Where Do I Get The Fishing Rod In Soul Silver? You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is!

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If you’re playing Pokémon Soul Silver and wondering where to get the fishing rod, then look no further! This guide will explain how and where to obtain the fishing rod so that you can start catching water-type Pokémon.

The fishing rod is a necessary item in your gameplay, as it allows you to catch different species of aquatic Pokémon. Without it, you won’t be able to explore certain parts of the game or collect some rare species of fish.

To get the fishing rod, simply head over to Cherrygrove City, located near the beginning of the game. You can get there by following the path out of New Bark Town. Once in Cherrygrove City, go to the building on the left-hand side of route 30. This building is called the Poké Mart, which sells items such as potions, antidotes, and Poke Balls.

When inside the building, talk to the guy standing behind the counter, and he’ll give you an Old Rod – this is what you need to catch water Pokemon.

In conclusion, obtaining the fishing rod in Pokémon Soul Silver is a straightforward task. All you need to do is visit the Poké Mart at Cherrygrove City and speak with the NPC behind the counter. With this information, you should have everything needed to progress through the game confidently.

Head to the Poke Mart in Route 32

If you’re wondering where to get the fishing rod in Soul Silver, then look no further than the Poke Mart in Route 32. This is the first step of many on your journey to catch all of the various water Pokemon that await you.

The beauty of getting the fishing rod from the salesman on the right side of the counter is that it’s quick and easy. You don’t need any special items or skills, just a willingness to explore and interact with the world around you.

“The fishing rod has always been a staple item in the Pokemon games. It allows players to access new areas, challenge strong trainers, and catch rare Pokemon.” – Nintendo Life

But what about actually using the fishing rod? Well, once you have it in your possession, simply go to any body of water in the game and use it. There are three different types of fishing available in Soul Silver: old rod, good rod, and super rod. Each one allows you to catch different types of fish, so be sure to experiment and see which one works best for you.

In addition to being able to catch more Pokemon, having the fishing rod also adds a whole new level of immersion to the game. Imagine walking along a tranquil river, casting your line out into the waters, and feeling the rush of excitement as you reel in a big catch.

“There’s something incredibly satisfying about fishing in video games. It’s a quiet, relaxing way to pass the time while still feeling like you’re accomplishing something.” – Kotaku

So head on over to the Poke Mart in Route 32 and speak to the friendly salesman on the right side of the counter. With the fishing rod in hand, you’ll be able to explore new areas, catch rare Pokemon, and experience a whole new side of Soul Silver that you never knew existed.

Complete the Union Cave Challenge

The Importance of Fishing in Soul Silver

If you’re looking for a way to obtain the fishing rod in Soul Silver, then look no further than the Union Cave Challenge. This challenge provides not only a significant source of experience for your Pokémon team but also unlocks the ability to access some of the game’s best fishing locations.

By completing the Union Cave Challenge, trainers gain access to the HM05 waterfall move which can be used outside of battle to explore new areas within Johto and Kanto regions. In addition to that, players will earn several valuable rewards along the way, including Rare Candies, evolution stones, and stat-boosting items such as Protein and Calcium.

“Fishing is one of the most rewarding activities that you can partake in when playing through Pokemon games, whether it’s fishing for rare Pokemon or just relaxing by the water. The Union Cave Challenge is an excellent place to start your journey!” – IGN.com

Tips for Defeating All Trainers and Reaching the End of the Cave

To complete the Union Cave Challenge, trainers must first defeat all the other trainers they encounter on their journey through the cave. These opponents include some tough foes that are sure to give even the most seasoned trainers a run for their money.

  • Make use of different types of Pokemon to counter enemies.
  • Battle every trainer you encounter in the cave to maximize experience gains.
  • Pack enough healing items to ensure you don’t run out of HP during battles.

Once all challengers have been defeated, trainers find themselves face-to-face with the legendary hiker, who has proven to be one of the toughest opponents in the entire game. However, having leveled up and perfected your tactics through battling prior opponents in the cave can give you an edge to defeat him.

“The Union Cave is designed as one of those legendary challenges that define a Pokemon trainer’s capabilities. By following some common-sense techniques, players can make it through this grueling gauntlet. Keep pushing through with determination” – GamesRadar+


The Union Cave Challenge is an excellent way for trainers to showcase their skills and unlock new locations within Soul Silver. Completing the challenge takes persistence, resourcefulness, and strategy but leaving the cave victorious leads to countless rewards which will help advance the rest of the journey through Johto and Kanto regions.

Visit the Fishing Guru in Olivine City

If you’re wondering where to get the fishing rod in Soul Silver, look no further than Olivine City. This picturesque coastal town is home to the famed Fishing Guru, a master angler who has helped countless trainers hone their Pokemon catching skills.

Before heading out on your fishing adventure, it’s essential to show the Fishing Guru what you’re made of. He’ll be looking for patience, finesse and a steady hand – all key components to successful angling. So, be sure to brush up on your technique before approaching him!

The Fishing Guru isn’t just any old trainer – he’s earned his title by mastering the art of fishing and sharing his knowledge with other aspiring anglers. As such, he’s sure to have some valuable tips that could help you catch even more elusive water-type Pokemon!

Show him your Pokemon catching skills

Once you’ve honed your fishing skills and feel ready to impress the guru himself, head on over to Olivine City’s pier. Show off your best catches and listen closely as he dispenses his pearls of wisdom. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, there’s always something to learn from this legendary trainer.

“Fishing is about more than just catching Pokemon,” says the Fishing Guru.”It requires focus, patience, and respect for the sea. When you approach each catch with these qualities, you’ll come away with more than just a new addition to your collection – you’ll have a deeper understanding of the natural world.”

So if you’re seeking not just a Pokemon-catching experience but also a chance to learn, grow, and connect with nature, make sure to visit the Fishing Guru in Olivine City.

Find the Fisherman on Route 42

If you’re playing Pokemon Soul Silver and looking for a fishing rod, you’ve come to the right place! The Super Rod is a valuable item that allows you to fish up more powerful and rare Pokemon. So, where do you get the fishing rod in Soul Silver? Look no further than the Fisherman on Route 42!

The Fisherman can be found in the northeastern part of Route 42, near the Mahogany Town entrance. He’s easy to spot – just look for a man with a fishing pole standing by the water. Talk to him and he’ll gladly give you the Super Rod.

“Anglers need patience above all else.”

It’s worth noting that before you can obtain the Super Rod, you’ll need to have defeated the Gym Leader in Mahogany Town. Once you’ve done so, head over to Route 42 and seek out the Fisherman. With this powerful tool in your hands, you’ll be able to reel in some truly impressive catches.

He will give you the Super Rod

The Super Rod is an essential item for any serious Pokemon trainer. With it, you’ll be able to catch water-type Pokemon like Gyarados and Dragonair, as well as other rare and sought-after species. Plus, using the Super Rod can be a great way to level up your existing team members quickly.

But why stop at mere usefulness? Fishing in Pokemon games can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime as well. Take a break from battling trainers and explore the serene surroundings of Route 42. You might even discover some hidden items or secrets while fishing by the riverbank.

“Fishing relaxes me. It’s like yoga, except I still get to kill something.”

So, what are you waiting for? Make your way to Route 42 in Pokemon Soul Silver and track down the Fisherman. He’ll be happy to give you the Super Rod and set you on the path to becoming a true fishing master.

Defeat the Gym Leader in Mahogany Town

If you’re wondering “Where do I get the fishing rod in Soul Silver?”, then look no further than Mahogany Town. This scenic town is home to a gym leader who is quite fond of water-type Pokémon, and defeating him will be your key to obtaining the Good Rod.

The gym leader in question is Pryce, an old man who may seem like he’s past his prime but is still a formidable opponent. He specializes in ice-type Pokémon, which can be tough to beat if you don’t have powerful fire or fighting types on your team.

To defeat Pryce, you’ll need to be strategic with your moves and take advantage of his weaknesses. Grass and electric type Pokémon can be effective against his ice-types, while rock and steel types are resistant to their attacks. Use status-inducing moves like sleep powder and paralysis to give yourself an advantage, and don’t forget to heal and revive your Pokémon as needed.

Receive the Good Rod as a reward

If you manage to emerge victorious from your battle against Pryce, you will be rewarded with the Good Rod. This versatile item allows you to fish in more bodies of water than its predecessor, the Old Rod, making it an essential tool for any aspiring angler.

With the Good Rod in hand, you’ll be able to catch a wider variety of Pokémon, including some rare and valuable ones that can’t be found any other way. Some great spots in Soul Silver to test out your new fishing skills include Lake of Rage, Route 44, and Olivine City.

“Fishing adds years to your life, and life to your years.” -Unknown

Fishing can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby in both real life and Pokémon games. With the Good Rod as your ally, you’ll be able to explore the watery depths of Johto and discover all sorts of hidden treasures.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Mahogany Town and take on Pryce for a shot at the coveted Good Rod. Who knows what kind of fishy surprises await you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the fishing rod in Soul Silver?

You can find the fishing rod in the house next to the Pokemon Center in Cherrygrove City. Speak to the fisherman inside the house and he will give you the Old Rod.

Is the fishing rod available at the beginning of the game?

Yes, the fishing rod is available at the beginning of the game. You can obtain the Old Rod as soon as you reach Cherrygrove City, which is the second town you visit after New Bark Town.

Do I need a certain badge to get the fishing rod?

No, you do not need a certain badge to get the fishing rod. You can obtain the Old Rod at any point in the game as long as you have reached Cherrygrove City.

Can I get more than one fishing rod in Soul Silver?

Yes, you can get more than one fishing rod in Soul Silver. After obtaining the Old Rod, you can later obtain the Good Rod from a fisherman in Olivine City and the Super Rod from a fisherman in the Pokemon Center in Route 12.

What types of Pokemon can I catch with the fishing rod in Soul Silver?

You can catch a variety of water-type Pokemon with the fishing rod in Soul Silver. The type of Pokemon you catch depends on the type of rod you are using and the location where you are fishing. Some examples of Pokemon you can catch include Magikarp, Goldeen, and Poliwag.

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