What To Eat With Fish Sticks? Try These Delicious Combinations!

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Are you an avid fan of fish sticks but struggling to come up with tasty and exciting sides to accompany your favorite dish? Look no further, as we have got you covered with these delicious combinations that will take your fish stick game to the next level!

We understand that pairing your protein with side dishes can be challenging, especially when it comes to seafood. But worry not, because we have rounded up some classic and unconventional options that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

“Pairing different flavors and textures with your fish sticks can enhance the overall eating experience, making every bite a delightful treat.”

If you’re looking for traditional sides, classics like french fries, coleslaw, pasta salad, and green peas can never go wrong. Still, if you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend trying out something new, like roasted sweet potatoes or grilled zucchini for added nutritional value and flavor.

For those who love spices, bold sauces, and dips, our selection of tangy tartar sauce, creamy garlic aioli, hot buffalo dip, and avocado salsa will elevate your fish sticks to a whole new level of deliciousness!

So whether you’re preparing a quick lunch for yourself or cooking for your family, try out these mouth-watering combinations with your fish sticks. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Classic Side Dishes

Traditional Potato Salad

Potato salad is a perfect side dish to pair with fish sticks. Its flavors complement the crispy and tender texture of the fish, making it an ideal comfort food meal. The recipe for this iconic dish is simple, consisting mainly of boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, boiled eggs, celery, fresh herbs, and simple seasonings.

To make potato salad, start by boiling potatoes in salted water until they become tender but still firm. Drain the water and let the potatoes cool down completely, then peel them and chop them into cubes. In a separate bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, some mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper until smooth.

Add the chopped potatoes, boiled eggs, diced onions, and celery to the mixture and mix everything well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley or chives on top.

“Potatoes are great because they’re easy and forgiving – boiling them doesn’t require very much technique.” -David Chang

Creamed Spinach

If you want to add more greens to your plate, creamed spinach makes a nice addition to fish sticks. This creamy and flavorful dish is made from fresh spinach that’s blanched and sautéed in garlic butter and simmered in heavy cream and grated Parmesan cheese.

To prepare creamed spinach, start with fresh baby spinach leaves and wash them thoroughly under cold running water. Bring a pot of salted water to boil and blanch the spinach leaves for about 1 minute, then immediately rinse them under cold water and drain. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible and finely chop the spinach.

In a separate saucepan, melt butter over low heat and sauté minced garlic until fragrant. Pour in heavy cream and bring it to a gentle simmer. Add the spinach and Parmesan cheese into the mixture and stir everything until the cheese is melted and the spinach is coated evenly. Serve hot with seasoning.

“Spinach has a mild flavor that goes very well with many dishes, including fish.” -Christopher Kimball

These two classic side dishes can make any fish stick meal complete. Their flavors meld together seamlessly, providing the ideal combination of textures and tastes for your taste buds. Try them out today!

Mediterranean Flavors

Fish sticks make for a quick and tasty meal, but they can also become dull if served the same way every time. To spice up your fish stick dinner, consider adding some Mediterranean flavors to the mix. Here are some mouth-watering dishes that pair perfectly with fish sticks:

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Hummus is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, and its many variations have spread around the Mediterranean region. Roasted red pepper hummus adds sweetness and smokiness to the classic dip. It pairs wonderfully with fish sticks as the tangy flavor complements the mildness of the fish.

“Hummus is proof that some of the best things in life come without packaging.” -Unknown

To make roasted red pepper hummus, blend chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt, cumin, and olive oil until smooth. Add chopped roasted red peppers to give it some color and flavor. Serve the hummus cold with warm fish sticks and raw vegetables on the side.

Greek Salad with Feta Cheese

Greek salads are healthy, refreshing, and full of flavor. The combination of crisp lettuce leaves, ripe tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, savory olives, salty feta cheese, and zesty vinaigrette makes for an unforgettable experience. Use fresh ingredients and herbs like oregano, parsley, and mint to elevate the taste even further.

“In Greece, food is a treasured part of the culture and history; Greeks share recipes and eat together almost as a family.” -Cat Cora

This salad is perfect for a summer day when you don’t want heavy or hot food. The coolness of the veggies balance out the warmth of the fish sticks, while the briny feta cheese adds depth to the dish. Serve with a side of warm pita bread.

Baba Ghanoush

Baba ghanoush is another eggplant-based dip that has become famous beyond its Lebanese origins. It has a velvety texture and a smoky taste thanks to grilling or roasting the eggplants. You can pair baba ghanoush with any fried food – including fish sticks! The herbaceous flavor from parsley and mint give it an infusion of freshness.

“Baba ghanoush is one of those classic dishes that makes Middle Eastern cuisine so amazing.” -Diane Kochilas

Making baba ghanoush requires some patience but is worth the effort. Char the eggplants over open flame until their skins turn black and blistered. Let them cool, peel off the skin carefully, mash the pulp well in a bowl with tahini paste, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, parsley, salt, and cumin. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top for presentation and serve chilled with hot fish fingers.

Couscous with Pine Nuts and Raisins

Couscous has its roots in North African countries like Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. It’s quick-cooking and versatile, hence used widely across Mediterranean kitchens. Couscous with pine nuts and raisins is an excellent complement to fish chips as it offers nuttiness and sweetness that offsets the fish’s mildness.

“Couscous is pasta that went backpacking through North Africa and came back infused with spice and good intentions.” -Unknown

To make couscous with pine nuts and raisins, cook instant couscous as directed. Fluff it up with a fork, add toasted pine nuts and plump raisins to the bowl. Dress the couscous mixture lightly with olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, salt, coriander powder and cumin seeds for an aromatic finish. Serve warm alongside crispy fish sticks.

Mediterranean cuisine offers plenty of flavors that can liven up your fish stick dinners. From hummus to Greek salad, baba ghanoush and couscous with pine nuts – there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Try these recipes today to make your meals more exciting and fulfilling!

Asian-Inspired Pairings

Miso Soup

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, then miso soup is definitely for you. Made from miso paste and dashi broth, this flavorful soup is the perfect accompaniment to fish sticks. It adds that umami taste that complements the mild flavor of the fish perfectly.

In addition to being tasty, miso soup has various health benefits as well. According to Healthline, it’s packed with nutrients such as vitamins B12, E, K, and folic acid. Miso also contains probiotics that help improve digestion and boost immunity.

To make your own miso soup at home, simply mix miso paste and dashi broth in a pot and add your choice of ingredients such as tofu, seaweed, or green onions. Bring to a boil and serve hot alongside your fish sticks.

Stir-Fried Vegetables

If you want to add some color and nutrition to your plate, stir-fried vegetables are the perfect companion to fish sticks. You can choose any vegetable combination you like, but some popular options include broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, and snow peas.

Aside from their visual appeal, stir-fried veggies have many benefits. According to Harvard Medical School, they’re packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for optimal health. They also contain antioxidants that protect against cell damage and chronic diseases.

To make stir-fried vegetables, heat oil in a pan over high heat and sauté garlic and ginger until fragrant. Add your chopped vegetables and toss for about 5 minutes until cooked but still crisp. Finish off with soy sauce, salt, and pepper to taste and enjoy!

  • Some other Asian-inspired pairings you can try with fish sticks include:
  • Soba noodles: These thin Japanese noodles have a nutty flavor that pairs well with the mildness of fish sticks. Serve cold or hot in soup form.
  • Edamame: A popular snack in Japanese cuisine, edamame is boiled soybeans served with salt and spices. It’s high in protein and fiber, making it a healthy option to go along with your fish sticks.
  • Rice: Rice is a staple food for many countries in Asia, including Japan, Korea, and China. Choose from white rice, brown rice, sticky rice, or sushi rice to complement your fish sticks.
“Asian cuisine offers a wide variety of flavors and textures that can enhance any meal. From miso soup to stir-fried veggies, there are so many options to choose from when looking for the perfect pairing for your fish sticks.” -Food Network

Mexican-Inspired Accompaniments


Guacamole is the perfect accompaniment to fish sticks. It adds a fresh and creamy texture that complements the crispy exterior of the fish stick. The primary ingredient in guacamole is avocado, which packs loads of nutrients such as potassium, fiber, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

To make homemade guacamole, start by mashing two ripe avocados in a bowl using a fork. Add finely chopped onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper, tomato, lime juice, salt, and freshly chopped cilantro to taste. Mix everything together and adjust the seasoning according to your taste preferences. Serve immediately or keep it covered in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy with your fish sticks.

“Avocado is incredibly nutritious and contains more potassium than bananas.” – Healthline

Black Bean Salad

A black bean salad provides an excellent side dish for fish sticks. Apart from adding a punch of flavor to your meal, black beans pack plenty of protein and minerals such as iron and magnesium. They also contain dietary fiber that plays a role in gut health and blood sugar control.

To make a simple black bean salad, start by rinsing and draining a can of black beans. In a mixing bowl, combine the drained beans, diced red peppers, sliced scallions, minced jalapeño, and freshly chopped cilantro. Drizzle some olive oil and lime juice into the bowl and toss to coat everything evenly. Season with salt and pepper to taste before serving alongside your fish sticks.

“Black beans are packed with protein and fiber, making them an essential part of every healthy-eating plan.” – CookingLight

Mexican Street Corn

Mexican street corn, commonly known as Elote, is a popular Mexican-inspired accompaniment that pairs well with fish sticks. It provides an incredible blend of flavors and textures. You get the sweetness from the corn, creaminess from the cheese, spice from the chili powder and tang from lime juice.

To make this delicious side dish, start by grilling ears of corn until they are tender and charred in spots. Brush some mayonnaise or crema Mexicana on each ear of corn and sprinkle generously with crumbled cotija cheese, chili powder, chopped cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. Serve hot alongside your crispy fish sticks for an explosion of flavor.

“Elote is one of Mexico’s most popular street foods, often served at fairs and outdoor gatherings.” – The Spruce Eats

Comfort Food Combinations

Macaroni and Cheese

What to eat with fish sticks? If you’re looking for a classic comfort food pairing, macaroni and cheese is always a good bet. The cheesy pasta pairs well with the savory flavor of fish sticks, making it an easy go-to meal.

According to Food Network, “The combination of creamy mac ‘n’ cheese with crisp fish sticks takes everyone right back to their childhood.” To really take your dish up a notch, try adding some bacon or breadcrumbs on top for added texture and taste.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Another classic side dish that pairs perfectly with fish sticks is garlic mashed potatoes. Adding garlic to mashed potatoes not only gives them amazing flavor but also makes them more nutritious as garlic is known for its antioxidant properties according to Medical News Today.

To create this popular side dish, boil peeled potatoes until they are soft enough to mash easily with a fork. Add butter, milk, salt, pepper, and minced garlic to taste. Mix well and serve alongside crispy fish sticks.

Green Bean Casserole

If you want something a little more adventurous, try pairing your fish sticks with green bean casserole. This dish combines tender green beans with cream of mushroom soup, topped with fried onions providing a perfect balance of textures in one bite. According to Cooking Light, “a green bean casserole brings plenty of comfort to any meal” sure to satisfy anyone’s cravings. Serve alongside hot, freshly cooked fish sticks.

Broccoli and Cheese Casserole

For another twist on comfort food, broccoli and cheese casserole pairs nicely with fish sticks, providing a creamy and cheesy flavor to the meal. Broccoli is also packed with nutrients such as vitamin A, C, K, folate, calcium, and fiber according to Healthline thus making it a healthier option but still flavorful.

To make this casserole, mix cooked broccoli with cream of mushroom soup and top it off with bread crumbs and shredded cheese. Bake in the oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly then serve alongside your fish sticks to create an unforgettable meal!

Creative and Unexpected Matches

Grilled Pineapple with Cilantro and Lime

Fish sticks may seem like a simple and straightforward meal, but they don’t have to be boring. If you’re looking for a unique and unexpected flavor profile to complement this classic dish, consider serving grilled pineapple with cilantro and lime.

The sweetness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with the savory fish sticks while the tangy lime and fresh cilantro add bright, zesty flavors that give a burst of freshness to every bite. Grilling the pineapple caramelizes its natural sugars and adds a subtle smoky flavor, making it an irresistible addition to your dinner table.

“The combination of grilled fruit and herbs is always a crowd-pleaser. In particular, grilling pineapple enhances its natural sweetness and marries well with foods that deliver spicy or sour notes.” -Chef Joi Chevalier

Sweet Potato Fries with Maple Cinnamon Yogurt Dip

Another tasty option to enjoy with your fish stick meal is sweet potato fries with a maple cinnamon yogurt dip. The natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes paired with the warm spices of cinnamon and nutmeg make this side dish feel indulgent without being unhealthy.

To prepare the fries, simply cut them into thin slices and toss with olive oil and sea salt before baking in the oven at 425°F until crispy and golden brown. The dip can be made by mixing plain Greek yogurt with real maple syrup and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

“Sweet potato fries are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them a healthier alternative to traditional French fries. Plus, the natural sweetness is balanced out nicely when paired with salty, savory items like fish sticks.” -Registered Dietitian Barbie Cervoni

Spicy Watermelon Salad

If you’re looking for a refreshing and unexpected side dish to serve with your fish sticks, try making a spicy watermelon salad. It may sound strange at first, but the sweetness of the juicy watermelon combined with the heat from chili flakes or hot sauce creates a unique flavor explosion in every bite.

To make the salad, simply mix cubed watermelon with chopped fresh mint, crumbled feta cheese, and toasted pumpkin seeds before drizzling with olive oil, lime juice, and a sprinkle of chili flakes or hot sauce. Serve chilled alongside your crispy fish sticks for a summer-inspired meal that’s sure to please.

“Watermelon is an excellent source of hydration, vitamin A, and vitamin C, while mint can aid digestion and reduce inflammation. Pairing these ingredients together with tangy feta cheese makes for a delicious and healthy combination.” -Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert Katie Cavuto

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

For a more elegant option to serve with your fish sticks, consider making a roasted beet and goat cheese salad. Roasting beets brings out their natural sweetness and intensifies their earthy flavor, while creamy goat cheese adds a rich and tangy element to balance everything out.

To prepare the salad, roast sliced beets in the oven at 375°F until tender and caramelized, then place on top of a bed of mixed greens and drizzle with a simple vinaigrette made with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, and honey. Top with crumbled goat cheese and toasted walnuts and enjoy this sophisticated yet easy-to-make side dish.

“Beets are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. When roasted, they become incredibility sweet and pair well with creamy, tangy goat cheese in a simple salad.” -Registered Dietitian Ashley Reaver

Frequently Asked Questions

What sides can I serve with fish sticks?

Some great sides to serve with fish sticks include french fries, coleslaw, roasted vegetables, and garlic bread. These sides complement the crispy texture and mild flavor of the fish sticks.

Are there any sauces that pair well with fish sticks?

Yes, there are many sauces that pair well with fish sticks. Tartar sauce is a classic option, but you can also try dipping them in ketchup, honey mustard, or ranch dressing. You can also make your own dipping sauce by combining mayonnaise, lemon juice, and chopped pickles.

What vegetables go well with fish sticks?

Vegetables that go well with fish sticks include green beans, broccoli, carrots, and zucchini. These vegetables can be roasted, steamed or sautéed. You can also try serving a side salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers.

Can I make a salad to serve with fish sticks?

Yes, you can make a salad to serve with fish sticks. A simple side salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers is a great option. You can also try making a coleslaw with shredded cabbage and carrots tossed in a vinaigrette dressing.

What beverages complement fish sticks?

Beverages that complement fish sticks include beer, lemonade, iced tea, and sparkling water. Beer is a classic choice, but if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option, lemonade or iced tea can be refreshing. Sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime is also a great choice to balance out the flavors.

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