Then, you need to position your rod correctly and aim for the right spot.

Positioning your rod

  • Make sure your rod is parallel to the water’s surface
  • Hold down the casting button until the power meter reaches the desired level
  • Release the casting button when the meter is in the green zone

Aiming for the right spot

Location is key when it comes to catching fish. You need to choose the right fishing spot based on the type of fish you are targeting. Look for areas with signs of fish activity, such as ripples on the water’s surface or schools of fish swimming by.

Hooking your fish

  • Wait for the fish to bite before reeling in your line
  • As soon as the fish bites, press and hold the hook button to set the hook
  • Use your rod to reel in the fish while keeping tension on the line

Mastering the art of casting your line and hooking your fish takes practice, but with the right technique and patience, you can become a skilled fisherman in NBA 2K18. Remember to be patient and persistent as catching a big fish can take time, but the reward is well worth it.

Upgrade your fishing gear for bigger and better catches

Are you tired of coming home with small, measly catches after a day of fishing? It may be time to upgrade your fishing gear to increase your chances of reeling in bigger fish.

Investing in new equipment can be overwhelming, so it’s important to do your research and figure out what will work best for you.

Consider the type of fish you want to catch

  • Bait: Different types of fish require different types of bait. Make sure you have the right bait for the fish you want to catch.
  • Rods and Reels: Consider the weight and length of the rod and reel you need for the type of fish you are targeting.
  • Fishing Line: Make sure your fishing line is strong enough to handle the weight and size of the fish you are trying to catch.

Invest in quality equipment

Investing in quality fishing equipment can make a huge difference in your overall fishing experience. While it may cost more initially, high-quality equipment will last longer and ultimately save you money in the long run.

Make sure to read reviews and ask other anglers for recommendations before making a purchase.

Properly maintain your equipment

  • Clean: Rinse your equipment with freshwater after each use to remove any salt or dirt that can damage your equipment.
  • Store: Store your equipment in a dry, cool place to prevent rust or other damage.
  • Replace: Regularly check your equipment for any damage and replace any parts that are worn or broken.

By upgrading your fishing gear and taking proper care of it, you can increase your chances of catching bigger and better fish on your next outing.

Discover the secret to attracting legendary fish

Every angler dreams of reeling in a legendary fish. The ones that are talked about for years to come. These elusive creatures require a special kind of bait to lure them in. It’s not just about the type of bait, but the way you present it. The secret to attracting legendary fish is all about the technique.

If you want to up your game and catch that one-in-a-lifetime fish, then you need to pay attention to the details. From the type of bait you use, to the way you cast your line, every step of the process needs to be executed perfectly.

Use the right bait

Choosing the right bait is crucial when it comes to attracting legendary fish. These fish are often smarter and more selective than their smaller counterparts, so you need to be strategic with your bait selection. Live bait is often the best option, as it mimics the movements of natural prey. Use crayfish, minnows, or worms for the best chance of attracting a big fish.

Master your casting technique

Once you have your bait selected, it’s time to work on your casting technique. A sloppy cast can scare off even the hungriest fish. Practice your casting until you can do it with your eyes closed. Use precision and accuracy to get your bait exactly where you want it. This will increase your chances of getting a bite and reeling in that legendary fish.

Be patient and observant

Legendary fish are not caught every day, and it takes a lot of patience and observation to reel one in. Watch the water for signs of movement, and pay attention to any changes in the water’s surface. These could indicate the presence of a big fish. Don’t give up too easily, and be prepared to wait for the right moment.

Attracting legendary fish takes time, effort, and patience, but it’s a reward like no other. Use these tips to increase your chances of reeling in the fish of a lifetime.

Compete against other players in NBA 2K18 fishing tournaments

Looking for a new way to take your love of fishing to the next level? Look no further than NBA 2K18 fishing tournaments! That’s right, the popular basketball game has added a fishing mode where players can compete against each other to catch the biggest and best fish.

To get started, simply select the fishing mode from the main menu and choose your preferred location. From there, you can customize your gear and start casting your line. The gameplay is intuitive and realistic, so you’ll feel like you’re actually out on the water.

Join a tournament

If you’re feeling competitive, join a fishing tournament to test your skills against other players. These tournaments offer a chance to win prizes and gain recognition within the NBA 2K18 fishing community. You can even create your own tournament and invite friends to compete.

Upgrade your gear

Just like in real-life fishing, having the right gear is crucial to success in NBA 2K18 fishing tournaments. Make sure to upgrade your rods, reels, lures, and other equipment to increase your chances of catching a trophy fish. You can earn in-game currency by competing in tournaments or completing challenges to purchase the latest and greatest gear.

Practice makes perfect

As with any game or sport, practice makes perfect. Take some time to explore the different locations and practice your casting technique. You can also use the tutorial mode to learn new skills and tricks that will help you catch more fish.

Use your fishing skills to earn extra virtual currency in NBA 2K18

If you’re a fan of the NBA 2K18 game, you might not have considered how your fishing skills could help you earn virtual currency in the game. But did you know that you can use your fishing skills to earn extra VC (virtual currency) in NBA 2K18?

By participating in fishing tournaments and competitions within the game, you can earn extra virtual currency to use on player upgrades, items, and more. And not only is it a fun way to switch up your gameplay, but it’s also a great way to earn extra currency without spending real money.

How to participate in fishing tournaments

  • First, make sure you have a fishing rod in your inventory
  • Next, find the nearest fishing location on the game map
  • Interact with the fishing spot to start the tournament
  • Once the tournament begins, you’ll need to catch as many fish as you can within the time limit
  • The better your catch, the more virtual currency you’ll earn

Why fishing tournaments are worth it

Aside from the obvious benefit of earning extra virtual currency, fishing tournaments and competitions are a great way to break up the gameplay and try something new. It’s also a great way to challenge yourself and improve your fishing skills within the game.

Plus, participating in fishing tournaments can also earn you exclusive rewards and items that you can’t find anywhere else in the game. So, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking to boost your virtual currency and add some excitement to your gameplay.

Tips for winning fishing tournaments

  • Practice your fishing skills in free play mode to get a feel for the controls and mechanics
  • Pay attention to the weather conditions and time of day, as they can affect the types of fish you’ll catch
  • Upgrade your fishing rod and gear to improve your chances of catching better fish
  • Keep an eye out for special events and promotions that offer bonus virtual currency or exclusive rewards for participating in fishing tournaments

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go fishing in NBA 2K18?

To go fishing in NBA 2K18, you need to first unlock the ability by leveling up your character’s Fishing skill. Once you have done so, you can access the fishing mini-game by going to a body of water and selecting the fishing option. From there, you can cast your line and try to catch various types of fish, which can be sold for virtual currency or used to upgrade your player’s stats.

What types of fish can I catch in NBA 2K18?

You can catch a variety of fish in NBA 2K18, including bass, trout, catfish, and more. Each type of fish has different rarity levels and can be sold for varying amounts of virtual currency. Some fish may also be used in crafting and upgrading your player’s equipment.

Is there a specific time or location to fish in NBA 2K18?

There is no specific time or location to fish in NBA 2K18. You can fish in any body of water, such as lakes, rivers, or even the ocean, and at any time of day or night. However, certain types of fish may be more common in specific locations or at certain times, so it may be worth experimenting to find the best spots for different types of fish.

How can I improve my chances of catching rare fish in NBA 2K18?

To improve your chances of catching rare fish in NBA 2K18, you can use higher quality fishing gear, such as better rods and bait. Additionally, leveling up your Fishing skill can increase your chances of catching rare fish. Finally, it may be helpful to experiment with different fishing locations and times to find the best spots for different types of fish.

Can I fish with other players in NBA 2K18?

Yes, you can compete against other players in fishing tournaments in NBA 2K18. These tournaments allow you to test your fishing skills against other players and earn virtual currency and other rewards. Additionally, you can fish alongside other players in the same body of water and even help each other catch fish.

What can I do with the virtual currency I earn from fishing in NBA 2K18?

The virtual currency you earn from fishing in NBA 2K18 can be used to purchase a variety of items and upgrades for your player, such as better equipment, clothes, and tattoos. Additionally, you can use virtual currency to upgrade your player’s stats and abilities, making them a more formidable opponent on the court.

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